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  • Heather and Brian Hrper (UK)

    May 2020

    At the beginning of Feb 2020 we collected our fantastic ‘Iconic’ Bolero Motorhome, and for six weeks enjoyed the most incredible touring holiday in N.Z.’s South Island. We love N.Z. having visited a few times in the past, but this year opted to go down the route of hiring the Iconic ‘Bolero’ which turned out to be by far the best way of enjoying all the outstanding sights, places and hospitality which only N.Z. can offer. From making the initial booking, the team at ‘Iconic’ were extremely professional and friendly in equal measures, which continued with a very warm welcome when we arrived at their Christchurch depot. Before we took the ‘Bolero’ on the road they made sure that we understood every aspect of our upmarket home on wheels, and even provided us with full printed backup information including phone numbers in case of a problem arising. To all the ‘Iconic’ Team we congratulate you on a splendid company, and so many thanks for being the instigator of our holiday of a lifetime. When COVID-19 allows us all to travel again, we will be back for another ‘Iconic’ Motorhome and even more N.Z. touring.

  • Damien Luniaud 2

    Sue and Phil Parkinson (NZ)

    May 2020

    We hired the Black Series 7 last January and it was such a great van. The Crew at Iconic are terrific, helpful and efficient. We highly recommend Iconic and are now booking for January 2021 to once again enjoy the luxury of travelling in one of their impeccable vans.
    Come on NZ let’s support this great company during these extremely hard times for all businesses involved in tourism. Have an adventure in a motor home for your next holiday !

  • Untitled

    Rhythm House Production Company

    March 2020

    The Kon-tiki Black Edition motorhome was provided by Iconic Motorhomes for film production work in Christchurch on Thursday 27th February 2020. This project involved filming Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli endorsing Mobile Premiere League (MPS) and ONE8 Wearables.
    The Kon-tiki had all the amenities and comfort you would get in a five-star hotel. Couch, TV, Kitchenette, Bed, Toilet was top notch.
    We are absolutely satisfied with service received from Rowan Robinson (New Zealand Operations Manager at Iconic Motorhomes New Zealand) who arranged the The Kon-tiki Motorhome in such short notice and in the high season!!.
    We thank Iconic Motorhomes for helping us deliver “wow experience” to our international clients.
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  • boleros at wanaka campground

    Sherry & Bramwell Arnold (USA)

    February 2020

    Amazing experience! We contacted Iconicmotorhomes early in the planning of our bucket list trip to New Zealand and they exceed our expectations. Richie greeted us; he and his staff made sure we had everything we needed for our 14 day trip. Our Bolero Black was as pictured and had what we needed to enjoy our trip. The check in was informative and reassured us that we were in store for an amazing trip. We HIGHLY recommend using Iconic Motorhome as their equipment was in great shape and the customer service was outstanding. We would recommend them to anyone making a trip to New Zealand. Thank you again Iconic and the team :)
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  • 20200127 093226

    Davide Brunetti and Silvia Biavati (Italy)

    February 2020

    conic Motorhomes is the best company you could choose in New Zealand. Reliable, professional and with new and very comfortable campers. We have traveled from Auckland to Christchurch for 20 days (from 27 Jan to 15 Feb) and each day has been a real pleasure.
    We rented the Rio model which is really comfortable for two people and the spaces inside are very well managed: if you are looking for a two-person camper that is also spacious and comfortable, with the Rio be on the safe side.
    I take this opportunity to thank Luisa, who followed us for the part of the online booking, which was really kind and always answered all our doubts.
    Thanks also Sven who welcomed us to Auckland and showed us all the specifications of the camper and was always available by phone if we had a problem.
    Greetings also to Svenja who welcomed us to Christchurch for the delivery of the camper and was very professional and kind. It was one of the most beautiful trips of our life, in a country where every single kilometer is worth seeing. If the trip was unforgettable we must also thanks to the professionalism and courtesy of Iconic Motorhomes which were truly fantastic. Thank you very much and when we return (because we will certainly return to this wonderful country) we will still book with Iconic Motorhomes because they have exceeded all our expectations.
    It's probably the first booking company that I can say the customer service has been excellent. The advice I can give to those who want to travel to New Zealand is to do it with Iconic Motorhomes, because they will help you with any problem you have and this will allow you to travel peacefully and enjoy your holiday 100%.
    5 star review

    Best Wishes
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  • 20200109 135746

    Mike & Delcia Marrs (Canada)

    February 2020

    Driving around in a very nice motorhome thanks to Iconic.
    Directions on how to operate very clear.
    Drives great too. Even if the speed limit is 100km/hr you have to go 90. Bed is very comfortable.
    It's best to use Campground facilities to make life easier. If weather is bad you're all set.
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  • 20191231 104332

    Bryan & Taylor Wachtel (USA)

    February 2020

    First time in New Zealand.
    First time in an RV.
    Iconic made our trip!
    We fell in love with RV'ing as a mode of travel and with Iconic we felt like we were doing it in style. The flexibility of RV life is like nothing else. You have your whole house everywhere you go! New Zealand is a country of wide open spaces, so we were able to take everything everywhere almost always and basically just set up shop.
    The whole team at Iconic were an absolute pleasure to deal with. From booking to the trip itself, they were always quick to provide whatever information we needed and made the whole experience so easy.
    I don't typically write reviews, but these guys were great and I would whole hardheartedly endorse using them during your visit to NZ!
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  • 20191112 112154

    Anna Marie Wil Van Lohuizen (Netherlands)

    February 2020

    This was our first time in New Zealand, also our first time driving around with a motorhome. What a great experience, thanks to Iconic Motorhomes. We had plenty of space in our Gr8 Escape with the two of us. Richie was so kind to adjust the bunk bed into a storage space and after a very clear explanation about how everything works we were ready for our 4-week trip. What a wonderful experience! We really enjoyed the luxury of our motorhome, like the heating, hot water, oven, and the bed. Everything you need is in your motorhome, and it drives really comfortably. New Zealand also seems to be "designed" for driving around with a camper. A great country, a great motorhome and a great service by the Iconic team. Thank you so much again!
    We hope we will meet again :)
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  • Bingley family2

    Meaghan Bingley (Canada)

    January 2020

    We traveled for 30 days in an Escape in July 2019 with two toddlers in tow. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We did a tonne of research before booking and were pleased with Our choice. The staff at Iconic were incredibly helpful and easily reached when questions inevitably arose. They were thorough in the walk-through and pick-up/drop off was a breeze. Loved that there were no hidden costs and no pressure to buy the extra insurance (since we had our own from home). Also loved that there was no upfront deductible made on our credit card. The motorhome was in good shape and very practical for a small family. We were nervous about travelling in winter and staying warm but had no issues (even using gas heating and free-camping the majority of the time). New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country to travel - can’t thank Luisa and Richy enough for making our dream trip such a success.

  • 20191202 162209

    Li-Ling Sitoh (Singapore)

    January 2020

    We rented the Bolero Black Edition for 2 weeks in December 2019 from Iconic Motorhomes, and the experience was great! It was our first time driving a motorhome and the vehicle was compact and surprisingly well equipped in terms of facilities (microwave, oven, fully equipped kitchen, hot shower, clean toilets, wardrobe, fridge & freezer, ample storage compartments), and not to mention was also chic looking.
    Iconic was also detailed enough to provide essential consumables such as packets of dish-washing liquid, detergent, and gloves for clearing of the waste water tanks, which we wouldn't have thought about as a noob. P
    In terms of the drive feel, the Bolero Black Edition performed very well, was easy to manage and was comfortable for the driver.

    We decided on a motorhome holiday because we dreaded thought of unpacking and packing luggage whenever we moved hotels or air B&B if it was a car self-drive holiday. We also like to buy stuff along the way which need not necessarily fit in the confines of a car boot along with our luggage for 4. With a motorhome, our accommodation moves with us so we only unpack once when we move in, and repack once when we return the vehicle. We could stock up our fridge with fresh produce to eat along the way. We could buy what we wanted and store it in one of the numerous compartments. The best part was when our young kids soiled themselves in the middle of nowhere, we had immediate access to a hot shower. The convenience was just fantastic! Our only concern was whether we could manage a motorhome given its size and how unfamiliar we are with how it operates, and we decided on Iconic after reading the good reviews on them.

    The level of customer service we received at Iconic was impressive. Pre-arrival, we got some recommendations of places to visit, and information on our rental. Upon arrival, we got a detailed explanation of the motorhome from their friendly staff Sven. When we encountered issues on how to operate certain things in the motorhome, Sven made his own troubleshooting videos using the same vehicle model they had at their premises and sent it to us via WhatsApp - we couldn't have been more grateful! We have seen for ourselves during our trip how a fellow motorhome holidaymaker struggled with their rental company's call center when they tried to call for help, so we were glad that Iconic had provided personalized support services. We would like to express our appreciation to Sven for giving us the confidence on our 1st motor home holiday, which will not be our last!
    Thanks a lot!

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  • 20200109 135745

    Mike & Delcia Marrs (Canada)

    January 2020

    Driving around in a very nice motor home, thanks to Iconic.
    Directions on how to operate very clear. Drives great too! Even if the speed limit is 100km/hour we have to drive at 90Km. Bed is very comfortable. Its best to use camping ground facilities to make life easier, and if the weather is bad, you're set.

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  • Job Petronella

    Job and Petry Kievit-Tyson

    We enjoyed a wonderful New Zealand road trip in our Bolero Black Edition from Iconic motorhomes. First, the reservation process half a year beforehand was ever so smooth and easy. In November, the reception at Iconic Auckland was very kind and welcoming. We were given ample time and opportunity to transfer our luggage and get really familiar with the motorhome. At the end, the return-process at Iconic in Christchurch was faultless; slightly melancholic (saying goodbye to what was our lovely home for over four weeks), but the reception by Iconic staff again couldn’t be bettered. During our more than 4 weeks-trip, we received excellent support with a water supply-issue we had; it was solved within a day.
    So, doing business with Iconic was a joy; such a right balance between professionalism and personal approach, and The Bolero Black Edition itself is a delightful luxury. Very, very easy to drive, and with lots of space in the ‘living room’, kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and bedroom. Smartly designed in many ways, for instance with additional space for storage underneath the couches and the bed. And luxury everywhere, such as a kitchen outfitted with oven, microwave, 1 electrical heating place and 3 gas burners, a HDMI TV (that we rarely used given the NZ-beauty around us and reading time, and smart heating, lighting and fridge, switched automatically between battery, external power and gas.
    The length of 7 meters makes this all possible. It is unavoidable that that sometimes makes parking a bit of an issue, and that not all powered sites are suitable for this length. It is a small price to pay.
    In conclusion, we had a fantastic 5-weeks holiday in New Zealand, in which our motorhome and Iconic were Essential.
    Thank you so much Iconic, in particular Luisa and Sven, for your wonderful support and your exemplary personal attentive approach; it was such a pleasure!
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  • motorhome holiday

    Gilles Hamel (Quebec)

    December 2019

    Great company and I would highly recommend, if you have questions when on the road for assistance they are always available.
    The campers are very well maintained.
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  • bessacarr 412 033

    James Cook (England)

    December 2019

    We had a fantastic holiday! The staff at both Depots went out of their way to help answer every question we had.
    The vehicles were in tip top condition.. definitely a premium vehicle traveling around New Zealand compared to other companies.

    I would recommend for sure.

  • Bingley family

    Meaghan Bingley (Canada)

    January 2020

    We traveled for 30 days in an Escape in July 2019 with two toddlers in tow. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! We did a tonne of research before booking and were pleased with Our choice. The staff at Iconic were incredibly helpful and easily reached when questions inevitably arose. They were thorough in the walk-through and pick-up/drop off was a breeze. Loved that there were no hidden costs and no pressure to buy the extra insurance (since we had our own from home). Also loved that there was no upfront deductible made on our credit card. The motorhome was in good shape and very practical for a small family. We were nervous about travelling in winter and staying warm but had no issues (even using gas heating and free-camping the majority of the time). New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful country to travel - can’t thank Luisa and Richy enough for making our dream trip such a success.

  • Robin Fiona

    Robin & Fiona Hunter (England)

    November 2019

    After much research we chose Iconic for our 4 week holiday in NZ. An excellent choice as all was delivered as promised. Pick up was easy, van was in first class condition and we had no issues whatsoever. Iconic checked twice that all was ok.
    Return was also straight forward. At the Christchurch depot we reviewed a few of the vans / mobile homes for our next trip and found all were excellent.
    Can highly recommend this company for your trip to NZ.

  • Liam Hannah

    Liam and Hannah O'Neill (England)

    November 2019

    Just got back from an amazing time in NZ!
    The Sundance Camper was fantastic, staff answered every question we had while travelling by email and were very helpful!
    No complaints... would highly recommend!!!

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  • adrian and lynn

    Lynne Brooks (England)

    November 2019

    Iconic were fabulous! The communication/service before we arrived in New Zealand was really good, all queries answered. The service on collection and drop off of the van was excellent. The van provided was absolutely perfect for us, very clean, all facilities good and drove well. I would recommend Iconic Motorhomes to anyone thinking of renting a camper van in New Zealand, especially if you are travelling halfway across the world and want to be sure that you get a really good comfortable van.
    Thanks to all the very helpful staff at Iconic.

  • Slaven Family

    Matthew and Page Slaven (Australia)

    October 2019

    Thank you Iconic for the best family adventure!
    Richard was amazing and made everything run smoothly and to plan. The ladies over email answered all our questions with no hesitation.
    Our kids had the best holiday in the RV.
    Thank you again for everything.
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  • Peter Tracey

    Peter and Tracey Muirhead (Australia)

    October 2019

    Top quality vans, and exceptional service from the staff, in particular Richy. Highly recommended.

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  • 20190823 111247

    Andrew and Megan Thwaites (Australia)

    September 2019

    We hired the Gr8 Escape for the last 2 weeks of August and had a Gr8 experience!! ;)

    I had spent alot of time looking at all different campervans and the different layouts to best suit us for our trip. There were 2 adults and a 12 month old, so we wanted to make sure there was suitable space for our trip (Pram + snowboard gear included). I was happy when I found Iconic and the Gr8 Escape as it looked like it could suit us. With bunks at the back and a drop down bed over the seating area it seemed it would work well. We were able to put the baby in the bottom bunk at the back (the guys at Iconic were able to put a makeshift guard across the opening making sure he wouldn't roll out at night, which made us a whole lot more comfortable). And we were able to stow our bags on the top bunk. We also wanted to make sure that we could put the 1 year old to bed while still having a place to sit inside (especially being winter). There was a curtain that could be pulled across between the bunks and the kitchen area so that worked perfectly.

    We had the camper for 9 nights and only plugged into electricity for 3 of those nights, we had the gas heating on and didn't end up needing to start the 2nd bottle. I think the well fitted thermal blinds made a huge difference keeping the camper warm (again, especially during winter). Kitchen was great with and oven, 3 burner stove and a big fridge + freezer. Comparing our camper to others we saw driving around it definitely wasn't the longest/biggest and was easy enough to drive around and park.

    The company were easy to deal with with quick responses for any questions we had leading up to our visit. We will be using Iconic and the Gr8 Escape when we come back to see the North of the South Island and the North Island!!

  • lionel andd florence

    Lionel and Florence Lay (Australia)

    September 2019

    My boyfriend and I had the most incredible experience in New Zealand and we would HIGHLY recommend Iconic Motorhomes.
    We spent 12 days in our Bolero, and it was our home on the road. My boyfriend did all the driving, and prior to this, he's never driven a big car, let alone a motorhome before, so we were nervous. However, all of that was put aside and the Bolero itself is very easy to drive and we didn't have any issues at all. The seats were comfortable and even in busier cities/town like Queenstown and Wanaka, we didn't have any problems with parking or anything like that.
    The team at Iconic really took care of us, from our first email enquiry to the induction on our first day. We asked a lot of questions and the team was patient with us. During our trip, we received warm check in emails and we felt SAFE and taken care of.
    The Bolero itself was super comfortable and it was tidy. The layout was practical and efficient, and the interior was modern. We felt very "home-y". I did a lot of research before deciding to go with Iconic Motorhomes, and I am very happy with my decision. I think the whole experience was just beyond our imagination, and we are already talking about getting the family to do a big road trip with Iconic.
    I cannot recommend Iconic Motorhomes enough and thank you so much to the team for everything. This trip wouldn't have been the same without you.
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  • Keith Nadine 2

    Keith and Nadene Bridges (England)


    Second time travelling around The South Island 11 years apart. I'm 55, my parnter a little younger. Back end of Winter, last two weeks in August. Decided to go for total comfort this time. Iconic's Rio Black 6m length Motorhome was brilliant for two. Freedom camping or plugged in, it gave us everything we needed. Iconic were fantastic. 'Iconic' translate to Richie who set us on our way relaxed and responded via WhatsApp incredibly promptly when we needed a bit of help with minor issues. Highly recommend and would use again at the drop of a hat. Thanks Richie. (Iconic) Keef & Nadene. Hope to return again.

  • Angel Kane

    Duke & Angela Patten (Australia)

    August 2019

    Highly recommend this company - exceptional value for money and very easy to deal with. Ended up hiring for a few more days than expected and nothing was ever a problem with the team at Iconic Motorhomes.
    Thank you for helping us have a fantastic time in NZ and will use you guys again, next time over there - Kia Ora
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  • eee

    S & E (Germany)

    August 2019

    We hired a Bolero Black Edition from Iconic Motorhomes in Auckland for 16 days in June and we think it is time for a review!
    From start to finish Luisa and the team at Iconic have been a pleasure to deal with. The booking was easy, and all our questions were answered. We were excited!
    Collection in Auckland was swift. We originally booked a Rio Black Edition but upon collection, we saw they have a Bolero Black Edition available, too. It took us just one glance to decide we would upgrade; it was worth it!
    The Bolero was easy to drive and surprisingly efficient on Diesel. The layout with the bed was definitely the better choice for us.
    As Luisa explained everything upon collection, we were more than confident to hit the road. She checked in on us to see if we had any troubles after a week of driving around, but everything was working and we had no issues whatsoever.
    All in all, we could not be any happier with our choice. Iconic Motorhomes delivered a luxurious motorhome (2018 model with just 25.000km!), we experienced extremely great customer service and the Team took a great part in making our holiday unforgettable.
    We can only recommend the Team and especially Luisa and Rene in Auckland.
    Thank you again, we will be back!

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  • Brooke Lisa

    Lisa and Brooke Collins (Australia)

    August 2019

    Best holiday ever!" was my husbands response to our holiday. After suggesting a 2 week drive around NZ South Island in a motor home a week before we arrived, he was less than enthusiastic! :) Thank you Iconic for the contribution you made to our holiday, best Motor Home available in the country taking the Kon-Tiki 8m van. Luxurious, easy to drive, it was our home away from home full of anything you may need along the way. We absolutely loved it, there are none better than Iconic Vans on the road! Thanks to Richie, Kay and team for the service and attention you gave us and for making us feel welcome from day 1. We will definitely be back and will make sure anyone we know who heads your way looks to using your services. One of my Facebook friends even asked if I was working for Tourism NZ with my posts!!
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  • Kevin and Carol

    Kevin and Carol Sangwell (England)

    August 2019

    This company couldn’t do enough for us. The 6 meter 2 person Sundance home was spotless and very comfortable for the two week period we used it for. The instruction on its use were clear and we had no problems with it at all. Never having done a holiday in a motor home before, this company make it an easy and enjoyable experience!
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  • JohnBernadette

    John and Bernadette Labou (New Zealand)

    August 2019

    My wife and I rented the Bolero for 7 days for a tour of Northland. The weather wasn't the best, but the motorhome and the service from Luisa couldn't have been better.

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  • Galic Family

    Dalibor and Dreena Galic (Austria)

    August 2019

    We, a family of 4, have rented the GR8 Escape for two months. A very long time, where the vehicle can make a huge difference. Therefore we have chosen Iconic Motorhomes, although they weren't the cheapest. But with two kids on board and the long time frame we didn't want to hire the cheapest.
    This choice proved to be the best one. The vehicle was in a top condition, so we could fully focus on our travels and adventures. I would like to highlight the support from Luisa. As this was our very first journey with a RV, we weren't experts. But Luisa gave us a detailed tour of the vehicle. During the journey questions came up. Didn't matter which time, I could reach Luisa or she gave me a callback. She also sometimes texted if everything is ok and if we need something. I appreciate that very much.
    From the first day to the last day, we enjoyed travelling in the GR8 Escape and exploring New Zealand very much. Thanks Iconic for supporting our big dream in this professional and personal way!
    This is a Google Review :)

  • Simon and Hannah

    Simon & Hannah Magnus (England)

    August 2019

    What an incredible experience we had in New Zealand thanks to Iconic and their great Sundance camper. We were first time camper van users and a bit nervous about everything at first. But Iconic put all of our fears at rest. From the initial contact inquiring about a camper to finally dropping it off after a month of travelling, Iconic were impeccable in their customer service, their professionalism and friendliness. They answered all our boring questions with a smile!

    Upon picking up the camper in Christchurch, we felt very special - we were given very thorough instructions and no question was a stupid question. We were not rushed through the procedures but shown with real care and clarity.

    The camper itself was fantastic for us - super comfy and cosy, well insulated so could retain lots of heat in the winter and all the appliances were of good quality. It was also super stylish, not like those ghastly Jucy vans you see everywhere in NZ. Even when we had a few minor issues throughout our journey, Iconic were always happy to help and were very quick with their responses.

    Dropping off the camper in Auckland was also super easy. The whole process was straight forward and Iconic had provided clear instructions regarding giving the camper back.
    I would 100% recommend this company and would definitely use the for future trips to New Zealand.

    This is 5 Star Facebook review on our Page Iconic Motorhomes New Zealand

  • family

    Puneet Maheshwari and Meena Birla ( Singapore)

    July 2019

    We rented Bolero for 8 days for North Island NZ tour with our 2 year old. I must say it was one of the well thought RVs - with so much storage, perfect interior lights and luxury on the run. we did not feel stressed on any occasion - even though this was our first time with RVs. Service was top notch as well; we had some issue with fresh water storage tank on our 4th day but these people made sure we do not have any trouble and all was fixed seamlessly. Highly recommend their services and vehicles. It is all worth it- money and not having airport pick ups- which, i understand, for a small company is difficult to have. Thanks for making our trip enjoyable and memorable.
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  • Friends

    Ricky Kaplan (England)

    July 2019

    Iconic provided an absolutely incredible service. A great vehicle, friendly staff, a thorough explanation on how to use facilities and plenty of refreshments during our visit. What stands out most was their customer service. They made significant effort to provide the best possible service at all times. I would thoroughly recommend Iconic Motorhomes.

  • Harvey family

    Lawrence & Samantha Harvey (Australia)

    July 2019

    We recently returned from a 7 day trip in an Escape Camper Van hired from Iconic Motor Homes. Travelling with two teenage boys was ideal in the Escape - they could have individual beds at the rear of the van. Luisa was our point of contact at Iconic and did a really fantastic job organising the hire. She answered all our emails, helped with a few hitches paying across the Tasman and spoke from personal experience on touring around NZ and Australia. At pickup, she explained how the van operated and was great to deal with – very clear and kept it simple - we were in holiday mode so couldn't think too much!

    We felt really confident dealing with her and Iconic - and didn't feel like all the burden of labour had been shifted onto the customer - as is usual with bigger companies.
    We can highly recommend Iconic and especially Luisa.


  • Madie Max

    Madeliene Morton and Peter (Australia)

    July 2019

    We hired the Sundance for 2 weeks last year. This compact but luxury camper was perfect for the two of us touring the south island at the end of winter/early spring. The heating in the van was amazing, the kitchen and equipment were all in good condition as well as the bathroom and couch/bed. The van was small enough to fit in a standard outdoor car park which made stopping in towns very accessible. The staff were friendly and helpful throughout the booking and travel process, which helped avoid a lot of stress. There was a great range of extra's available to add on such as a power inverter, camp chairs and movie packs. This van was far nicer than some of the others we looked at, on top of having features like satellite television, an oven, and ultra-comfy driving seats, Iconic do not charge Road User Charges nor Mileage at the end of your holiday, so there are no hidden costs, and make it on par with some of the other "budget" style vans that are nowhere near as nice as the Sundance. We have already booked our second trip with Iconic to tour the North Island this year. Highly recommend the team and vans at Iconic.

  • Mitchell Lauren

    Lauren Ross-Gilder & Mitchell Perara (Australia)

    July 2019

    I cannot speak highly enough of Iconic Motorhomes. From our very first interaction with the business, each and every person we encountered was beyond pleasant and helpful. There was literally nothing that was too much to ask of the Iconic Motorhomes team.

    In particular, team leader Richy was a stand out. Upon collection of our motorhome, he was so diligent and patient in showing us the ins and outs of the vehicle so that we could feel confident in travelling around, and therefore able to get the best from our trip. He answered all our questions with a smile and provided us not only with an easy to use guide for the motorhome, but also the reassurance that he was contactable at any time should we need assistance. You do not find customer service like this very often these days and we were thoroughly delighted. Thank you Richy!
    In terms of the vehicle itself, we hired the Rio Black motorhome. It was absolutely perfect for the two of us on our road trip. Comfortable, warm, economical and user friendly, this motorhome was the ultimate way to experience the stunning beauty that New Zealand has to offer. If you are thinking of travelling to New Zealand, I cannot recommend the Rio Black through Iconic Motorhomes more highly!

  • Kath Ryan

    Stephen & Kath Ryan (Australia)

    July 2019

    Our last rental with Iconic Motorhomes has been the 2nd this year, so thought its about time to review .
    From the first email contact service has been prompt and professional.
    There are many motorhome rental companies in New Zealand and many motorhomes on the road, but they are certainly not all the same.What you receive from Iconic is more like a luxury hotel on wheels. Both of our rentals were 3-4 weeks ,the Swift motorhomes are well suited to New Zealand designed to handle European conditions ,we had -4C at Mount Cook and inside the gas heating was sensational.
    The Fiat Ducato is easy to drive especially on the windy roads of NZ and not heavy on fuel. We were looked after on both rentals by Luisa in Auckland,who meticulously ran us through the workings of the vehicles,we had no issues with our vehicles ,fridges,stoves ,12 volt systems when off grid ,even the auto sat dish worked effortlessly.
    l would not hesitate to recommend Iconic Motorhomes and have referred several Australian customers to them..........and will return to Iconic next March.

  • Kevin Penelope

    Kevin and Penny Harmer (New Zealand)

    June 2019

    My wife and I recently hired an Iconic Rio motorhome for an 8 day trip around the top of the South Island. The vehicle was excellent to drive and handled some extremely challenging roads including Queen Charlotte Drive and the Takaka Hill, as well many open roads at 100km. This vehicle was superb, its cruise control set at the speed limits ensured safe travel, and was very economical. It handled the hills without causing traffic build ups behind, and held well in the gears in the down hill sections requiring minimal braking.

    From a comfort perspective it was perfect, the seating was comfortable, the bed very comfortable, and the onboard facilities excellent, allowing us to cook most of the meals while we were away onboard. The heating, both when driving and stationary was excellent, and as we were traveling in winter, early June, the overnight temperatures were cool but we were very snug inside with the satellite TV.

    We would highly recommend these mobile homes for comfort, warmth, ease of use and cost and will use them again when we travel to avoid the hassles of Motels. We would give these superb little mobile homes a 10/10 rating, and together with a very helpful staff they made this holiday experience memorable.

  • Luke and mary

    Lucas and Mary Kanclerz (USA)

    May 2019

    My wife and I spent 12 days traveling around both islands in the Rio Black editions at the beginning of May and are extremely happy we decided to go with Iconic. Coordination and pick up with Luisa in Auckland was great and easy. Luisa is super friendly and helpful and made the hiring process very easy. Kay and the staff in Christchurch were great to coordinate with as well and very personable and genuinely cared about our adventure. The Rio Black Edition was perfect for just the two of us and very simple to operate and drive, especially on some of the narrow gravel roads we explored and camped down. We are already plotting to come back to visit New Zealand and will be sure to go with Iconic again. We have been telling all our friends and family that when they make the trip, to go with Iconic! Thanks again helping us with a great trip!

  • Megan Mother Mary2

    Megan Paul (USA)

    May 2019

    I cannot speak highly enough of Richy and his team at Iconic. We were traveling from the US and had 0 experience operating a campervan of this size, and Richy walked us through the whole thing! By the time we hit the road, I felt 100% confident. We ran into a problem with the check engine light flashing while on the road, and Richy answered his phone immediately and walked us through what was wrong. They had a welcome bag waiting for us when we got there and even gave us a postcard with a photo inside of us picking up the camper when we returned it! Richy was so friendly and helpful, working with him was truly one of the highlights of our trip. The camper itself (the Rio Black) was well-kept and sparkling clean. It was by far the nicest camper we looked at and was competitively priced. The bed was very comfortable. It was surprisingly easy to drive too! Thanks again Iconic!

  • 20190417 101754

    Kate Waeghe and Bryan Norwood (USA)

    May 2019

    If you have been searching for a Motorhome (campervan- although it is not a van in all the great ways) then search no further! I looked all of the web and looked at and read a lot of reviews and blogs and Iconic is absolutely the best that there is! We picked up our BOLERO BLACK EDITION motor home on April 17th - the day before my 33rd birthday and had it for 8 nights! Richy was our go-to person and he was awesome! Upon arriving to pick-up our Motorhome we got a brand new Series 7 with a larger bathroom than what was the previous Bolero. It smelt new and was impeccably clean. I am OCD and so clean and new is exactly what I wanted. Another reason I went with Iconic and am happy with their homes! Richy walked us through everything. Since we are from the States we were nervous to rent a home that was 7 meters long and drive on the opposite side of the car and road...all being that we had never even driven anything bigger than a large SUV. But Richy walked us through everything. And there was notes and videos. And while we were cruising the South Island - a few questions we had came up and Richy was able to be reached via calling, texting, or messaging and helped us out and answered everything promptly. I recommend getting the premium insurance. We did, and I am so glad we did because we accidentally ran over a possum and it broke a part on the bottom of our motorhome but since we had the premium insurance it was not a lot of money out of pocket to fix. One thing that I was grateful for (since I am OCD clean) was that I asked for an extra set of sheets and towels and they were given to us for free! That way 1/2 way through the trip we had fresh items. And we also received a Tom Tom GPS for free just for asking. The best part truly was how clean the motorhome was and how most everything you would need (pots, pans,bottle opener etc.) was already on board. We ate on the motorhome a few times and cooked spaghetti one night! Highly recommend! -Kate

  • Kevin Julie

    Kevin and Julie Earley (USA)

    May 2019

    If you want comfort and hassle free motor homing in New Zealand, book Iconic Motorhomes now.
    When my wife and I chose to Caravan across New Zealand, Iconic Motorhomes gave us the ultimate experience in comfort, service and reliability. I know that sounds like an ad for them but they honestly were so helpful during every step of our trip. Checking in at times to see how we were getting along with the Bolero Black Edition Motorhome.
    Upon arrival (Auckland) and dropping off (Christchurch) the team was smart, easy going and friendly. A family feel but with a professional take on the equipment. Instructions were clear on the home and how to run it and to keep it in shape for a worry free trip, as well as how to drive in the left lanes of New Zealand. (Sing to yourself.... Driving on the left, Driving on the left...) Even over Easter weekend they were quick to respond to a question we had about Queenstown. (You have to see Queenstown)
    All of their caravans are look top notch, brand new and in fantastic shape. Our Bolero was roomy with plenty of storage space. Linens, sheets, blankets, kitchen and bath towels felt brand new. Its kitchen was stocked with all the cooking tools we needed. Bathroom was the biggest you will find, with a separate shower. The water was hotter than ours at home with great water pressure. Bed was "medium" firm for great naps and sleeping after our hard hikes.
    The Bolero provided us with everything we need for our 3 week tour of both Islands. GPS was a must and worked great. We also got the Movie package. (A hard drive with over a hundred movies) Worth it. Most campsites have poor internet.
    We stayed at campervan sites the whole time but Free Camping was never out of reach. Driving the 7 meter Motorhome was tricky at first but both my wife and I got use to it fairly quickly.
    We both highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes for your New Zealand road trip. You wont be disappointed.

  • Golombrick Family

    Lorna and Marc Golombick (Australia)

    May 2019

    We had the most fantastic holiday - Iconic Motorhomes in Christchurch have the perfect blend of warmth and professionalism. Their little touches of hospitality didn't go unnoticed - a homely welcome pack, extra towels and blankets, regular emails touching base with us and a clean, warm and comfy camper made for a superb trip. Kathrin was excellent with her orientation and Richy was so helpful with our return, even showing us what we could look forward to next time if we decided to go bigger for the kids! We would not hesitate to recommend Iconic Motorhomes - they are a cut above the more well known commercial brands we have experienced in the past.

  • Megan Mother Mary

    Mary Jo Paul (USA)

    May 2019

    This company defines customer service and takes it to a whole new level. If I could give them an 11, I would. First of all, they have a best in class product. Our van was both state of the art and was outfitted with top of the line linens, glassware, pillows etc. It was like a 4 star hotel on wheels. In addition their support and sales people are outstanding. Richie was available to us 24/7 (if needed) and provided extraordinary small things like a welcome bag and thank you note. I know that might sounds trivial, but it is highly representative of their level of care. This was quite important to us as my 25 year old daughter and I were traveling from the US for two weeks alone. We had a spectacular trip that was possible in part by the experience we had with our camper. As this was a trip of a lifetime for us, I'm not sure we will be back but if we do, we will absolutely use Iconic Motorhomes again!

  • Gerd and Edith

    Gerd & Edith Rimner (Germany)

    May 2019

    If you look for a campervan with a high level of comfort and luxury and if you are prepared to spend some extra money for that, then the Bolero from Iconic will be the right choice. The automotive components of the Fiat Ducato worked without a single problem and the diesel-engine was really low in consumption.
    Special thanks to Julie for her support during pre-sales, to Luisa for her excellent support during return of the vehicle and to Richie and Michael at the Christchurch depot

  • Kevin Fiona

    Kevin and Fiona MacKenzie (Scotland)

    April 2019

    From the minute we walked through the gate to pick up our Escape Motorhome we were welcomed by Richie. He could not have been more friendly and helpful. He spent so much time showing us how everything worked. Nothing was a problem to him. The Escape was bigger than we expected but worked out well as 11 days in a smaller motorhome would have been tough. The motorhome was modern and in excellent condition. Had no problems or break downs which was great. Even if we had Richie would have us sorted with repairs in no time. You wont go wrong booking an Iconic motorhome. Highly recommended.
    Cheers to Richie and his team.
    From Kevin and Fiona all the way from Scotland.

  • family pic

    Nicola & Paul King (New Zealand)

    April 2019

    This was the best experience. From the free upgrade on arrival to the last day dropoff Iconic have been amazing! The campervan was awesome really comfortable and easy to drive. The Iconic team (Luisa) are super helpful and amazing to deal with. Cannot recommend them enough best holiday we've had!

  • 20190206 111510

    Heather and Chas Parmenter (England)

    April 2019

    After many hours of comparisons we decided to book with Iconic motor homes and we are glad that we did.
    We picked up from Auckland and met Julie, she had been our contact for booking and was really helpful, she ran through everything we needed to know and the lovely touch’s of the welcome pack etc were much appreciated.
    There were only the 2 of us, so the Sundance (now named Monty) was ideal, we had to make up the bed each night but that was not a problem and took about 2 minutes each night. Most of Iconic's motorhomes seem quite new, Sundance was a little older but that didn’t matter, it was very comfortable and plenty of storage and perfect for us.
    We hired a bbq which we used a lot, also an inverter which we didn’t really need, we took a mobile phone charger, which was great, we also hired the film pack which we didn’t use.
    We had a couple of small problems with Monty and Iconic sorted these out without any fuss, even staying late, to replace a broken cupboard latch.
    We returned Monty to Christchurch, where we meet Richie and Kay, who were so friendly and of course heard all about the rocket, yes a rocket and if you read this Michael, we would to hear how it goes.
    So basically we would definitely recommend Iconic motorhomes, thanks for making our holiday truly unforgettable.

  • PeteTricia

    Trish Kelsh (Australia)

    April 2019

    We traveled in New Zealand from the 8th - 17th Mach 2019
    Loved every minute of it, especially the touch of luxury from Iconic Motorhomes. We chose a Bolero as there were just 2 of us and it was a perfect size; (we are both tall, so if you are long, don't be fooled by the initial reaction of small bed!! It was fine) Luisa, from Auckland spent time to thoroughly explain the operation of the van and the so many luxury extras and was very generous with return times and emergency contact info (her mobile!), which of course we didn't need, but piece of mind is a great advantage when travelling. The van was easy to drive, easy to park and easy to holiday in. We also felt very smug when pulling into holiday parks, because we were sleek and had the best looking RV!
    One piece of advice when booking (especially online and you need to add extras at time of booking) is include the bbq. If you want to free camp, which is the best, and the weather is amazing, the bbq is a necessity and we didn't select it....So as that was not the fault of Iconic but our choice, we give a 10/10 rating to Luisa and Team Auckland of Iconic Motorhomes New Zealand!!

  • bolero

    Diane & Steve Koch (USA)

    April 2019

    We rented our motorhome from March 7-27, 2019 to tour the North and South Islands of NZ.
    In preparation for our extended visit I spent a good deal of time researching available options for "camping" and really wanted a vehicle that would be safe, comfortable and uncompromising. We live on a boat and know about smaller spaces but also know about good use of such space. The Bolero checked the boxes for our wants and needs and we were not disappointed. We liked the idea of solar panels and propane fuel for cooking and refrigeration as that allowed us the option to freedom camp without worry. We also liked the option of having an enclosed shower and proper bed that did not have to be assembled for use. After getting used to driving on the left and familiarizing myself with the controls, the vehicle handled the steep, winding and narrow roads without difficulty and enough acceleration to maintain a safe speed. The vehicle was fitted quite well with amenities, cooking utensils and various products for maintenance.
    The Iconic team were great from the beginning with communicating, answering questions and making sure we were taken care of.
    They helped us in planning our itinerary with suggestions on what not to miss and offered ideas about various accommodation choices. Upon arrival in Auckland, Luisa gave us a thorough walk through with explanations on operation and care and answered our questions in a timely manner while on the road. Rene made sure all systems were a go and swapped out a TV for us. Upon departure in Christchurch, we were met by Richy and Kay to assist us in the exit procedure and were well taken care of while waiting for transportation to the airport. We even got a tour of the workshop area which we found very interesting. The folks at Iconic truly enjoy what they do and run a well oiled operation. Good on ya, Mates!
    Thanks for taking care of us and keep up the good work!

  • Desjeunes Family

    Jean-Philippe Desjeunes (Canada)

    April 2019

    Excellent experience with Iconic. Comfortable, we did more than 2000 km without any problems. Richy was very kind and professional explaining us how this motorhome functions. The return was easy and simple. We have enjoyed the whole experience and will do it again!

  • foto van kessel

    Lori and Chris Van Kessel (Canada)

    March 2019

    We were very pleased with everything with Iconic Motorhomes. From the moment we arrived everything was explained how to work the unit for our next 17 days on the road. We never RV before. Everything was excellent. Great way to travel as we could camp anywhere with our Bolero camper van and not worry as we were self contained. We were pleasantly surprised how fuel efficient this RV was as well. Return was hassle free. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone.
    Thanks Richy and team.

  • Sharon Robert

    Sharon and Robert Leggett (England)


    We had a Bessie for 32 nights which we picked up in Christchurch. Luisa and Richie showed us all the workings & we went off for our adventure. Few phone calls and messages exchanged to clarify a couple of things but someone was always on hand. Amazing amount of room for clothes to hang and drawers as well. Bed ultra comfy. Lots of mirrors and easy to dry hair in camper in sight of them. Heating worked well on the odd night we needed it.Was able to take full advantage of oven and hob cooking up several meals. Lots of space for food and drink storage as well. Felt very relaxed the whole time and my husband said how well “Bessie” handled driving and maneuvering even the twisty roads. Covered the south and north islands and was greeted back by Luisa in Auckland. Sad to say bye! Brilliant experience.

  • EDGARS+Friend

    John Edgar (Canada)

    March 2019

    We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Iconic. They are a professional group and made it very easy for us to enjoy our trip. The equipment was first class and the support was great.
    They know what they are doing and seem to predict your need before you have it. The training on the arrival was very thorough, The supplies in the RV were all of top quality and everything worked, they sent timely reminders of things to consider during our trip which showed they really care.

    I would highly recommend others to use Iconic.

  • Hans Partner

    Hans Groess (USA)

    March 2019

    A thousand thanks and major kudos to Iconic and in particular, Richie, for providing us with such a wonderful experience and introduction to the world of motor homes! As “first timers”, our trepidation was, to say the least, high! Our 8 day rental of the Bolero to tour the South Island was nothing less than fabulous. The motor home was spotless, extremely well appointed and frankly, beautiful! We enjoyed the trip of a lifetime and now in retirement, are seriously considering purchasing a motor home when we return to the US to tour the States! Thanks for everything from the start of the rental process to the completion of our trip. What a Delightful adventure you folks facilitated on our behalf!

  • Tony Stephanie

    Tony & Stephanie Truong (Australia)

    March 2019

    Amazing first time experience in a campervan with Iconic! Our campervan was well equipped with everything we needed for our two weeks on the road. The campervan was practically brand new and clean.

    Service was also amazing. Richard was so helpful and was just a phone call away if we had any questions or needed any help. We had a minor issue with the camper van along the way and Richard organised for us to get it fixed at the next stop.

    We highly recommend Iconic motorhomes!
    Can't wait to come back one day! :)

  • 20190211 162003

    Anne-Marie Radde (Germany)

    March 2019

    We had a great stay and everything went alright -loved the camper and it’s nice and comfortable furniture and extras it came with. a definite recommendation!! Thanks to Julie and Katherine for their support - it was lovely meeting the team!!

  • 011

    Mike & Sue Jones (England)

    March 2019

    We picked up our Kontiki Van in Aukland and dropped back 5 weeks later in Christchurch. Loved the van; we could have stayed another 5 weeks!
    The service from both Teams was excellent, really customer focussed with a couple of great recommendations, particularly for our first stopover heading North and the bike hire company. We had a minor scrape with the van and it was handled perfectly by the guys; totally stress free.
    Would highly recommend Iconic to anyone!

  • Fiona and Ian

    Fiona & Ian Nugent (England)

    March 2019

    From our first email contact right through to returning our lovely Iconic Bolero Motorhome I can only praise Iconic for fantastic customer service. As owners of a MH here in the UK we knew what we wanted to hire in NZ and Iconic with their range of Swift Motorhomes ticked all the boxes. The Bolero was almost new, immaculately clean and well equipped. It provided us with a much envied and very comfortable base for our 2 week tour of South Island in Feb 2019.
    Thank you again to all at the Christchurch base for seeing us off and welcoming us back like old friends !
    If ever we return to NZ we will definitely hire from you again.

  • 20190128 091059

    Charles & Phillipa Philips (England)

    March 2019

    Fantastic camper van. Pick-up and return of vehicle could not have been easier with very friendly and helpful staff.

  • Alex Nicole Kaia

    Nicole Chen & Alex Castellarnau (USA)

    February 2019

    We had a lovely experience with Iconic! We booked the Bolero Black Edition and toured the south of NZ for three weeks with our three-year-old daughter. Richie was our point of contact for Iconic and was very accessible and helpful for when we had questions about the camper van, which we didn't have many of because of how detailed the written instructions were (just a little issue with a Kea parrot munching on some rubber pieces which were chalked up to normal wear and tear :). The van was comfortable and felt premium, with nice kitchenware, towels, comfy bedding. We even got our return date wrong and Iconic accommodated our weekend return.
    Thanks for a nice holiday, Richie and the Iconic team!

  • Brown Family

    Zoe and James Brown (Canada)

    February 2019

    Fantastic service by Richy and the team. Emails booking initially answered all my questions and what we needed. Pick up was smooth and Richy was so helpful. The Escape was perfect for our family - 2 adults and 2 young kids. We travelled around the South Island for 3 weeks. Richy touched base to make sure we weren’t having problems but then left us to get on with our trip. I managed to slightly damage the campervan and they sorted that out for us painlessly for my wallet which I am very grateful for.

    I highly recommend Iconic and will certainly be using them when we come back again. Many thanks!

  • Fisher Family

    Luke Fisher and family (USA)

    February 2019

    We rented the Bolero motor home for a week and traveled around the south island of New Zealand with my wife and 3 year old daughter. It was the trip of a lifetime! The people at Iconic did a fantastic job making our trip very easy and comfortable. The Bolero motor home is a first class experience. We were able to freedom camp every night except once which made it very enjoyable. I would recommend booking with Iconic Motorhomes to anyone that is looking for a stress free adventure and vacation

  • Manish Shweta

    Shweta and Manish Bhai (Singapore)

    February 2019

    My husband and I rented a Bolero for our 10th anniversary trip to NZ - South Island and we had the most amazing experience. Fabulous service with a welcoming smile. Everything was ready when we arrived. Richie did a great job presenting the RV and teaching us how to use it. It was our 1st time driving a motorhome and we were a bit apprehensive about how comfortable would it be to drive such a huge van.. but it was a breeze. Richie was available on phone throughout our trip and did not hesitate to respond to us immediately even on a weekend.
    Bolero was equipped with everything you need, the interiors were super comfortable, with ample storage. This baby is luxury on wheels!
    Iconic Motors and Richie both have our vote and we can't wait to return with our kids!!

  • Keith

    Keith North (England)

    January 2019

    Well where do I start, right from first contact nothing was too much trouble. I changed my dates several times but it was no trouble. Finally we settled on some dates, everything was explained in great detail including suggestion of places to visit. I has previous experience of swift motor homes so knew what expect. On arrival at the Auckland depot everything was as expected, Julie was friendly and efficient in her explanation of the motorhome. Then it was off on our travels and the motorhome performed faultlessly throughout, even a slight problem with a stone chipped windscreen was fixed easily. We completed at around 3000km in 2 weeks with ease. I can highly recommend Iconic motor homes and their team at Auckland. I will definitely be back soon

  • Pol Chloe

    Pol and Chloe Besse (France)

    January 2019

    My girlfriend and myself rented a camper van from Iconic for 14 days. Our trip started and ended in Christchurch and we rented a Bolero model.
    Our trip was perfect from the start till the end. That was partly thanks to our first Camper van experience and how Iconic helped us feel so comfortable with the car.
    From Christchurch, Richy introduced us to all the features and the functioning of the van and most importantly we felt that we could rely on him at any time of the trip if we needed to. Richy replied instantaneously to all message on whats-app (which was quite useful when we needed some confirmation on the electrical tools ,or when he arranged a tire replacement in Te Anau at our discretion!)
    The car was quite recent (18xxx km) and perfectly working. it had all kind of features that you could ever think of and was quite high tech. Kitchen and bathroom . areas were hugely functional and useful.
    On the top of it Iconic treated us like 5 stars hotel guests, the van was provided with everything you would need to live for 2 weeks ( awesome towels, soaps etc etc). It as clean and as welcoming as a luxury top hotel could be.

    Eventually, we would highly recommend Iconic, both because of the quality of the camper van they rent . They are far better than all the others we have seen. But also because of the service that they provide during your trip. You will feel completely stress-less as soon as you depart from the office location, and that is exactly what you are looking for when you are not "too" used to camper vans !

  • Chris Nicholas 2

    Chris and Nicholas Taylor (England)

    February 2019

    I cannot explain in strong enough terms how fantastic the team at Iconic Motorhomes were during our visit to New Zealand in January. From check-in through to returning the vehicle the team were friendly, informative, flexible and helpful. The motorhome provided by Iconic Motorhomes (the Kon-Tiki Black Edition) was the best vans we saw during our time exploring the South Island - so much so people on the campsites we visited actively walked up to look at and admire our van. The vehicle was perfectly clean, equip with everything needed and practically brand new. The Kon-Tiki is great if you're looking for a luxury option, but we also looked at the Bolero when checking-out and this looked fantastic too. I would recommend Iconic Motorhomes in the strongest possible terms to anyone visiting New Zealand and I will be using them again in the future when I return to explore the North Island. Many thanks to all the team for making our trip so fantastic.

  • MikeShirley

    Mike and Shirley Hattemore

    February 2019

    A great Company, lovely staff that could not have been more helpful. Special thanks to Richard who answered all of our questions promptly and efficiently throughout our monthly rental. We had a full briefing when we collected the vehicle and were given plenty of time to get used to it before we left. We were also given loads of time when we returned it to pack all of our belongings into the suitcases that we were able to leave at their offices.
    Mike sure you make time to visit Michael in their workshop in Christchurch. He has the equipment to make just about every part on the vans that could break!
    All in all a great holiday and a great Company. Thank you Iconic.

  • Robb Family2

    Ben & Sarah Robb (Australia)

    February 2019

    In January 2019 my family completed a 20 night trip in the South Island, using an Escape vehicle supplied by Iconic Motor Homes. Our trip was amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of travelling in an RV. The vehicle was superb!! It never missed a beat mechanically over 2000km through some very tricky mountain terrain. It had everything we needed for storage of clothes and food, and the kitchen was fully equipped to allow us to make our own meals everywhere we went. Best of all, the customer service from the Iconic team was spot on, from our arrival, to helping us solve some minor issues along the trip, and finally to our departure on the last day.

    We would highly recommend Iconic to other families planning an RV holiday in New Zealand.

  • PieterIngeborg 2

    Pieter & Inge Van Deursen (Netherlands)

    January 2019

    After our NZ adventure in 2017 in our Sundance motorhome that we rented with Iconic, we decided to come back in 2018 to continue the adventure and rented the Sundance camper again. Booking was smoothly arranged (thank you Kay) and the NZ trip started good with a great welcome by Richy and after refreshing our memory, we were on the road again. The trip was great and we fully enjoyed the comfort of the Sundance (manual gears, toilet, shower and a great oven in the motorhome).

    The service of Iconic was really appreciated when we had a small mechanical problem (on New Years day) and needed assistance. Thanks to Iconic, everything was solved quickly. Also the experience of the AA service mechanic that solved our problem was very positive. He mentioned that cooperating with Iconic is smoothly and that cooperating this way is not the standard within the NZ motorhome rental industry. Within a few hours we were on the road again and continued to enjoy our NZ trip.

    Long story short, perfect luxurious camper vans that also looks great, a personal touch when picking up and handing the vehicle but best of all, great service when you need it most !

    Thank you Richy, we had a great time again and won't hesitate to recommend Iconic and use Iconic again when we return

  • Cambell Family

    Dave & Anita Campbell (Australia)

    January 2019

    We recently spent 2 weeks in the Escape touring the South Island. From when we booked to return, the team were super helpful and always available if we needed some help while on the road. The camper was perfect for us with 2 kids who especially loved the bunk beds at the back of the van. Everything we needed was provided, quick trip to the supermarket and we were off. This was the perfect solution for us to do a bit of freedom camping, the app that the team gave us (Campable) was also fantastic and allowed us to stay in some beautiful spots, Lake Tekapo in particular was stunning. I would not hesitate to book through Iconic again.

  • CharlesEduardo

    Charles Abbott & Eduardo Navego (England)

    January 2019

    Brilliant company - we are so glad we used Iconic. We had a Rio Bolero for 10 days and drove from Christchurch to Auckland spending most of our time in the South Island. The van was excellent - the walkthrough was very thorough and great. The van was spotlessly clean, towels and bedding were great with a great starter kit - in fact we bought nothing except for some kitchen towel and our food. I had one cause to contact Iconic during our trip to ask if I could take the van across the Crown Range to Wanaka from Queenstown - the response was immediate (via Whats App - with pictures (which were annotated of the van in case we needed more power to get up the hills)) Brilliant!!! I cannot recommend this company enough. We will be back to spend more time in the South Island.

  • Terresa Rick

    Terri & Rick Gerger (USA)

    January 2019

    This was our second rental from Iconic Motorhomes. We previously rented in 2012 shortly after the earthquake in NZ. We arrived in Christchurch at Iconic in 2018 and found a vital company as caring of the customer in 2018 as 2012. Our motorhome was ready and waiting for us. It sparkled as if it had just been driven off the lot. Instead, the motorhome was 3 years old but clearly well taken care of.
    We were lucky to have 3 weeks to travel the South Island in Iconic’s Black Bolero motorhome. What a blast. Everything you could possibly want is included in this model.
    At Pelorus Bridge we pulled out the outdoor table and chairs, rolled out the awning on the side of the motor home and watched the sun set next to the river.
    In Blenheim we rented bikes and toured the wineries. We returned to the motor home with wines to enjoy during our trip. The Bolero has a good-sized refrigerator so we were able to use one drawer to store the wine.
    Another great feature is the bed in the back. It was so wonderful to not have to “pull’ it out and set it up each night.
    Bottom line, whether you are freedom camping or staying at a Top 10 Holiday Park, Iconic Motorhomes is the way to go!!!
    Finally, we had an excellent experience with the staff at Iconic in Christchurch from the day we picked it up, until the day we returned it. They explained every aspect of the rental experience from day one to drop off. It was the best experience we've had renting transportation. We would like to thank Richie and his crew who made us feel like we were the best customers they've ever had.
    We can honestly say Iconic motorhomes completely exceeded our expectations. We’ll be back. That’s a guarantee. Thank you Iconic.

  • Staunskaer Family

    Crystal & Thomas Staunskaer (Denmark)

    January 2019

    We were extremely pleased with Iconic Motorhomes! We live in Denmark and I was on the hunt for a truly comfortable luxury motorhome for our first time as a family of 4 in a small space.

    I was so happy to finally find Iconic! We rented a Bolero 4 as we have a 3 and 10-year-old. Iconic provides you with all that is needed even including toiletries, vacuum, full kitchen supplies, towels, sheets, and the inside of the motor home is well thought out. When picking up the motorhome the whole team was fantastic in giving an inside and outside tour of everything.

    The vehicle drives very well and is an automatic vehicle which helped on the windy New Zealand roads.

    We had an issue with something not working and the whole team did their best in trying to get it fixed, which was appreciated.

    Iconic is way above average in staff, and of course, the luxury motorhomes they offer, I highly recommend!

  • IMG 20181228 120701

    Peter & Sophie Farthing (Australia)

    January 2019

    Great product and service - started in Christchurch and toured for 2 weeks, departing Auckland - van was easy to use, in good condition and Iconic team were a pleasure to deal with - will definitely return

  • Aranzazu Craig

    Aranzazu Jiménez Gómez and Craig Rodgett (Spain)

    January 2019

    The Bolero campervan was awesome, have to admit it we loved it.

  • David Helena

    David Lines and Helena Green

    January 2019

    Our second time to NZ (in 2014 we traveled North Island and we’re determined to return again) - Iconic was our first choice as we had been so impressed in 2014 by the team. We really appreciate their exceptional service, quality of the motorhome and friendliness. We traveled the South part of the South Island and built our itinerary using our own ideas plus the helpful suggestions made by Iconic. We would highly recommend Nature’s Wonders on the Otago peninsula - fabulous way to see seals and penguins in their natural habitat.

  • Kyle Francis

    Kyle and Francis Griffith (USA)

    January 2019

    The Sundance was the perfect size for 2 people and comfortable to drive on NZ winding roads. The staff were extremely helpful. The camper was in mint condition. We would highly recommend renting from iconic.

  • Samuel Family

    Rod and Emily Samuel (Hong Kong)

    January 2019

    Booked the Bolero for a 2 week trip around the South Island as a family of four. Fantastic experience and could not have been happier with Iconic. The quality of the van was excellent, very easy to drive and equipped with everything you need. Stayed in some lovely spots via the Campable app, highly recommended!

  • Harris Family

    Scott and Justine Harrison (USA)

    January 2019

    No hidden fees, no tricks, no scams. Just exactly what was promised: a fine quality newer RV with great amenities and all the extras we requested. The customer service was above and beyond our expectations. I would most definitely use them again in the future. I would not even consider using another RV rental company. These guys are awesome!

  • Alex Carrie

    Alex and Carrie Nguyen (USA)

    January 2019

    Iconic was excellent. We had an amazing two weeks in our motorhome, the Rio. The Rio was ready to go when we arrived and was easy to drive. We loved being able to freedom camp and have a shower and kitchen to use at any time. Richy was available for any questions while on the road which was nice to have. He provided a personal touch and provided clear instructions/orientation for those of us who have never driven a motorhome. I would definitely recommend and rent from them again if I return to NZ.

  • Jake Bethany

    Jake and Bethany Curtis (USA)

    January 2019

    The quality and luxurious motorhome we rented from Iconic Motorhomes was more than we could have ever dreamed of. But better than the motorhome was the customer service. Every message we sent the staff was answered almost immediately. It made our trip effortless. I had never driven an motorhome before and so I was a bit nervous but with Iconic's help I felt very confident. Nothing but thank yous from me!

  • Mark Camilla

    Camilla McDonald & Mark Griffith (England)

    January 2019

    We want to thank Richy and the team at Iconic for making our motorhome adventure round South Island truly the trip of a lifetime. From the moment we first contacted Iconic to the (sad) moment we returned our motorhome the service from Iconic was exceptional and extremely personal.
    The motorhome was luxurious and had everything we needed and all the personal touches from the Iconic team made it very special. Richy was on hand to help with any queries no matter how trivial and we were looked after throughout. We would heartily recommend Iconic.
    The Bolero was a fabulous treat for the two of us and we would heartily recommend Iconic to anyone visiting New Zealand. We will be back....maybe the Kon-tiki next time?

  • Clay Lisa

    Clay & Lisa Reigel (USA)

    January 2019

    We rented a Bolero Black from Iconic for 2 weeks traveling around the South Island. The experience renting from Iconic was fantastic. We received a full pre-trip overview from Richy, and the motorhome was immaculate. It was the perfect vehicle - super comfortable, very well appointed, and easy to drive.
    We definitely had the nicest motor home on the road!
    I would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes.

  • Rohin Rati

    Rohin and Rati Vazirani (USA)

    January 2019

    We booked a Rio Black Edition from Iconic Motorhomes - was the best decision we made - the team was thoughtful and helpful. Moreover, they were always available via phone/text message in the event we had any question. Highly recommend them

  • June Mike

    Mike and June Denney (USA)

    December 2018

    We were looking for a trouble free vacation, after reading reviews decided on ICONIC. They were outstanding in EVERY way!
    The Sundance was perfect the two of us. Everything worked perfectly. Richy the manager, was friendly, helpful (going above and beyond 24/7) and fun. The Sundance was appointed with top notch accouterments. We HIGHLY recommend ICONIC!

  • Paul Karen

    Paul & Karen Howells (England)

    December 2018

    First class customer service. Lovely motor home. Couldn’t be better

  • Craig Rachel

    Craig and Rachel Weatherill (England)

    December 2018

    We hired a brand new series 7 black edition in October and November 2018 for our honeymoon, we found Iconic motorhomes to be absolutely brilliant, from the little touches like the coffee/tea condiments, toiletries in the bathroom to the welcome pack and photo. The motorhome drives really well on all of the NZ roads we drove in the south island, we enjoyed it so much we extended our 11 day stay for another 4 nights. The kitchen was well equipped with all the gadgets and facilities you would require, including a cafetiere which I was very impressed with. There were also plenty of tea towels, which doubled up to stop the plates, cups etc banging or making noise when your on the move. The kitchen area had plenty of room and work top space to cook and prepare your food, with the microwave also coming in handy when we on hook up and wanted to speed up our jacket potatoes! The fridge stayed cold and didn't take long to cool down to temperature after being filled up. The bed was very comfortable and allowed ample room to walk through into the bathroom at the back. The bathroom felt much more spacious than other motorhomes we have been in before, the shower was brilliant and the water didn't take long to heat up. The heating system was spot on and took no time at all to warm up, not that we needed the heating on much as most of the time we warm enough. The TV in the lounge area was of a very good quality and could be watched from any angle unlike most motorhome TV's. The lounge and sofa area was very comfortable and we really appreciated that they had provided a blanket too, to make it that extra bit cosy for us. The Iconic family team were on hand over whats app if we needed any advice etc and they were helpful and welcoming from start to finish. They even gave us a good bye pack with various goodies, which was a lovely touch. I would definitely recommend hiring one of there motorhomes.

  • Daniel Tonya

    Dan & Tonya Lyden (USA)

    December 2018

    We had nothing but an excellent experience for the staff at Iconic in Christchurch. From the day we picked it up, using the motorhome for a month and returning it. They explained every aspect of the rental experience from day on to drop off. it was the best experience we've had renting transportation.
    We would like to thank Richie and his crew who made us feel like we were the best customers they've ever had.

  • Stacy Justin

    Stacy and Justin Worley (USA)

    December 2018

    We rented the Bolero for 16 days in mid-November on the South Island. The reserving process was simple, videos were sent to us to prep us before we arrived, and Richy met us after hours over the weekend. He gave us a very informative walk thru of the beautiful (nearly brand new) unit. They had even retrofitted it to add additional amenities. Maps were provided, all cookware needs were included. They had also put together a gift bag for us on arrival, and at return gave us a thank you card and picture of us in front of the unit from when we departed. We had zero issues, and any communication we had with anyone at the office was very prompt. They were very lovely and when we come back I will certainly rent from them again.

  • Tan Family

    Shon & Shenice Foong (Singapore)

    December 2018

    All along we only had 1 thing in mind when coming to rent a camper van, which is to get a brand new one that is luxurious and comfortable. Getting the Escape GR8 from Iconic motorhomes is the best decision we made for our 2 weeks vacation in south island. Right from the beginning, it was a very pleasant experience meeting all the staff from Iconic. The ride is comfortable, interior is cosy and modern which is what I truly enjoy. As we have 4 pax, 2 adults, 1 child and a infant, this ride met our expectations in terms of size and user friendliness. Best part is making the bed is so easy, its just a pull away with no hassle. One staff I have to comment is Ritchie. He patiently introduced everything in details to us about the functions on how to use it well. He also went the extra mile to answer our FaceTime during late nights when we had to troubleshoot the functions and he showed us exactly. He has indeed showed us a great customer service from beginning to the end. I had an amazing experience in New Zealand and when I'm back, I will surely look for Iconic Motorhomes again.

  • Thomas and Cecilia

    Thomas & Cecelia Johnson (USA)

    December 2018

    Exceptional service! The Rio we had gave fantastic gas mileage, was well-equipped (down to a knife sharpener!) and the bed was comfortable. We had our campervan for an entire month and any issues we had were minimal and professionally solved.
    The Rio was very easy to handle and comfortable to ride in. Check-in and check-out were smooth, easy and professional. We highly recommend Iconic!

  • David Wendy

    David and Wendy Boyle ( England)

    December 2018

    Top quality motorhome, immaculate condition inside and out with outstanding service from Ricky. Would highly recommend Iconic Christchurch to anyone looking to rent a high quality motorhome.

  • Geoff Paula

    Paula and Geoff Gluyas (Australia)

    December 2018

    My husband & I have just finished a 12 day trip around the South Island in a 7m Bolero. The luxury van had everything we needed. It has great powerful diesel motor needed for the mountains. The roll out awning was used nearly every day and so was the coffee plunger :)
    When we book again, it will be the slightly bigger 7.5 -Series 7. Having a larger bed & more room in the en-suite. Richy was amazing in running through how everything worked at pick up, as we had never Motor homed before. My tip is get the best van you can afford. It makes the trip so much more enjoyable, especially when u want to experience freedom camping on remote lakes. We went to a powered site every 2nd day to charge up, dump and fill.

  • Leslie Frank

    Leslie and Frank Scholz (USA)

    December 2018

    We were very happy with our experience with Iconic Motorhomes. The vehicle was comfortable, reliable, clean, and easy to use. But we were particularly impressed with the customer service. We were assigned to Richy and he was there for us whenever we had troubles or questions. He had a thorough knowledge of the vehicle and all of its systems and was friendly and pleasant at all times. We were also impressed with Michael in the workshop who is always trying to make his product better.
    We would definitely recommend using this company if you are considering a trip around NZ!

  • Tom Jessica

    Tom & Jessica Williams ( England)

    December 2018

    Highly recommended!! My girlfriend and I recently went through Iconic and booked the Sundance vehicle for our 2 week adventure around the South Island. All the way from enquiring, to booking to collecting the vehicle and dropping it off, it was a seamless experience with the team and a really personable customer service. The vehicle itself was great and we would strongly recommend it for any couple doing a bit of exploring! Great layout, plenty of storage and surprisingly roomy! It was also very easy to manoeuvre on the NZ roads and mountain climbs! The team were on hand to answer any questions during our journey and we felt like we could pick up the phone to them at any point. Overall a great service and will definitely use them again if we ever come back to explore the North Island!

  • Billy Lui

    Billy Liu (Hong Kong)

    December 2018

    A pleasant and safe journey always be our consideration when we making our trip planning. Of course when we have the chance to travel and get away from our busy life, a qualitative travel experience will be even more preferable to make our trip remarkable. We browsed so many websites on internet prior the trip and found there are so many choices, but the Iconic Motorhome caught my eyes since their campervan has relatively sleeker interior design, good lighting atmosphere and equipment. As my work background is from design industry, perhaps I would be more focus on these details and the quality all comes together. And when we collect the vehicle and spending two full week in South island, the impression was great and the staff was really kind and explain all features on the van.
    To be honest, this was our first campervan trip in our life and indeed it gave us an incredible experience and confident on the vehicle. Will definitively give it a try next time if we plan our next trip to New Zealand again!

  • Julia Chris

    Julia and Chris Thompson (Australia)

    November 2018

    Everything about Iconic was professional, easy, and above all expectations. The vans are clean, easy to use and far better than any of the other brands we saw on our trip. We wouldn't hesitate to hire through them again! Thank you for making our honeymoon one to never forget!

  • Rodrigo Agustin Melina and Belen

    Rodrigo & Agustin Fresco (Uruguay)

    November 2018

    Cannot speak about other companies but when driving 3 weeks through NZ you see lot of motorhomes. I can tell you that the Iconic ones are the best ones. From the moment you book you notice that this is a company that cares about the customer. You feel pampered, they answer every single question prior to your trip (and I had tons) and they make you feel important. At pickup this is just the same. Julie dedicated the necessary amount of time to explain us everything, especially for motorhome rookies like us. The motorhome itself (Gr8 Escape) was just fantastic for our family of 4. Spotless, immaculate, modern, luxury and I can continue praising it. The same continued at time of drop off. Richy was waiting for us, gave us a souvenir and continue treating us greatly.
    Thanks Iconic!
    We want to go back to NZ and we have no doubts about which motorhome company we will use.

  • Steve Fran

    Steve& Fran Ward (England)

    November 2018

    Just finished a fab 22 day hire of a Bolero black around the South Island. Can’t speak too highly of Iconic and their customer service. Richy ,our contact at the Christchurch depot , was the font of all knowledge on our motor home and tips on places to see and experience on our tour. The Bolero itself was simply the best motorhome we could have desired for our journey.....you pay for what you get and the envious glances from the Maui, Britz and Jucy travelers proved their glasses were probably less than half full ! Would recommend Iconic to all.

  • Anthony Jaqueline

    Tony & Jacqueline Rider (England)

    November 2018

    We had a great experience renting a Swift Bolero from Christchurch. Excellent service from booking to returning the vehicle.
    Thank you Richy for taking out of office time calls to help us with queries during our tour.

  • Cockle Crew

    Michelle Cockle (England)

    November 2018

    We really enjoyed our stay in our Swift motor home, provided by Iconic. We were a group of friends travelling with a toddler, and the flexibility of a campervan really appealed to us. Iconic provided the lowest cost deal for our needs so we chose to rent from them.

    We were completely new to motorhoming but Richy gave us a great explanation and demonstration of how everything worked and was always available via phone/text if we had any questions - which was very handy for newbies like us!

    The camper itself was spotless (thanks Annina!) and we were impressed about how spacious and comfortable it was. A Little bit rattly while driving but that's to be expected. We had everything we needed.

    The only things that would have improved our rental were to have an Aux lead straight into the radio - Richy suggested that we get an FM transmitter which we did, but found this very hard to use and there was a lot of static noise and interference. A straightforward aux input would have made all the difference to us! The tv was also quite complicated to use and we have up on it most nights, but I don't think there's anyway to improve that really.

    Overall we had a great time. Iconic are a lovely team and ever so helpful. We even came away with a little goody bag of treats to take away! Lovely personal touch.

    Thank you to all at Iconic!

  • Luis Ana

    Luis and Ana Peres (Portugal)

    November 2018

    We can’t rank Iconic high enough.
    We rented the Rio for our stay in South Island, between October and November. Everything was above charts. The entire experience is amazing, Iconic has the most seamless and customer friendly booking and assistance during the entire process. They asnwer all your doubts and go the extra mile to give you some tips and insights that you may need (we got Julie for this and she was amazing). We picked up the motorhome at Christchurch and we got Richy as our Representative. He is the best! Really nice, so kind and professional and always available to help. One of the nicest persons we met.
    And then there’s the motorhome... Amazing!
    We saw many motorhomes and campervans during our stay, from many different companies, but there’s no way they can compare. Iconic plays on a different level. The motorhomes are new, luxurious, full equiped, with lots of space, comfortable... Everyone in the campgrounds just admired our motorhome. It’s really a different game. Plus we always felt safe and as having our backs covered from Iconic team and Richy for whatever problem we could face, which allowed us to be completely cool and relaxed the entire time. If you want the best motorhome rental in New Zealand, rest assured, you’ll find it at Iconic.
    We hope to come back and rent from them again soon.

  • Doughtys Family

    Hayden and Hazel Doughty (New Zealand)

    October 2018

    Fantastic camper vans! Modern, clean and well equipped with all details included. Iconic were superb to deal with at every stage of our journey and Richie - the world’s nicest guy - was on call the entire time in case we needed anything. This company is geared towards making your experience the absolute best and we would go out of our way to use them again.

  • Yuriy David

    David Rose and Yuiy Ryvkind (USA)

    October 2018

    Hired a Bolero for 12 days with a buddy of mine to trek around South Island. Rich was very helpful about showing us around the motorhome and making sure we were comfortable using it. All the amenities were provided, there was even a coffee press! Overall, Iconic really paid attention to detail and provided excellent support while we were on the road. I highly recommend touring NZ in a motorhome, and even more highly recommend renting yours from Iconic! Will rent again when we return to North Island, as they have an Auckland location. Thanks guys!

  • Maree Shepard

    Maree Shepherd (New Zealand)

    October 2018

    I hired a Swift Kontiki from Iconic Motorhomes for 8 days recently. They were so very helpeful to getting me on the road. The motorhome was easy to drive and "fool proof"!! It was smooth to drive and I'm grateful for the opportunity to hire.

    Many thanks Iconic

  • Renee Ben2

    Ben and Renee Kelly (Australia)

    October 2018

    We hired the Sundance which is the perfect size for a couple. (We found bigger brands were all too big or small)
    Had the most incredible holiday and due to New Zealand's tourist friendly self-contained laws woke up to some amazing views!
    This has everything you need and was easy to work out (never hired a camper van before but had no issues) A great feature was the window blinds instead of the cheap curtains companies like Britz use.
    There are no hidden fees and charges and the staff couldn't have been more helpful.
    We got a lot of comments about our van and look forward to hiring it again.
    Couldn't recommend more.

  • Zekyrias Family

    Zekyrias Family (Australia)

    October 2018

    Thanks to Iconic Motorhomes my family and I had the trip of a lifetime travelling around the South Island in their Gr8 Escape Motorhome recently. We are first time motorhome travelers but this will definitely not be the last. The motorhome was in immaculate condition at pick up and Richie was so helpful with recommending an itinerary for us as well as showing us how to navigate operating the motorhome. Having two teenage sons on-board we weren’t sure how things would go but it was an amazing holiday with lots of laughs, adventures and memories made.
    I highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes for your next New Zealand adventure. They’re service is second to none from time of booking right thru to time of drop off.

  • Hatte Family

    Brad and Donna Hatte (Australia)

    October 2018

    Family and I rented the Bolero motorhome for a 11-day holiday touring NZ South Isle and the motorhome we chose was met all our needs in every way – size, comfort, luxurious, and ease of operation both on the road and parked up.
    This was the first time we had experienced this style of touring, so my wife and I were apprehensive as to how this was going to unfold. To cut a long story short, the kids loved it and my wife and I still have a smile on our faces when reminisce on our touring stories.
    Dealing with Kay and Richy from the Christchurch depot was excellent, we found them friendly and helpful and couldn’t do enough to ensure our trip went without a hitch, which included vehicle return.
    We rate Iconic Motorhomes very highly and would recommend this experience to anyone.
    We would definitely use them again (if we ever toured NZ again, maybe next time - North Isle).

    Thank you Iconic and especially Kay and Richy!

  • Brian and Valerie

    Brian and Valerie Warburton (England)

    October 2018

    We hired a Bolero motorhome for 26 days from Iconic in Auckland.
    Julie and her team were exceptional; friendly, helpful and professional.
    The motorhome was fantastic, with every possible luxury and very easy to drive. We couldn’t fault the motorhome or Iconic they made our holiday special. We will definitely be recommending them to our friends and family.

  • Peter Caroline

    Caroline Newman (England)

    October 2018

    My partner and I hired the Sundance motorhome for 16 days in Sept/Oct and toured the South Island. Our whole Iconic experience was absolutely wonderful. We were received in the most friendly and professional way possible. Richie explained everything clearly and patiently and told us to not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns 24/7 - which we did a few times. We felt very well looked after and supported. The motorhome was in beautiful condition, the kitchen was well equipped with everything we needed and the linen was good.
    I recommend Iconic Motorhomes very highly and would definitely use them again if we come back to NZ.

  • Michael and Bethan

    Michael and Bethan Crosby (Dubai)

    Ocotber 2018

    We hired a Rio motorhome from Iconic in September 2018 and would rate the camper and company 10/10! The people we dealt with at the Auckland office were friendly and helpful and couldn’t do enough to ensure our trip went without a hitch, and that included the return process after the tour. The van met our needs fully - there were 2 of us and we made a tour of the North Island. This was my first experience with a camper van and I would definitely do it again and use Iconic again. A truly memorable holiday.

    We are a British couple (mid 50's) who currently live in Dubai.

    Thank you Iconic!

  • Craig Helen

    Craig and Helen Brown (Australia)

    October 2018

    We hired a Rio Black Edition for our 3 week trip around the South Is of New Zealand. When we arrived at the depot in Christchurch we were welcomed by Richy who immediately took us through our camper van and showed us the ropes on everything. We were then offered coffee and muffins in the office while we sorted out our communications whilst in New Zealand. Our first night in Christchurch went well, everything performed as it should except for the Satellite TV. On our way out of town the next day we called back in to Iconic to have a few questions answered and to have the satellite TV checked. Richy was very helpful and tested the TV and gave us some tips with this. In case we had any trouble he offered us the use of a hard drive with a selection of movies and an extra blanket. Lucky for the hard drive as we only had success with the TV once on the whole trip. This was no real problem as it was a nice break to play some games instead and break the norm of watching TV.
    We chose the Rio on price and size and it performed as described. However, after seeing the Bolero we are already planning on hiring this for when we do the north island for our next visit to NZ.
    We had no issues on our entire 3 week trip. Other than getting used to making up the bed every night and water in and water out everyday, we had a great time.
    For the price and the service from Iconic and after taking a few sneaky peaks at other camper vans out there, I know we made the right choice. This is a great company with great service and very highly recommend them to anyone planning on travelling around NZ in a camper van.
    10/10 to Richy and Iconic.
    See you next time we are in NZ.

  • Renee Ben

    Renée Thompson and Ben Kelly ( Australia)

    October 2018

    What a fantastic experience, thanks Iconic for contributing to one of the best holidays my partner and I have ever had (and I’ve traveled a bit).
    We hired the Sundance motorhome for our seven-day road trip around the South Island and boy, we couldn’t have been happier with our choice! Perfect size for a couple, and everything in the motorhome was luxurious, user-friendly, intuitive and well considered in its design.
    Then there’s the personalised, friendly, first-class customer service that most of the reviews I’d read prior about Iconic had alluded to - and what a delight to discover this for ourselves. Richy and the team were responsive, friendly and went over and above at almost every opportunity.
    Could not recommend these guys highly enough to anyone who has plans to motorhome around NZ!!

  • Larry Christine

    Larry and Christine Groves (USA)

    September 2018

    Our NZ holiday was awesome! Thanks Iconic Motorhomes.
    We traveled in your Bolero and had a wonderful time. What a delight to hike and return “home” to the Bolero for hot tea and a nap before making more discoveries on your South Island.
    We are first time campers, new to driving on the left, but found the motorhome user friendly and a dream way to travel at our own pace, on our own schedule. We covered a lot of ground and loved it all, but especially the drive through Arthur’s Pass and from Fox Glacier to Wanaka.
    On more than one occasion we were able to freedom camp. My compliments too for the nice furnishings in the kitchen and the exceptional bed linen. All was first class with much attention to detail. Thank you!

  • jai and holly

    Holly and Jai Hussein ( Australia)

    Sept 2018

    Wow what a holiday! My husband and I booked the Bolero Black to explore New Zealand for our honeymoon. It was our first time driving a motorhome and we were surprised at how easy it was to drive. Everything inside was perfect, the seats and bed were comfy, and there was everything you needed. We drove from Christchurch to Queenstown over 8 nights, stopping at Lake Opuha, Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Lake Pukaki, and Wanaka. There was some unexpected snow fall while we were in Wanaka and we stayed so cosy inside our motorhome with the heating and insulation.
    We absolutely loved our home on wheels and it was well worth the money to be able to feel so safe and comfortable for our trip.
    Thank you Iconic Motorhomes for the incredible memories! We will definitely be back and for longer next time!

  • Carlin Family

    Niamh Carlin (Ireland)

    September 2018

    Great experience travelling around New Zealand in this motorhome. Very accommodating staff with Richy in Christchurch with all the information explained and provided in a book and USB also. Had everything we needed from pots, pans to plenty of towels and even DVDs loaded on the TV for the days driving! Good sized motorhome with a little self contained toilet and shower. Just make sure you sort your own transport from the rental place to/ from the airport as the company do not provide this. Will be recommending to a friend

  • Mike Agnes

    Mic and Agnes Ng (Singapore)

    September 2018

    We are glad that we had chosen Iconic for our first trip to South NZ.
    Richy who introduced us to our new motorhome is very friendly and ensured everything is setup properly, equipped us with the necessary knowledge on the vehicle before we set off.

    The motorhome is equipped with all the necessary, in super good and clean condition. It is awesome that our first stay did not faced any terror stories like those shared on internet. Heater is warm in winter night, the vehicle is in great condition for road trip.. Really nothing to worry about.

    We couldn't thank the Richy and Kay enough for reassuring us, providing answers to many queries pre trip and during the trip .. thank you iconic motorhomes

  • Gemile Marco

    Gemile Mandegari & Marco Pesini (Italy)

    August 2018

    Everything was perfect and clean!
    We really had a great Time with our Iconic motorhome :)
    Gemi & Marco

  • Craig Ashley

    Craig & Ashley Pyzik (USA)

    August 2018

    Richy and the team at Iconic were wonderful to work with. My wife and I rented a camper from them for our honeymoon and we had an amazing time! We would definitely work with them again!

  • stephen collins

    Stephen & Jennifer Collins (Wales)

    August 2018

    Lovely Motorhomes ,comfy bed good fridge and cooking arrangements
    The people were friendly and helpful
    The fiat Ducati base was quite economical
    Given it is quite a luxurious top end offer - they could go one step further and allow you to return the van without the fuss of filling the fuel and gas and emptying all the wastes
    Nevertheless a good experience

  • Munro Family

    Kerry and Carla Munro (Australia)

    August 2018

    Recommend these motorhomes as it was the best experience .
    We have hired motorhomes in New Zealand previously and none of them compare to these motorhomes. From pick up to drop off the service was exceptional
    Thank you very much

    This is a Facebook Review

  • Barbara and Andrew

    Andrew & Barbara Jay (Australia)

    August 2018

    Everything you need in an elegant efficient motor home. The best we have used yet. Even a bath mat supplied! Friendly, helpful staff. A warning note, however, as the Bolero bed might not suit the very large/tall.
    Will happily recommend and use again

  • John Anne

    John and Anne Juyad (NZ)

    August 2018

    Great motorhome and Super great staff to deal with.
    Thanks for your service!
    Till next time.

  • Hamid Partner

    Hamid Seyedi (Australia)

    July 2018

    Very good customer service from Richy I appreciate it.
    You will definitely get what you paid for with Iconic.
    The motor homes are all low mileage, easy driving and amazing facilities inside.
    I can't be happier, very satisfied with my choice.
    Thanks for the cup cakes by the way :-D

    *This is a Google Review

  • Hilton Family

    Amy & Roy Hilton (Australia)

    July 2018

    Amazing service!!!
    We were so happy with the wonderful service from Kay and Richy at Iconic Motorhomes Christchurch, they made our trip so easy and enjoyable. The Motorhomes themselves had everything we could want and need, we were surprised by all the great features it had.

  • Melinda and Darren Iconic 2018 Motorhome Holiday

    Darren and Melinda Mitchell (Australia)

    July 2018

    We had an great trip to NZ North Island of New Zealand, the motorhome experience was awesome and Julie from Iconic couldn’t have done more for us.
    The motorhome was spotless and everything was explained to us on pick up with no hassles.
    Will definitely be visiting South Island on our next holiday. Thanks again Iconic

  • Wibowo Family

    Suryo Wibowo (Indonesia)

    June 2018

    Wonderful experience with Iconic Motorhomes although that my first New Zealand trip.
    Very good condition motorhome, same as we saw in YouTube.
    All the equipment worked well.
    Richy in Christchurch has helped me so much.

  • Larna2

    Nathan and Larna Mealing (Australia)

    June 2018

    I can honestly say Iconic motorhomes completely exceeded our expectations. Helpful and friendly staff. Outstanding motorhomes with everything you need for a great holiday.!!! Highly recommend this business and we will definitely be booking another holiday with them again soon.

  • Murray and Anne Iconic Rio

    Murray and Anne Berkett (New Zealand)

    June 2018

    Great staff, welcoming and very detailed in explaining how everything worked.
    Richy responded quickly to a couple of minor queries we had during our 12 day trip around the lower South Island.
    Comfortable, warm vans, easy to handle and would definitely use again.

  • Chris

    Chris and Karen Gough (New Zealand)

    June 2018

    Right from the first email response, the team at Iconic was incredibly professional and did everything they could to make our experience a special one. The online videos and pre-departure inspection ensured that there were no surprises when we picked up the Bolero.

    Julie and David went above and beyond to make sure that we felt like we were their only customers and that our motorhome was the right one for us.

    The Motorhome was extremely well laid out and surprisingly fuel efficient and definitely the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven.
    It was nice to find everything well looked after and in excellent working order.
    This was our first entree into the motorhome experience and we are so pleased that we chose Iconic!

    Thanks for making it such a memorable experience guys!

  • Claus and friends

    Claus Stockmann ( Switzerland)

    April 2018

    Did a trip with two friends in March 2018. From booking (many thanks for your help on such short notice), arriving (pick up on Sunday in Christchurch), throughout the journey until handing back the Motorhome in Auckland, everything went very very well.
    The prices were very much in line with other offerings, but the Motorhome we got was definitely above average: 2017 built, luxurious, solar panels, etc.

    Thanks Julie & team, keep up the good work!

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  • Neil Caroline

    Neil and Caroline McLeod ( Australia)

    May 2018

    Thank you Iconic for an amazing holiday touring the South Island in our luxurious Bolero Black Edition.
    We were lucky enough to be upgraded from a Rio to the Bolero Black Edition and appreciated the fact we didn't have to make a bed every night.
    We are in our late 50's and found the van to be really comfortable and spacious. Richy warmly greeted us in Christchurch ( opening early for us, thank you) and his comprehensive guide around the vehicle ensured we had no problems with the operation of the van.
    The van was equipped superbly both in the kitchen and the bathroom. The little touches of staying in a hotel were evident in the supply of toiletries and spare towels. We spent most night at powered sight in some beautiful camping grounds with excellent facilities. We come from North Queensland so we made good use of the superb heating in the van, spending the cooler evenings snuggled up in the van watching movies. A great way to relax after a days driving and sight seeing. We couldn't believe how economical the van was to drive, and how well it negotiated through the passes and never ending winding roads in the South Island.
    The spectacular views we saw around every corner are forever in our memories.

    Our trip ended with a tour of the Iconic Christchurch workshop with (Michael) Sean and Richy proudly showing us the beginnings of the making of a rocket !

    Iconic is a truly unique company and I have no hesitations in recommending them to anyone wishing to have a luxury camper van experience.

  • Jean Jim

    Jean and Jim Calaverne (USA)

    May 2018

    “Wow” What more can I say than "WOW!"
    My wife and I spent 2 wonderful weeks in a Bolero Black Edition Motorhome.
    We traveled the South Island of New Zealand mid-April catching miles of brilliant colours and majestic landscapes!
    We picked up our Bolero Black edition Motorhome from Richy at Iconic Motorhomes in Christchurch. Since I never owned or rented a motorhome I received a full walk thru and briefing on the the vehicle from Richy. After 30-45 minutes or so we were fully briefed and ready to hit the trail.
    Another Wow goes out to Richy and Iconic, great people and what a ride. Glamping on steroids! What fun we had in style and comfort...without a doubt the Cadillac of the C-class Motorhome. We are still enchanted with the hundreds of photos and videos we took traveling the beautiful country of New Zealand, a must on anyone’s bucket list that appreciates nature at its best. And when it comes to seeing it in luxury and style...it’s a must to stop in at Iconic in Christchurch and let Richy give you the keys to a Bolero Black edition...or take it up a notch and get the Kon-Tiki Black Edition!

    Our score on Iconic and Richy...10!

  • Mark Elaine

    Mark and Elaine Sellars (England)

    May 2018

    I recommend Iconic without hesitation. We hired a Bolero Black for the two of us for a three week trip around the South Island.
    Our Motorhome was spotlessly clean, extremely comfortable and ran beautifully.
    Richy and the team were friendly and professional throughout, making the whole process easy and stress free.
    The motorhome pretty much looked after itself. We found the large fridge and freezer particularly useful. The shower was a good size too. Plentiful cupboards and storage meant we could do lots of freedom camping and DOC sites. "A real home away from home."
    Thank you all at Iconic - simply fabulous.

  • Jakob Sorensen

    Matilde and Jakob Knudsen (Denmark)

    May 2018

    We had the great pleasure of renting an Escape for one month through Iconic.
    One plus was the vehicle itself - the floor plan was perfect for our little family being able to put our baby to sleep for the night and still hang out in the lounge area. A lot of nice details that made camper life easier.
    Another plus was the great service we experienced from Richy in Christchurch. We called him a couple of times and he was always a pleasure to talk to and very helpful.
    We can highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes!

  • Ken Alison

    Alison and Kevin Brock (New Zealand)

    May 2018

    We really enjoyed our time in the Sundance, which is great for 2 people. Loved the efficient layout with the kitchen and bathroom at the back. Enjoyed also the extra touches of gift soaps in the bathroom, plenty of towels etc, and the inverter for charging our devices. Also appreciated the map books (when the internet wasn't available!)
    This camper really did handle like a car and often could take car parking spaces when necessary; very powerful (yet fuel efficient) motor which meant that being a manual transmission didn't matter because often it would carry on climbing a hill without having to change gear! I usually get car-sick if I try to read while travelling, but (maybe) because the cab is so high up in the Sundance, I didn't suffer from travel sickness at all! And the view out the front windshield is superb!
    So much storage space! so you can really spread-out, and the fridge held everything from 1 shop for our 9 day vacation. I really appreciated the battery operated stair-step that popped out with the push of a button and we really enjoyed the quality stereo that we could sing along while on our Road Trip.
    Totally loved our stay in the Sundance! An awesome little camper that we were sad to leave. Highly recommend the Team at Iconic Motorhomes. Thanks especially to Richy who took great care of us.
    Alison and Kevin Brock :)

  • Lindsay Jo

    Lindsay & Jo Berquist ( New Zealand)

    April 2018

    We have recently hired one of these lovely Bolero motorhomes for 10 days to look around the South Island. We found it to be a really modern motorhome but had a couple of gripes about it. We found the made-up bed not very wide for two people and felt like we rolled to the middle sometimes. Also the toilet area was very small even though the actual toilet could swivel around to give more room. The rest of the motorhome was really good though. We loved the swivel seats in the front, and found the curtains and also the heating superb. One last gripe we had was that we got a cracked windscreen (through no fault of ours) and had to pay for a new one. I did read the terms and conditions and knew we would have to pay for it, but i think by taking out the full insurance cover the windscreen should be included, as it is with other companies. We found Richy and the team in Christchurch to be very friendly and also good at explaining everything.

  • Rizanudin Family

    Ryza & Harlyn Jusary (Singapore)

    April 2018

    Our first ever motorhome holiday and what better way to do it in scenic New Zealand with Iconic Motorhome. We had done our careful research and compare many rental motorhome companies before settling down with Iconic Motorhome; best decision ever made.

    Everything was such a breeze, from the get-go all the way to the time we have to return the motorhome to the dismay of our 2-year-old boy! Richy was very patient with us explaining the works of our Bolero (BE). It has everything and more and it definitely suited us fine throughout the journey.

    The Bolero handles well, and it kept us warm on the sudden snowfall in Lake Tekapo. We stood out from the rest with the stunning Swift Bolero design and had a couple of enquiries and nods of approvals!

    All in all, the team of Richy and Kay of Iconic Motorhome are very professional, sincere and struck a tremendous and deep impression on us and we will engage them again in a heartbeat for our next trip up North!

  • Nissen and Nikki renting an RV at Iconic Motorhomes Auckland

    Nissen and Nikki Hind (USA)

    April 2018

    We cannot thank the team at Iconic more for our fantastic experience. Our Bolero motorhome was the perfect size for us and all of our gear. I was extremely nervous about the day to day maintenance of an RV. Julie made the tutorial experience seamless and the welcome packet was an extremely useful tool. We had zero problems "filling and dumping." The bolero also came well equipped with kitchen, cooking, cleaning and random necessities. The interior finishes are beautiful. The bed was comfortable and the linens were hotel quality. Driving was a breeze and overall I could see myself purchasing a Bolero.

    The customer service at Iconic is exceptional.
    We only met Julie and David but they conducted themselves as if they owned the company. Their pride and care of iconic is demonstrated throughout their professional, and caring service. I cannot thank them enough!
    See you next year! Aloha, Nikki and Nissen

  • Kolb Family hiring an Iconic Motorhome from Auckland NZ

    Nicole and Andrew Kolb (Australia)

    April 2018

    We rented a Gr8 escape from Iconic for a 16night trip around the North Island. From the moment I made original contact with them to dropping off our motorhome we were very well taken care of. This is small family business and it shows, the service you received is above and beyond. The motor home itself, I would recommend to anyone with 2adults and 2 children. It was immaculately presented and very easy to manoeuvre, especially compared to some of the larger motor homes with the bed over the cab. The pull down double bed for the adults was great as we didn't have to make up a 'table bed' everyday. We would simply pull it down at night and push is back up in the morning. Overall our experience was first class, we could not recommend Iconic more highly

  • Ball Family picking up an Iconic motorhome in Christchurch

    Angela Bliss and Family (Australia)

    April 2018

    We just hired a Bolero for 10 days around the South Island. Loved dealing with Iconic - from research, booking through to the lovely card and photo they gave us when we returned the vehicle. Richy especially was terrific - couldn't do more for you. Really recommend their service and campervans

  • Virginia and Donald collecting an Iconic Motorhome from Auckland

    Donald and Virginia De Witte (Belgium)

    April 2018

    We used Iconic Motor Homes for our trip of 11 days through New Zealand and this was a great experience at all levels.

    First, the entire team of Iconic was very supportive, from the moment we requested an offer, the day we arrived and all the instructions they gave to let us feel comfortable with our first trip in our life with a motor home. Julie was a real star!

    Our trip was a great experience although we needed more time, hence 10 days more would have been better to discover the South.
    New Zealand is really well prepared for the camping car tourism and that was a great experience.

    I wished there was more wild life and hence, don't know why there is no terrestrial wild life like deer etc...

    We will for sure come back to do the South with more time.

  • IMG 20180226 120653

    Dennis and Lesley McSweeney (USA)

    April 2018

    Excellent Staff, knowledgeable, organized, details all sorted out.
    The Motorhome was a top quality machine, well maintained mechanically. The Diesel Coach had plenty of power for the hills and was well matched to a "smart" automatic transmission that performed perfectly up and down grades.
    The bedding and cookware provided was perfect for providing comfort, and equipped for preparing and serving delicious meals.
    Kay got our Contract sorted out in short order, Ritchy was great support when we had puzzling questions.
    We had visited the Airport Locations of Jucy and another Campervan Chain, and found the experience chaotic.
    This is a Owner Operated Business that has a very high quality product, and very high standards of Customer Service.

  • Gary Lorrie

    Garry and Lorrie Eagle (Canada)

    April 2018

    I can’t possibly say enough good things about our experience with Iconic Motorhomes!! They were very quick to respond to our request for a quote, and extremely helpful with all of our questions and information about renting a camper van for our 18 day holiday around the South Island!
    The model we rented was The Rio and it was great! It was very stylish, fuel efficient, easy to drive and park, and incredibly clean and well maintained!! The staff at Iconic were awesome to deal with, from booking, to pickup and drop off!
    So helpful and informative.
    They go above and beyond to make sure that your experience is the best that it can be!! Renting from Iconic was in my opinion the absolute best choice!! Great experience, thanks Iconic!!

  • Dan

    Bee Berrie and Dan Gasper (England)

    March 2018

    David and the team at Iconic rented us a fantastic Bolero for a week around Auckland. We were travelling with our one year old daughter and I have to say, we were welcomed with open arms, and with the most incredible customer service. The vehicle itself was immaculate, and equipped with literally everything we needed / could want, including a hoover as I was terrified about filling it with sand! It really was a palace on wheels, so easy to drive, use and stay in. We encountered a Cyclone midway, and hid out from the rain in the van watching old movies with our daughter - another incredibly useful touch was the hard drive loaded with films.

    Without a doubt a highlight of our two month trip round Aus and NZ, I could not recommend Iconic enough - a great independent business, fantastic vehicles, a brilliantly friendly, understanding and fun team, thank you!

  • Paul Eileen

    Paul and Eileen Karas (England)

    March 2018

    Great camper, and the Iconic staff are very friendly and helpful. We had a trouble-free 3000 km tour of the stunning South Island.
    Highly recommended!

  • Iconic Rio 310 Exterior Aukland

    Sandra and Norbert Berger (Germany )

    March 2018

    We stayed with Iconics RIO from Dezember 2017 to January 2018 and February to March 2018 in the Iconics BOLERO. We were excited of both motorhomes. Here is really true what is promised before. 1A quality ! Both vehicles were not older than a year. Top maintained and really clean! We have also had other experiences in New Zealand with motorhomes. clean is not clean for a long time and also the condition of the interior and the vehicle is not maintained. Also, there is not a complete range of mosquito screens and sun protection for the price. Also really lovingly thought of little things inside. They are really luxury motorhomes; luxury because they have everything and the quality, condition and care are right. All the staff we met: Julie and David in Auckland and Kay and Richie in Christchurch are super nice! Family friendly contact and always available! even on holidays! We were more than happy and friends we showed the motorhome from the inside were just as enthusiastic. This was our first time customer at ICONICS but certainly not the last time !!! Sandra and Norbert from Germany

  • Neil Catherine

    Neil and Catherine Millar (England)

    March 2018

    Rented 2 person Sundance Swift from Iconic for 3 week trip around South Island.
    Good pre-trip information and communication, videos etc helped set us up for a great 3 weeks.
    Very friendly staff with good tips and handy that we could store our big travel bags in their office instead of the van.
    Comfortable camper for 2 and well equiped.

  • Mary and Trey

    Trey and Mary McCanna (USA)

    March 2018

    We researched many RV companies, large and small, for our 3 week trip to New Zealand. Iconic stood out from the others with their outstanding customer service. Any questions or concerns prior to the trip were addressed promptly.
    When we arrived in Auckland we received a thorough briefing on the operation of the RV from David and Julie. Off we went in a spotlessly clean Bolero.
    It was well equipped and thoughtfully designed to make our journey a pleasurable experience. We dropped the van off in Christchurch and were greeted by Richy and Kay. They inspected the vehicle, debriefed us on any problems we had and then arranged transportation to the airport. We can't say enough about the incredibly professional and personal service we received from the Iconic Team and would highly recommend them for your RV needs.

  • Jamie and Laura with the Iconic Rio Motorhome

    Jaime and Laura Mansur (Mexico)

    March 2018

    Hi all motorhome seekers
    First and foremost, you need to stop looking for any other option.
    This is the ONE if it’s in your budget and if not try to make it (You won’t regret it and its worth every penny).
    We rented a Rio model 2017 for 40 days and I can say this has been the best trip of our lives. The motorhome has all the bells and whistles that you can expect. The length is 6m long which was perfect for the more than 8,000km that we drove around the twisty roads of beautiful New Zealand.
    But the best part was team that Iconic has. Excellent experience through the booking, reception and return. We were always greeted with and big smile and with the attitude and disposition to help us. There is no other way around it, They are the best!

  • Phil Kathy Magaluk Iconic Motorhomes Rio Rental

    Phil and Kathy Magaluk (USA)

    March 2018

    Just arrived home after touring the amazingly beautiful country of New Zealand in our “home-away-from-home”...aka The Rio campervan.
    What an absolutely wonderful experience!
    The campervan was all we had hoped for and more. It was the perfect size for two to travel comfortably—with ease!
    As we navigated the narrow winding roads, we remarked how glad we had chosen this particular model! The campervan was immaculate, stocked with everything from stemless wine glasses to an insulated French press, and had plenty of storage space.
    We were glad we had added the barbecue grill, outdoor chairs and table...we used them often.
    Richard was wonderful to work with.
    The van was ready and waiting when we arrived, our phone calls answered promptly, ...every detail handled down to the taxi for our airport return. If anything, we wish we would have booked it for a week longer.
    Book with confidence.
    Iconic Motorhomes was amazing to work with!!

  • Jeff and Phid Wells

    Jeff and Phid Wells (USA)

    March 2018

    Just completed a fabulous 3 week trip in a Bolero motorhome touring New Zealand.
    Our "home on wheels" was ideal - good looking, very comfortable with all amenities provided.
    We couldn't have asked for more from Iconic.
    Many fellow travellers wanted to see the motorhome and were quite envious. We definitely made the right choice for our trip and it will be a trip long remembered.
    Driving on the other side of the road was a challenge, but a challenge made easier by driving a Bolero!
    Thank you Iconic.

  • Glenn and Suzanne Arnold Iconic Rio Motorhome

    Glenn & Suzanne Arnold (Canada)

    March 2018

    Everything from the booking process to the eventual return reception was absolutely first rate.
    The vehicle we rented was delivered in immaculate condition.
    All the systems were explained thoroughly by Richard.
    All in all the experience couldn’t have been better!
    Congratulations to everyone at Iconic.
    Many thanks to Kay and Richard for making this a fantastic experience

  • Liz and Robert Leech

    Robert and Liz Leech (England)

    February 2018

    Wow, cant recommend these guys too highly.
    From our first tentative enquiry a year ago, to the day we handed our camper back to them, they were totally professional and helpful.
    Our Bolero was a superb experience with everything in you could ask for. Like swapping a home on land for a home on wheels!
    A very classy way to travel NZ.
    We had so many people wanting to look in it and comparing it to what they had hired with biggger companies and there were very many envious people it has to be said.
    We didn’t have a single problem but if we had, we had a 24 hour contact number for our contact Richy.
    Our handover at the start in Christchurch was totally comprehensive so that we felt confident as we set off on our first ever campervan journey. So easy to drive and live in for 25 days. 4000 kms later we handed it back in Auckland with the same easy & friendly service. No extras to pay and a taxi arranged to carry us on.
    This is a small company with a great product and even better customer service, very personal and with the best motorhomes by a million miles.
    Thanks so much to Richy & Kay in Christchurch, and to Julie in Auckland for making this trip such an amazing one!

  • michael fong

    Michael Fong (Hong Kong)

    February 2018

    Spent the last 8 days on a whirlwind tour of South Island in an Iconic Motorhome. I was very impressed with the vehicle and their service. Both were top notch. I have rented a number of RVs over the years in Europe and North America, but the Bolero motorhome we rented from Iconic was the best by far. All the luxuries you could want and the vehicle was like brand new.
    Well worth the $.
    Service was also excellent. Richy who tended to us, went beyond the ‘call of duty’ to ensure our trip went smooth and was always just a phone call away when we had a question.
    When we return for our next visit defintely an Iconic Motorhome is where we will call ‘home’ during our stay! Highly recommended!
    The high quality vehicles and the top notch professional service will help make your trip worry-free and much more enjoyable.
    Thanks Iconic team for making our trip amazing!

  • Tony and Helen

    Tony and Helen Birkett (England)

    Feb 2018

    They are simply the best.

    The Kon-Tiki motorhome is the most luxurious and probably largest motorhome there is on NZ roads.
    It is Easy to drive though, with a full size bed at the back and every mod con.
    We loved it and for over 3 weeks had not a problem on the mountain roads or anywhere else.
    Now on top of that, the Iconic team support you 24/7 and each of them always has tips as well. They are friendly and genuinely care that you have a Great Holiday.

    At most sites we had to show other motorhome renters around, especially from 2 big rivals beginning with a “B” and the other with a “M”

    They are a little more expensive but If you want the best then rent Iconic.

  • Torsten Rica

    Torsten and Reto Herrmann (Germany)

    February 2018

    Also on our 4th visit to New Zealand, we have again sought another provider and found. Iconic motorhomes and so we met also Richy. We were received very friendly and in our mobile home. Some times the technique does not play along. So it happened that our motorhome was broken exactly on New Year's Eve. Later it turned out that a sensor of the automatic transmission was broken. Despite the holidays, Richy was always available to advise and help us. We got a new motorhome on a huge truck - really cool. It was bigger and more comfortable - great.
    So we could continue and enjoy our holiday. always my pleasure.
    Thanks to the team of iconic motor homes and especially to Mr. Richy

  • iain bendry

    Iain and Beth Bendrey (England)

    February 2018

    This was the first time we had rented a motorhome in New Zealand and Iconic made it all so easy. From the very first contact to handing back the keys, I cannot fault the service we received. We went for the Bolero and couldn’t have been happier. If it is your first time driving a motorhome choose this model. A good size inside, but easy and comfortable to drive and easy to manoeuvre.
    We picked up the motorhome in Auckland and spent 20 days driving down to Christchurch where we were able to return it. From arriving at the depot, to getting out on the road, was under an hour. Our motohome was clean, full of fuel and following a very detailed explanation from Julie about how everything worked we were on our way. The home itself is luxurious. All the fittings and furniture inside are top class and it looks very pleasing on the eye. There is plenty of storage space, with cupboards and large spaces under the bed and sofa. There is a large fridge which is more than adequate. A decent sidze toilet and shower (thought we never used the shower as we always stayed at campsites). The bed is large and spacious. Heating is very effective and keeps you cosy when the nights are chilly. The cookeris gas and very efficient and there is a microwave. In fact, there is everything you need for the evening. The motorhome looks sleek, compared to other brands and the outside reflects the inside. The other impressive feature compared to the many other motorhome we saw in the road is the engine performance. It is easy to drive.
    The engine performs amazingly on even the steepest hills. We had no problems climbing the steep , winding roads of the South Island. You never felt at anytime that you were not going to make it to the top. Most of the time we got stuck behind other homes struggling up the hills!
    As for service, we had a small problem getting hot water, but after 5 mins of texting (out of office hours) it was solved and there were no further problems for our entire journey. 5 star!!

  • Blake family

    Mitchell and Christine Blake (Australia)

    February 2018

    We spent 18 amazing days travelling around in our GR8 Escape Motorhome.
    Fantastic size fridge for a family of 5 lots of storage and easy to drive (so my husband tells me!)
    A truly fantastic trip and the best way to travel around NZ we loved every minute of it and cant wait to come back again.
    Would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes they were so fantastic to deal with, we will use them again next trip for sure!!

  • Smith Family

    Malene and Anthony Smith (Australia)

    January 2018

    After much research we hired a Bolero motorhome to tour the South Island for 2 weeks with our 2 teenage boys and could not have been happier with our choice. All dealings with Iconic prior to our arrival were prompt and professional. Richy met us at the Christchurch depot after our early arrival on a Sunday morning and gave us a comprehensive guide to the motorhome, before we were on our way. He was incredibly friendly and even kind enough to store a couple of our bags for us until our return. We were lucky enough to be the first users of a brand new Bolero so it was shiny new! We had a fabulous 2 weeks exploring the stunning South Island and so many aspects of the van added to this - roomy fridge, flyscreens, sunroofs, bathroom and great lighting. The kitchen was well stocked with utensils and crockery which made self-catering easy. Refilling water and disposing of waste was also easier than we had anticipated. The van was very easy to drive (including reversing cameras) and handled well on the windy, steep and narrow roads. Despite being large, it never felt cumbersome, and was very fuel efficient (diesel). In fact, over 2000km and we only needed to fill the tank a few times.
    Drop off was quick and efficient. The other bonus with Iconic, compared with many other reviews we read, is that all their pricing is upfront and inclusive, so we were not slugged with any extra fees.
    We plan to return to explore more of this beautiful country and will definitely hire through Iconic again.

  • Will Rodan

    Will and Rodan Prather (USA)

    January 2018

    My husband and I rented a Bolero camper from Iconic over the 2017-2018 holidays for 9 days. Having never rented a camper van before, we were a little bit nervous but the experience with Iconic far surpassed our expectations.
    Starting with the helpful on boarding when we arrived in Christchurch to explain everything about the vehicle (it was all very intuitive) to the spotless condition of the camper, all the way through to how quick and responsive Richie was in answering questions, offering suggestions, etc.
    Everything was perfect.
    A camper van is truly the best way to see New Zealand, but our little perfect traveling home made it all the much better. I am now converted to the camper life and can’t wait to go back and do the north island next time with Iconic!

  • Ron Pam

    Ron and Pam Herrema (USA)

    January 2018

    We just returned from a great trip made possible through Iconic Motorhomes. Their staff was great in providing suggestions and a proposed itinerary and were equally matched by the quality of their vehicle. They took the time to show us how everything worked and were available for any questions along the way. The motorhome itself was immaculately clean and in pristine working condition. We couldn’t have asked for anything better or different. If you are looking to rent a motorhome for your trip through New Zealand just book with them. They are the best and you will be happy you did. We will rent again with them on our next trip to NZ. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Jean Cherie

    Cherie Tong & Jean-Baptiste Roy (Hong Kong)

    January 2018

    We have just returned from a motorhome trip exploring South Island and rented a vehicle from Iconic Motorhomes at Christchurch.
    As first timers in a motorhome, the Bolero was perfect for us and excellent in every way (e.g. handling, fuel efficiency, amenities, etc.). Staff at Iconic Motorhomes are friendly and knowledgeable.
    Richy was our main point of contact and he had excellent customer service from start to finish. He gave an informative and practical tutorial on the first day and even handled our minor accident at the end of our trip in a great way. It was an incredible experience and would recommend Iconic to anyone considering a motorhome trip to New Zealand.

  • Kyle Nima

    Kyle Havens (USA)

    January 2018

    Had a great experience renting an Iconic Motorhome
    Highly recommend!

    This is a Google review

  • Nir Avia Maya

    Nir and Avia Livneh (USA/Israel)

    January 2018

    We just had a Christmas break in NZ, and decided to get a fancy motorhome from Iconic. It was awesome experience!
    We had a wonderful time with an amazing motorhome, and we also had a lot of support from Richard when we had an accident on Christmas he was very thoughtful, caring, very respectful and responsive.
    We would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the worry free experience!

    We will definitely come back again, in a few years

  • Vivian James2

    Vivian and James Jones (New Zealand)

    December 2017

    We have just returned from a motorhome trip having rented a vehicle from Iconic Motorhomes at Auckland. This is the third company we have used to rent a motorhome and by far the best. Previously we have used the bigger companies such as Apollo as on the surface their prices seemed cheaper. We were wrong…by the time the bits and bobs such as toilet stuff, bond charge, mileage, hire of basic needs etc are added we are back to square one. Iconic Motrohomes gave us one price and nothing was added…all the mileage, bits and bobs were included and the service was superb. Instead of having to wait to pick up the motorhome we were given a time, they were ready for us when we arrived, gave us a great intro…same superb service when we returned…no hanging around at all and staff were really friendly. We were given a 24/7 mobile number for any queries whilst away and again service was excellent and friendly. The vehicle we hired (Swift Sundance) was far superior than previous vehicles in its layout and facilities. I cannot recommend them highly enough and shall definitely use again….superb vehicles and overall value for money.

  • michael heddon

    Michael, Teresa & Kennedy Heddon (USA)

    December 2017

    Their Motorhomes, their staff, their service. Nothing but the best. On our 2nd day our fresh water tank drained onto the road! By the next am Christchurch staff had arranged repair in Dunedin where we were passing through 1hr later fixed & no further trouble.

  • Paul Paula

    Paul and Paula Mackie (England)

    December 2017

    As first timers in a motorhome we found the Bolero excellent in every way
    Great space
    Comfy bed,
    Large fridge and easy to drive and manouver in and out of the sites we stayed.
    Excellent customer service from Richy and Kay at Christchurch.
    We stayed at a mix of DOC sites, out of the way community sites and central hook up sites and at each location found the motorhome more than capable for our needs wether freedom camping or on powered sites.
    10/10 all the way for the team at Iconic

  • Colin Jane Schofield

    Colin and Jane Schofield (England)

    December 2017

    If you are looking to hire a motorhome in New Zealand then look no further as Iconic Motorhomes are brilliant. We hired a Swift Bolero for our trip exploring South Island. It was immaculate inside and out, with great attention being paid to ensure that it was thoroughly clean. It was very well equipped for cooking, was well supplied with washing up sundries, laundry detergent and the bathroom toiletries were a nice touch. We received a warm welcome from Richy in Christchurch and his familiarisation tour of the vehicle was thorough without being too long. Having seen other hire company motorhomes on the road we have absolutely no doubt that we chose the right company. It was well worth the money for a luxury motorhome experience

  • Prem

    Premshanger & Rajeswary Venugopal (Malaysia)

    December 2017

    We just returned after having 16 days of splendid holiday in North Island New Zealand.
    Our first family trip to New Zealand and Iconic made it absolutely wonderful with their excellent service from Julie and David and the lovely spacious Escape 696 Motorhome that gave us the comfort of being home as a family at all times whilst on the road for the entire 16 days in the North Island.
    Highly recommended this Company.
    Thank you Iconic”

  • Rodney Karen

    Rodney and Karen Baxter ( Australia)

    December 2017

    Iconic met every expectation from start to the final minute we unwillingly handed the keys back.
    We rcvd email updates with locations, suggestions for attractions & routes. Pick up Auckland Julie quickly assessed we were after a more bush, DOC site holiday & assisted us with locations & publications to assist in the actual plan coming together.
    She was fantastic going thru the details of the van & how to operate everything. From Darwin, Australia a trip to New Zealand is not without being chilly. She ensured we had plenty of warm bedding with an extra snuggle rug for those nights when we could watch the stars.
    Being just the 2 of us we wanted something that we could get around in easily we opted for "Rio". What a little dream machine, my husband did most of the driving as he was enjoying it so much. Pushed in once to have a go & it was not quite as bad as I anticipated. Rio was easy to keep on the road & didn't feel like driving a truck. Fuel economy was better than expected, extremely pleased coming in under budget. As our itinerary took in plenty of small, winding country roads Rio was a perfect choice for us as he gave us full accessibility with all the luxuries.
    We had ample space in the back for the bathroom area, being mostly DOC sites this was used regularly, a full gas oven used on those super cold nights for a nice hot dinner and warm Rio up. Fridge/freezer ample space for 5days food, beers & wine. We opted for a few extras - invertor allowing us to charge items whilst driving that did not have USB charger (great item offered by Iconic if you are after that bush experience); BBQ used regularly taking advantage of the area.
    Returning Rio, Ritchie welcomed us back like we were family, not strangers returning a vehicle, helping with whatever we required.
    This holiday was a life changing event for us & couldn't have been such a smooth journey without Iconic Team's assistance. We can't thank you or recommend the team or vehicles highly enough.
    We will be back!

  • John Elspeth Fare

    John and Elspeth Fare (Scotland)

    November 2017

    This was our second trip around New Zealand with an Iconic motorhome. Having had such a positive experience 2 years ago, we were keen to use Iconic again and they didn't disappoint. Great service throughout, always a prompt response to any emails or queries and it was lovely to see Richy again, who is now based in the Christchurch depot. Having previously hired a Bolero we opted this time for the smaller Rio van to give us easier manouvering around some of the smaller campsites etc. Although more compact, and you do have to make up your bed every evening (we developed a carefully choreographed routine), the Rio was very comfortable and economical for our fantastic 5 week trip covering over 3500km travelling around the South and North islands. Our van was often admired by other campers - keen to have a look inside.
    We would highly recommend Iconic to anyone considering a road trip and yes we will be back!
    Thank you to all at Iconic.

  • Jared Jaclyn

    Jared and Jaclyn Fanning (USA)

    November 2017

    First class service, pristine RV, easy check-in and check-out! We were thrilled with our experience renting from Iconic and would refer them to anyone looking for an adventure in New Zealand.

  • James Hogan

    James and Rebecca Hogan (England)

    November 2017

    Don’t use anyone else but Iconic! What an amazing, friendly and customer service focused team. They are a family business and it shows!

    We had originally booked the Bolero which would give everything you needed, but last minute my husband upgraded to the Kon Tiki. Not cheap, but value for money - it makes travelling no chore but instead a little bit of luxery on the road....you also get enviable looks when you pull up at night!

    Can’t recommend the Iconic team highly enough - a huge thanks in particular to Kay and Richy who were always available for questions - even when we were on the road. If you can also get it - book the Kon Tiki!

  • Pieter Ingeberg

    Pieter and Ingeborg (The Netherlands)

    November 2017

    We used Iconic in Christchurch.

    Campervans are top notch (we rented a "Sundance") and service has been great since the first Email exchange.
    If you like high quality camper vans, personal and welcoming service, Iconic is the place to go

  • Natasha Vikram Rai

    Natasha and Vikram (Australia)

    November 2017

    We hired the 2 person motor home Rio.
    It was so easy to drive and handle. We loved how it is designed for ease and comfort and every little detail is functional.
    The heating system is awesome, we loved having the luxury to sleep peacefully watching the stars while being warm even at the most remote places.
    We cant brag about our experience enough in NZ travelling the South Island!
    Have to give it to Iconic's excellent service to make it all more special. We highly recommend their motorhomes compared to others, once on the road we realised our decision to go with them was totally worth it!
    Little things matter and they had it all figured out for ya!
    PS: we loved the little tourism radio gadget, we used it through all our drives and probably ended up exploring way more than we would have on our own :)

  • Kristina Chang2

    John and Kristina Dascomb (USA)

    October 2017

    Couldn't recommend Iconic Motorhomes more highly. Seriously, the reviews are real.
    The customer service is so top notch and they really go the extra mile to make the experience special.

  • Mel and Oliver Dewdney 2

    Mel and Oliver Dewdney (England)

    October 2017

    Very good quality rental, and friendly staff

    This is a Google Review

  • 20171013 172704 002

    Garyth and Allison Dalton ( New Zealand)

    October 2017

    Great service .. Great motorhomes.. go see Richie at Christchurch office

    This is a Google Review

  • Rex Patricia Clark

    Rex and Patricia Clark ( Australia)

    October 2017

    We didn’t really need convincing after our first affair with an Iconic Bolero, but our latest experience has put it all beyond question.
    Without a doubt, Richy in Christchurch and the rest of the Iconic team offer a service that’s second to none. Nothing is too much trouble, even when dealing with pesky phone calls once you’re on the road.
    Friendly, professional and considerate – worth every cent.

  • Martha Jeffry Wyatt

    Martha and Jeffry Wyatt (USA)

    Oct 2017

    I was looking for a higher end comfortable camper van for our journey around the South Island and my searching led me to Iconic as one of the only luxury level of motorhomes to rent (for hire) in South Island. They did not disappoint!
    From my initial connection I was convinced they were worth the slight premium you will pay (its worth it!) and the right company for us. They gave us tips well before our trip and the transaction to book the motorhome was seamless.
    Richy met us very early and walked through the whole vehicle and then left us with his number and was available at some ungodly hours when we ran into couple of small snags with the vehicle! Once we figured out the lay of the land with the workings of the motorhome - we fully enjoyed everything it offers.
    The Kontiki was perfect for us. We wanted a bit of space and we wanted a bedroom - with room to move on both sides. The whole vehicle is really well appointed and comfortable. It's new. The motorhomes are all very new and in excellent shape. The fridge is a great size - we cooked multiple nights as well. The cookware is all really good & the utensils etc are well thought out so you can really cook a lot if you wanted to. The tvs worked great too. The amount of light in the motorhome is astounding - the skylights really help in all areas. The bathroom was fantastic - albeit tiny as you'd expect. If you are a big person - you might struggle but we are smaller people and it worked great. Shower is awesome. Just remember to always turn on the hot water before you need it!! It heats up quick and i was able to have a good 10 min HOT shower whenever I wanted.
    Richy was always a text away and let us spend the last night we had in Christchurch in their parking lot as our flight was early the next morning!! Could not have been any better.
    Excellent motorhome; excellent service...and I'm telling you - we were THE most luxurious motorhome on the road! If you like a bit of luxury in a camper van, Iconic is for you!!

  • John Margaret Twigg

    John & Margaret Twigg (UK)

    Sept 2017

    Regular travellers will be used to looking at reviews and travel company's brochures / web sites with a certain degree of caution. Sometimes even a healthy scepticism. "Quality" and "customer service" are words which flow all too freely from the ad agencies pen. However, my own experience is that for Iconic motorhomes these words are probably an under statement. We recently had the most fantastic holiday on South Island with the joys of a Bolero motorhome. From my first contact to the last I received nothing but interest, advice, knowledge and a desire to help. And as this was with different people, its obvious that a culture of exceptional customer service runs through the whole team.
    The Bolero is the highest quality rental we have seen. Spacious, comfortable and thoughtfully well equipped. A permanent bed makes such a difference - not just for comfort and a good night's sleep, but also avoiding the chore of the nightly ritual of rearranging bench seating and fitting bedding. State of the art systems made it incredibly easy to operate. It was warm and cosy in the spring evenings; and had all you need for easy freedom camping.
    But on top of that Iconic made the whole process of booking, pick up and return effortless, slick and convenient. They treat their customers like adults and welcome guests; trust them and have a set of terms and conditions which are both fair and sensible. Its little things like this which mount up to a memorable experience. Ricky at Christchurch was unfailingly helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable; dealing with the odd random question from me with good humour, patience and advice.
    This is a small family business that deserve to succeed and certainly warrant the hard won support from knowledgeable travelers - you will be well satisfied if you place your faith and trust in them. 10 out of 10 is an easy decision to make.

  • Mike Ceri Green

    MIke & Ceri Green (UK)

    Sept 2017

    I took some time researching camper hire companies in NZ and really pleased that we decided to go with Iconic. When we arrived after a long flight both Julie and David were really welcoming and helped us through the handover process which included a really thorough explanation of how everything worked so that when we left we had real confidence in what we were doing.
    The camper van itself was superb (Swift Rio), very comfortable and above all really easy to drive and economical.
    Customer service throughout was first rate with no issues on handback either.
    Well done all at Iconic, although a little more expensive than some of the other companies we both agree that it was money well spent.
    Thanks Mike and Ceri

  • Jenny Debra 1

    Jenny & Debra Doyle (Australia)

    Sept 2017

    Couldn't recommend enough
    Absolute luxury

  • Nick Hill 2

    Nick Hill (UK)

    July 2017

    You couldn't ask for more.....what a fabulous company from the people, their knowledge, customer service levels right down to the equipment in the motorhome.
    This was a holiday of a lifetime for us not just a visit to New Zealand but a British and Irish Lions Tour too. We wanted everything to be perfect and Iconic did not let us down.
    David at the Auckland branch was the best ambassador of customer service we have come across pretty much ever. Nothing was too much much trouble and he was genuinely interested in our holiday.
    From the outset, over a year before arrival, the Christchurch branch helped with our preparations and their advice and tips proved to be amazing.
    Our motorhome was of top quality and had everything we needed to make it a home from home. We were extremely comfortable and the envy of many a supporter!
    Well done Iconic .....if only all businesses worked to your standards.

  • Dean Fellows

    Dean Fellows (UK)

    June 2017

    Amazing customer service and incredible campervans.

    The whole experience of renting a van from Iconic has been excellent. The team provided so much support and flexibility when planning my trip to ensure I had the best time which I really appreciated and when I was on the road they were always available to answer any questions I had.

    I can't recommend Iconic enough and they should definitely be your first choice for campervans.

  • Janet Howe

    Janet Howe (UK)

    May 2017

    Iconic were recommended to us, by our friends, as I was struggling with the myriad of choices for motorhomes and wasn't being impressed by many of the other sites and companies. Using Iconic was one of the best decisions I made for our New Zealand experience. I cannot speak highly enough of the customer service we received. All of the team are exceptional people and are passionate about their country. If we come back to NZ, and believe us we want to, we will have no hesitation in using Iconic Motorhomes again. Thank you for helping to make our holiday so enjoyable.

  • Jeffrey Onans

    Jeffrey Onans (UK)

    May 2017

    My wife and I hired an Iconic Camper (ex-Auckland) and the end of March and then spent a wonderful 10 days driving through the Coromandel and up on to Lake Taupo.
    We had a marvelous time and loved our little van. Julie and David in your Auckland office were warm, friendly and informative and prior to that Kelly in your main office was wonderful. She couldn't have been more helpful and courteous. We would definitely use Iconic again.

  • David and Pauline Fowlie 3

    David and Pauline Fowlie (Canada)

    May 2017

    I would be remiss if I didn't send a huge "thank you" to both Kelly and Georgia for their support and advice in renting a Bolero RV from Iconic for 5 1/2 weeks in April and March. The RV came well equipped and was in excellent condition for our lengthy journey. Take Kelly's advice and try not to "over plan" your trip. There are just so many things to see and do in beautiful New Zealand. Travelling in one of Iconic's RV's is the way to go. Thank you to Julie also for the fast and simple way in returning the vehicle.

  • Erik Bentzon

    Eric Bentzon (Canada)

    May 2017

    Exceptional in every way from the people to the first class vehicle in top condition. I researched all the companies through Ranker's and Trip Advisor. Our first foray into motor homing AND driving on the 'correct" side of the road after a life time of right hand driving--so there was some trepidation which lead to our choice of the Rio which became our home for 6 wonderful weeks of touring NZ-north and south.
    First, the people-Kelly was a huge factor in our decision with her immediate answers as we tried to decide 10 months ago, then the endless questions that we just couldn't seem to stop sending her humor, warmth and professionalism. It did not stop once we had booked, the answers came the same way for months always tempered with a smile and honesty. Once we were actually in NZ--the entire staff was cut of the same cloth--amazing! David and Julie handled the in-trip questions while Kelly headed on a rare well deserved "tramping holiday" of her own. So top quality people who's goal is to ensure you have a great problem free holiday--Julie was there with smiles as we returned the Rio and made the ending so easy.
    Now--the vehicle--our criteria were:-two people-carrying bikes-small to fit parking and narrow roads-in top condition so no mechanical problems-and luxurious--oh yes--pleasant on the eyes meaning a bit of style and no giant logo naming us as "tourist". The Rio fit the bill 100%--we were only the second renters so it was brand new--drove very easily with the Ducato diesel and was amazingly economical. All systems worked well and were well thought out. Being this small we did make our bed each night--but that became a timed event of laughter each evening.
    Suggestions?- If you get the bike rack make sure you are 6' 1" with long arms--if not, take the optional step offered for getting in and out of the vehicle. Definitely use the CamperMate app-bikes were a blast-try all camping-Freedom-DOC & Parks.

  • Jurgens Liebenberg

    Jurgens Liebenberg (Namibia)

    April 2017

    Great motorhomes - also very good handling and fuel efficiency! Very friendly and good service, would go with them again!

  • Carlos Donatti

    Carlos Newmar ( Brazil)

    April 2017

    I really recommend Iconic Motorhomes! The staff (Julie and Kelly) was great. They gave us a lot of valuable information and were very kind.
    Our Motorhome (a Bolero) was very good and much better than the motorhome of our previous experience in Iceland with another rental company.
    We also loved New Zealand and expect to travel around the country one more time (with an Iconic Motorhome, for sure).

  • Mark Karen Lund

    Mark & Karen Lund (UK)

    April 2017

    This was our second motorhome rental in NZ and by far the best. The Bolero was just like new, very well equipped and in full working order. This is a very comfortable motorhome for two and we had a few nights with three of us which also worked well. Very easy to drive and manoeuvre.
    The booking process was straightforward and Kelly responded to our questions very quickly.
    Pick up and drop off in Auckland was very smooth and we appreciated the time Julie spent with us making sure we were ready to go.
    No hesitation in recommending and sure we will use again.

  • Michael Geminder

    Michael Geminder (USA)

    April 2017

    We visited NZ from the US, and rented a Bolero Camper Van from Iconic for our 3 week trip around the North Island.

    Before our trip began, Kelly was super communicative and incredibly helpful with suggestions of how to spend our time, what to see, what we'd need to plan for, and opinions on timing for our travels. All her suggestions were spot-on. Because of her help and knowledge, we had an incredible trip.

    Pick-up and return of the camper was seamless... Julie at the Auckland office provided everything we needed to know, and was supportive during the trip as well. She checked in a couple times during our travels to make sure everything was ok. Though nothing went wrong during our trip, Julie made us feel comfortable that she was there to help in case we needed it.

    The camper itself was excellent ? clean, ran perfectly, fully equipped with everything we needed, and easy to maneuver for a driver (me!) that was not used to left side driving on two-lane roads.

    We plan to return for a tour of Northland and the South Island. Iconic will for sure be the first folks we'll reach out to for that trip!

  • Derek Heath

    Derek Heath (England)

    March 2017

    Having decided last year that we would travel around NZ in a motorhome, we did a lot of research in the UK on what sort of van we would be happy with. We fell for the Swift Kon-Tiki and set about finding if any were available to hire in NZ. Iconic jumped out as specialists and we could not have chosen better. Everything was easy and there was a great deal of pre-holiday support, advice and guidance from Kelly.
    We particularly wanted to travel both islands and so it was important that we could pick up the van on the North Island and return it on the South Island. This was no problem for Iconic.
    We were met at the Auckland depot by Julie who could not have been more helpful and very patiently explained all the many things that we needed to know before travelling.
    The motorhome itself was all that we expected and were very pleased that we had chosen to go for the top end of the range.
    We spent a very happy 3 weeks travelling around both the North and South Islands and were very sad to have to return the van to Kelly in the Christchurch depot. It was great to put a face to the person that we had so much help from via email over the previous few months. As we had a midday flight to catch it was a bit rushed but nothing was too much trouble, including her sending the 3 pairs of spectacles by post that I managed to leave behind!
    We saw many motorhomes on our travels and the Swift Kon-Tiki stood out by a long way. Anybody wishing to travel to NZ for a motorhome holiday should try one and do it using the services provided by the Iconic team.

  • Gordon Mclachlin

    Jenn Hamilton (Canada)

    March 2017

    Our experience with Iconic was outstanding from the very beginning. Kelly was very prompt and helpful in helping us organize our three-week itinerary. The 2-person Bolero we rented was immaculate and very comfortable. Everything was as promised.
    Overall, I would not hesitate in recommending Iconic to anyone ? its vehicles are definitely the nicest ones you see in the campgrounds, and, being diesel vehicles, they are extremely fuel-efficient.

  • Weir

    Karla Weir (England)

    March 2017

    Fantastic clean comfy spacious motorhome. We chose the Bolero which was perfect for the two of us.
    Well equipped with a bed that stays up.
    Virtually brand new. The service and attention we received from Kelly and the Team was exceptional...so much so this was actually our second year running with this company.
    Last year's 'trip of a lifetime' has turned into an experience we can't help but repeat...we plan to book again for 2018!

  • katie zacarias

    Katie Zacarias (USA)

    March 2017

    Cannot say enough wonderful things about the Iconic team and especially Kelly!
    From initial inquiry to returning our motorhome, everything was flawless.
    We rented a Bolero for two weeks and had the time of our lives. This was a very well appointed motorhome with everything we would ever need on the road.The Bolero was easily the nicest motorhome we came across in our travels and we were happy to have some luxuries in our home away from home, such as a full size fridge, large kitchen and bathroom and even TV!
    The motorhome provided great power and fuel economy at the same time. Will definitely be returning to this beautiful country and renting from Iconic again!

  • Nelly and mark kranz

    Mark Kranze (Germany)

    March 2017

    Everything was just perfect. A real luxury in comparison to other motorhomes.
    Kelly from the Christchurch office was very helpful and assisted us throughout our journey

  • Ian Rotherham

    Ian Rotherham (England)

    February 2017

    Hired a Swift Bolero from Iconic Motorhomes for 32 days, collected in and AKL and returned to CHC. From initial enquiry to collecting, the customer service from Kelly and the team was exceptional. We wanted a very comfortable Motorhome for the month and we're very pleased with the Bolero. Lots of great info provided and recommended a Kiwi Parks card for discounts including on the Blue-bridge Ferry.
    Iconic are in a different league and were excellent.
    If you want a luxury Motorhome I can't recommend them enough.

  • Bella and alex mackie

    Bella Mackie (France)

    February 2017

    Let's start with the negatives... there are none!
    Positives - how do I even begin?!
    Kelly was perfect - from start to finish I've never worked with someone so efficient, so generous, kind and extremely helpful! If it weren't for her - I doubt our trip would have gone so well, she knows this business and this beautiful country inside and out, she knew exactly what we were after and helped us map our wonderful trip! I can't thank her enough, her daughter too; well as the saying goes "like mother like daughter" both amazing. The Bolero we collected 10 days ago, and it was fantastic, you really pay for the service and everything in between. From the dunny to the bed it's top quality, the finishing on the cupboards, it was great! I'm so sad to be leaving my little motorhome, my husband and I loved every minute of every day!
    Anytime I had a question prior to collecting the bolero Kelly wrote detailed emails letting me know where to go and what to do, I'd never been to NZ aside from Auckland so we stuck to the South Island from Christchurch - she gave us so much info I was worried we'd never get to do everything, but she knew just where to go how long it'd take us, so we were able to do/go everywhere and finish up in Akaroa
    Our flight was at midday and I was slightly worried about missing it, so she offered to let us stay in the iconic car park so there were no problems in the morning, and that really really helped us keep cool before our flight to Auckland!
    Thank you again for everything, it was a stress free and lovely honeymoon! We'll definitely be talking you up around the world!
    Bella and Alex - aka the frogs xx

  • Petet and jan anstiss

    Peter Anstiss (England)

    February 2017

    This is the fourth time we have rented from Iconic and on each occasion the service has been first class and the vehicle provided excellent. There is a price premium to pay for this but as a percentage of the overall trip costs (especially when travelling from Europe), it is acceptable and well worthwhile in our experience. Kelly and Georgia deserve top marks for customer service and make the whole process of booking, collecting and returning the vehicle effortless and enjoyable. Highly recommended

  • barlow

    Ian Barlow (New Zealand)

    February 2017

    We hired 2 Bolero Motorhomes from Iconic.
    The presentation was immaculate and the service provided by Kelly was fantastic.
    I cannot recommend them highly enough.
    Nothing is too much trouble and inquiries are dealt with immediately.

  • John Moreton

    John Moreton (UK)

    February 2017

    We hired very good 2016 4 Berth Bolero.
    Great helpful management team.
    Will come back in 2018 and use Iconic again.
    Blown away by NZ.
    What a country....

  • Duncan Pace

    Duncan Pace (Malta)

    January 2017

    I am so thankful for finding this rental company. We rented the Sundance which is the smallest in their range, and from the moment we saw it we knew it would make our holiday. Apart from the modern look and lush feel of the Motorhome, Small details like the larger water and waste tanks, fridge that worked also on gas, heating also, four burner hob, satellite TV ... Are really things you would take for granted but help not being dependent on holiday parks, constantly looking for dump stations, water etc. the van was very powerful, even for the steep Queenstown roads! We went throughout NZ in 3 weeks with this Motorhome, did about 4000km, and the van is very economical too.. Also had Cruise control !!! Kelly was very hospitable and was always available for my every query. Thanks guys, definitely see you again !

  • Tim Elliot

    Tim & Cassie Elliott (USA)

    January 2017

    I highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes in Christchurch. We rented the Bolero 4 person motorhome. Although it was only my wife and I, we got the 4 person because we preferred having the additional seat that could be used during a drive. This model had a permanent bed in the back, a nice kitchen in the middle and the couch and table behind the drivers seat. There was sufficient storage and Iconic even stored our 3 big suitcases in Christchurch so they wouldn?t take up space during our 3 week holiday. The kitchen layout was very usable. The sink was adequate but we generally used the campground kitchens for dishes after finding out how wonderful New Zealand campgrounds are at providing kitchens.

    The reservation and pre trip process was superb. Kelly, our contact, was very responsive during the booking process. She even provided us with suggestions for our trip when we asked.

    The motorhome was ready and waiting for us when we arrived. The Bolero was clean and well maintained. Georgia gave us a thorough walk through the day of pickup. They even had a picture taken of us in from of the Bolero before we left.

    During Trip, we only had a couple issues. One, which was my fault when I scraped the rear bumper while pulling out of a scenic stop and not realizing a dip was too big to pull straight out of. The only issue with the camper was the backup Camera stopped working. We called Iconic and they walked me through possible reasons and even had me replace a fuse. Replacing the fuse didn?t fix the backup camera but we always had the non driver get out when backing anyway so it was just an inconvenience.

    Post Trip, Iconic was ready for us when arrived. The checkout process was quick and they even called us a cab to get to the airport.

    Overall, out experience with Iconic motorhomes was excellent and I would definitely welcome renting from them again if we get back to beautiful New Zealand again.

  • Andrej Setina

    Andrej & Xiao Yu (Sweden)

    January 2017

    Without any doubt the best motorhome rental agency we ever used in all our travels around the world. Thanks Kelly in Christchurch and Julie in Auckland for helping us to plan our awesome NZ motorhome experience. Both vehicles were top notch and we could clearly see the envy from the neighbors campers every time we pulled into a camping. Rating 10 out of 10!

  • Zach Webb Annabel Hulme

    Zach Webb (UK)

    December 2016

    These guys are easily the best motorhome company in NZ. The whole process was incredibly smooth and Kelly was so helpful every step of the way. When we picked our motorhome up in Auckland David was great and explained everything perfectly. Along the way any problems that arose were solved immediately and we could always call for further assistance.
    We finally got to meet the rest of the team when we returned our motorhome in Christchurch and they were all so welcoming and friendly.
    If you want a stress-free, relaxing motorhome experience in NZ then these are the guys for it!

  • Linda Allan LePine

    Linda Lepine (UK)

    December 2016

    What a pleasant experience it was to rent a motorhome from Iconic Motorhome. From the booking process to the return process absolutely everything was beyond expectation. The motorhome was as advertised and prepared immaculately and the customer care was simply impeccable. All our questions were patiently answered, an itinerary was prepared for us, an efficient and clear hand-over was made, they stored our empty suitcases so we would not feel cluttered, they quickly and professionally provided help when we had a few issues on the road and were welcomed like if we were coming back home when we returned!
    Highly recommended if you want a hassle free holiday in a luxurious motorhome.

  • carlos alberto

    Carlos Alberto (Brazil)

    December 2016

    Iconic is without doubt an excellent motorhome rental company. We rented the Bolero model for 28 days. We are from Brazil and from booking the car to the final delivery the service was wonderful. Iconic staff is super professional, personable and efficient. The car is very easy to drive and the details it offers are amazing. This was the best experience we had on a motorhome.

  • Maayan Harel

    Maayan Harel (Israel)

    November 2016

    How can I put down in words how amazing our experience with Iconic Motor Homes was... from the first inquiry 5 months in advance till the day we returned the motorhome in Auckland, I can honestly say only great things about the whole experience. Kelly from the Christchurch branch was soooo helpful from the beginning and even helped us plan our route. After closing a very decent contract and for a great price with Iconic all the communication up till the rental was perfect, Kelly helped me an answered every single questions I had almost instantly and we had the smoothest landing in NZ. The motorhome (Sundance model) was amazing as described and as shown in the pictures, everything worked perfectly for the entire 28 days in New Zealand. The bed was comfortable, the interior was nice and spacious, we had everything we needed set for us (towels, linens, utensils, plates, soap and shampoo, pots and pans and lots more). We used everything on an everyday basis, we cooked, showered and mostly stayed at a freedom camping sites. We had no problems at all with the motorhome and if we had any questions, a quick call or text to Kelly and we were answered. We were so proud of our campervan through our trip and even showed it to strangers camping next to us so they can be amazed as well !!!
    Overall, this trip and especially Iconic Motor Homes really made our trip as amazing as it was. We are so happy we chose them and we recommend everyone to do the same ! we will surly return and do business again with them, I promise you that !!!!

  • David Kathryn and Grace Ireland

    Kathy Ireland (Australia)

    November 2016

    We chose Iconic simply by reading the internet and could not be happier with our choice and experience. Kelly from Customer Care in Christchurch was just so helpful, asking us what we liked to do and then providing us with an itinerary and suggestions. From the minute my husband , my 13yo daughter and I set foot in the van it felt like a little home away from home. It was almost brand new and I understand Iconic's policy is to use only vans up to 2 years old. It was perfectly clean with every best deisign and modcon . The use of space was incredible and every detail was thought of. We would highly recommend the BOLERO van for 3 people. The front seats swivel to become dining seats, the dining table converts to a bed in really easy steps , the storage is really good, the kitchen is extremely user friendly and has every utensil you can think of. The bathroom is compact but the separate shower is really good and the swivel loo is a great design, there are 2 tvs , and we hired the movie pack, so much fun to snuggle up at night and watch a movie. New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country. Kelly has not only a love for her homeland but a great knowledge of it. Her experience shines through and we followed her suggestions with a few variations along the way. My hubby did all the driving but he said the van was great to drive. We travelled in Sept/Oct when the weather was still quite cool and there were no issues with traffic anywhere or with booking in to campsites. we mostly used the formal sites and it's worth buying a kiwi card or Big10 pass to get discounts on sites as well as attractions. Kelly will assist. We only 'freedom' camped a couple of times but next time we travel to NZ we will be a bit more confident. We recommend the GPS and a must must is to get the 'Tourist Radio' set up which is a pre-recorded device matched with NZ tourism radio, it is SO informative and useful and the music in between really good! We will be back to beautiful NZ. Thank you Kelly

  • Ruth and Martyn Tiplady

    Ruth Tiplady (USA)

    November 2016

    Lived up to and exceeded our expectations.
    The camper van we rented was the Bolero and it was perfect for the two of us.
    Iconic provided us with lots of towels and sheets as well as offering touring advice and tips.
    We had a very early flight home and they checked us in late on a Sunday afternoon and allowed us to sleep in the van at their depot.
    They arranged a taxi for the next morning too.
    It was a wonderful way to see the beautiful NZ country.
    Definitely would recommend Iconic.

  • John Bailey Sundance

    John Bailey (UK)

    October 2016

    We decided to book with Iconic as they had better reviews and ratings than all the other Motorhome hire companies and the motorhomes appeared to be newer models. They were more expensive, but I am prepared to pay for quality. From the initial contact with Kelly from Iconic, we could not have received a better service. She provided us with an initial itinerary, which was extremely helpful when planning our trip. All our e-mail enquiries were answered promptly. The booking was easy, and we were kept informed of when payments were due and taken.
    The day we picked up the van in Christchurch, her daughter Georgia went through the handover procedure and explained everything about the equipment etc. The van was very clean, well set out, with plenty of linen, towels and kitchen equipment, all of very good quality. Maps and campsite information was also provided. Kelly had recommended that we obtain a Kiwi Club card so we could get discounts at their sites and a discount on the ferry from South Island to North Island. We did have an unfortunate experience of someone hitting the front of our vehicle and driving off (we were not in the van at the time) we informed Kelly by e-mail, she was very understanding and just advised us to continue with our trip as the damage did not warrant a change of vehicle or urgent repair. We had a great time exploring both Islands, visiting many of the attractions recommended by Kelly. We returned the van to the Auckland Depot, the hand back was quickly and efficiently carried out, there was even a card with a photo of us standing by our van given to us as a memento, a nice touch. A taxi was arranged to take us to our hotel. We would not hesitate to use Iconic again and would highly recommend the company to others considering a motorhome holiday. First Class service from start to end.

  • Michael Erin 2

    Michael Thomas (USA)

    October 2016

    We rented the "Kon-tiki" camper van and couldn't have been more pleased. The vehicle drives like a dream, making quick work of New Zealand's windy roads. The finishing are reminiscent of a high-end hotel room. The free-standing bed is extremely comfortable. The kitchen and bathroom have every modern convenience you could want.

    If you're looking for the highest quality camper van rental in New Zealand, look no further.

  • Stephen Butler

    Stephen Butler (USA)

    October 2016

    What an AMAZING vacation! From the moment we made initial contact with Kelly via the web to the day we dropped the vehicle off, we were constantly reminded that choosing Iconic Motorhomes was the right choice. We spent 10 days driving the Bolero through the South Island and it found it to be an incredibly capable vehicle for the varied and constantly changing geography and road conditions. We wanted to see as much as we could in our short time on the ground and having a true motorHOME to do so was invaluable. It was incredibly easy to drive and had all the comforts of a small apartment. The preloaded movies were a nice touch and after long days of driving it was great to unwind with a glass of wine and a flick. Kelly was always available to answer questions via phone call or text and her recommendations on "must see" points of interest helped us to create an itinerary that we found to be perfect for our limited time in NZ. Though Kelly was our primary point of contact, we'd be remiss if we failed to give a shout out to Kay and Georgia as well as all the technical staff that keep these motorhomes showroom ready. You simply cannot go wrong with Iconic and we plan to use them on the North Island when we return. Thanks again for making our vacation one for the record books! Cheers!

  • tiffany cheng

    Tiffany Cheng (Australia)

    October 2016

    Kelly and the Iconic Christchurch team helped to make our first trip to NZ such a wonderful experience. It was our first time road tripping in a camper van and we fell in love with our trusty little home on wheels aka Sundance. From the initial point of contact, the experience has been so personal. Kelly went above and beyond just someone to rent our motor home from and helped us review our itinerary and plan it. Without her help, we would have missed some amazing times and experiences such as the Omarama hot tubs. We had no issues with our Sundance, it was easy to maintain, clean, very fuel efficient and super zippy. It came with everything we needed to prepare meals, the bed was comfortable and we couldn't recommend Kelly , her team and the Iconic motor homes enough. Thank you guys for such an amazing experience and for all your help.

  • Matt weagle

    Matt Weagle ( USA)

    October 2016

    We rented a brand new Bolero from Iconic RV for about two weeks to tour both the North and South Islands. This was our first time ever renting an RV...and also driving on the left hand side of the road. Needless to say, we didn't know what to expect and had a lot of questions.

    When we went to pickup the RV in Auckland, we met Richie who patiently answered all of our questions (about an hour's worth) and also took us on a practice drive to teach us the rules of the road. The RV was spotless, fully equipped, and the floor plan couldn't have been better. We had a bed in the back and two bench seats right behind the captain's chairs. It was great to pull off the road, open up the giant windows, and look out at the crashing waves and wildlife on the shores. This was even greater on those days where the weather was bad - the RV was warm and dry.

    The kitchen had everything we needed to cook full meals and the waste water disposal system was incredibly simple to use. The interior was really nice, clean, and modern with excellent finishes. I'm approximately 2 mts tall and there was enough room, even in the bathroom, to move around.

    We did a lot of driving, including several twisting mountain roads and it handled really well - more like a car than a truck. Gas mileage was excellent and we only had to fill up a couple of times.

    It was such a great experience that we talked about how to purchase something similar in the United States. When we finished our trip, Richie took a picture of us in front of the RV and the hand off process was very easy. We chatted a bit with Kelly about our visit. Everyone at the office in Christchurch was incredibly friendly and helpful.

    We would pick Iconic Motorhomes over any other company for our next RV rental in New Zealand and hope to visit again soon.

  • DSC 3975

    John & Lynley Rea (NZ)

    Sept 2016

    Proud owners
    Had a great overnight and good trip home. Everything working great so a big thank you to yourself and Kelly for time spent with us going over everything. We are looking forward to getting out and enjoying ourselves in our motorhome, very exciting times ahead. Once again thank you so much for your time and fantastic service you have given to us it is very much appreciated.

    John and Lynley

  • helen young

    Helen & Barry Young (Australia)

    August 2016

    Stop contemplating everyone! Just do it?.hire one of these beauties from Iconic Motorhomes! Our son traveled around the South Island a couple of years earlier, and had warned us to get a ?comfortable motorhome?? so, on investigation, I found Iconic.

    Kelly was wonderful in giving us the information we needed to make sure we didn?t miss the very best places to stop in the South Island. Their service was second-to-none.

    The motorhome had everything and more! We were VERY surprised that free-camping essentially meant the only function missing was the microwave!
    Easy to drive, park and manoeuvre (great lock for a long vehicle!), my husband was most impressed, especially with the fuel economy and the overall handling. Centrally heated, the van had a full kitchen, bed that didn?t require folding away, shower, toilet and comfortable seats. Loads of room for storing clothes and food!

    A funny thing occurred when reluctantly returning the vehicle to Christchurch. We thought Iconic could do with a tip?.what about a small vacuum cleaner for the small area of carpet? Well, the cupboard under the fridge was opened to reveal, you guessed it, a small vacuum!! This van has everything!

    Luxury hotel on wheels. We loved it . Two weeks wasn?t enough - three possibly could have done it - four ideal!!

  • Hava and James Skinner

    James Skinner (UK)

    August 2016

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Kelly, Richie and the rest of the team at Iconic. We rented the Bolero for the month of July and explored mainly the south island. From start to finish it was the most amazing experience. Customer service was excellent from the second we booked. Kelly did us the most detailed itinerary based on our preferences with great information and recommendations. Once we arrived we got a thorough introduction to the van from Richie. All of Iconic's vans are top of the range motorhomes and you are unlikely to see anything better as you travel around NZ. The Bolero was perfect for 2 people, though it can sleep 4. There was tonnes of storage room and the van was beautifully finished inside. One of the best features is its shower in my opinion, which is a good size and enables you to have a proper shower rather than using the ones at the campsites, which are cold in winter. Don't be put off by all the stuff like emptying the toilet...was so clean and easy to do. The campsites are all well set-up for that kind of stuff anyway. Any questions we had were patiently answered whatever time of day we rang. The Bolero has great temperature control and you can have a warm nights sleep on a very comfortable bed. Finally I would say the van had a superior kitchen which enabled us to prepare proper meals in it. It has a proper gas oven and hobs, as well as a large fridge/freezer. Many vans we looked at for other companies either did not have an oven or didn't have a freezer. So I can highly recommend Iconic, great vans and great service. Many thanks!

  • Tim Wingrove

    Tim Wingrove (Australia)

    July 2016

    A friendly, efficient and informative company that exceeded expectations. In a crowded market, the Iconic Motorhome group stand above their peers and represent outstanding value for money. We hired an Escape for our family of 4 and found this to be more than adequate and I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it drove and how economical it was. Thumbs up to the team at Iconic Motorhomes - certainly great brand ambassadors for tourism in New Zealand.

    Well done!

  • Chris Shearwood

    Christopher Shearwood (Singapore)

    July 2016

    We rented the Bolero for 12 days of fun. My wife and two children aged 8 and 9 (boy and girl). Renting the campervan from start to finish was extremely smooth with no hick-ups. We arrived in Auckland to pick up the vehicle and were given a good briefing before heading off. The van looked brand new and was immaculate. A lot of attention to detail has been given to the contents and ergonomic. What really, really impressed me from day 1 to the last day was the diesel engine that never failed to perform even on wet roads meandering around impossible mountain passes. My wife was able to cook 3 course meals every day with no issue. One gas bottle almost lasted the entire trip with cooking daily, hot water and some heating. I really liked the fully made bed at the rear of the van! II didn't have to bend down in the van as it is quite high. The full shower room was amazing. The fridge was also great too. My best friend was certainly the tom-tom navigation system that worked very nicely.
    We would definitely use again when we return!

  • Chris McLaughlin

    Chris McLaughlin (Australia)

    May 2016

    The Bolero motorhome we hired was very clean and tidy. They supplied all the linen which was top quality i.e. thick towels and spares. We had outdoor chairs and table supplied. The handover was excellent with Richy showing us all the ins and outs. On the trip everything worked as it should. The van was new and in excellent condition. Overall a pleasing experience. Nearly forgot that Kelly helped us out with providing info on where to go and what to see in the time we had and handled all the bookings and enquiries in a smooth manner. Overall I couldn't fault the service.

  • iain chalmers

    Iain Chalmers (Australia)

    April 2016

    We rented a Sundance motorhome from Iconic Motorhomes for two weeks. The service we received from Kelly and the team was exceptional. They provided recommendations on places to visit, a detailed and insightful briefing on how to use the vehicle and were flexible with pick-up and drop-off times. The vehicle was in immaculate condition and perfect for two people. We would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes and would like to thank Kelly and the team for all of their assistance - we had a great holiday!

  • jon ackley jelinek

    Jon Ackley-Jelinek (USA)

    April 2016

    We loved our entire experience with Iconic...from our initial email interactions with Kelly through the actual choice of the Sundance RV! Kelly was incredibly helpful and thorough throughout the entire booking/reservation process. Once we picked up our Sundance and hit the road, we fell in even deeper love with the Iconic experience. Despite seeing literally hundreds of other camper vans and RVs on the roads, we knew that we had one of the best vehicles available! You'll not regret booking with Iconic!

  • Carole Edwards

    Carole Edwards (Scotland)

    April 2016

    We had a fabulous time in our Iconic Motorhome. The staff were great, & Kelly gave us loads of advice when planning our trip. Other camping holidaymakers wanted to come and look at our beautiful MH. It was so incredibly easy to drive and I loved the camera that replaced the rear view mirror.
    So many holidaymakers we met complained about the sand flies. We had screens on the windows, vents & doors that kept them out of our Bolero.... We were also impressed at how great on diesel this motorhome was.... Iconic Motorhomes might be more expensive but it was sure worth the money. We had a brand new motorhome that was very well kitted out for our trip. We would definitely recommend this company to any and everyone..

  • laura harrington

    Laura Harrington (USA)

    April 2016

    We rented a camper van from Iconic for 3 weeks from Christchurch. We were coming from the states, so we needed some help and guidance about places to go and some good insider tips. Kelly worked with us to rent us the camper van, and then helped us with itineraries, and had lots of helpful tips for our trip. The camper van was great (we had 2 adults and 2 kids) and the set up was perfect. It was in pristine condition when we got it. The super friendly staff walked through everything with us so we were clear on how it all worked and they held our luggage while we were on the road. We had one question while we were out traveling, and Kelly was easy to reach on her cell for immediate help. I can't recommend Iconic and Kelly (and her team) highly enough. They made our dream NZ vacation a hit.

  • paul ashley

    Karen Ashley (Ireland)

    April 2016

    My Husband and I chose to rent from Iconic Motorhomes as the Swift Bolero seemed the most appropriate lay out for our needs. We spoke to Kelly on the phone before we arrived in NZ and she was extremely pleasant and helpful. When we picked the motorhome up we were given plenty of instructions and given guides and a suggested itinerary which was helpful. The motorhome was well equipped and Kelly also lent us adapters and even a cell phone which we returned. The motorhome was new. I think we were the second renters. This was our first time in a motorhome and it turned oit to be a wonderful experience. We would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes and we intend to return and rent from them again

  • binti patel

    Binti Patel (Singapore)

    February 2016

    I just wanted to leave a review about Iconic Motorhomes NZ. They were amazing from start to finish. They were very accommodating, regardless of my many questions! Kelly and the team ensured we were very comfortable and explained every aspect to us with a great deal of patience. If I were going to go on another camper van journey, I would definitely use them. I cant say enough good things about them. Thank you for making our trip to NZ so amazing.

  • Dawn and Alex McKain1

    Dawn McKain (UK)

    April 2016

    From the first enquiry to the last e-mail, we had great service from the company. All questions were answered promptly, and Kelly took the time to find out what we liked doing, and gave us some excellent ideas of places to go and things to do. And WOW! When we saw the motorhome! Brand new and very luxurious. Beautifully appointed, and with wee extras such as insect repellent, salt and pepper included. Kelly arranged our Kiwi card for us, so we could book things with discount before arrival. A lot of people on campsites and in the street commented on the lovely van.
    We had a minor problem on our first Saturday evening - we felt bad about contacting them, but all sorted.
    We had a wonderful time in New Zealand, which was enhanced by living in such a great motorhome.

  • karen murdoch

    Karen Murdoch (UK)

    March 2016

    Brilliant !
    We had left hiring our camper van a little late and we were so lucky to find Iconic. From the moment we first contacted Kelly she couldn't have been more helpful. Lots of suggestions as to our route and places to visit as we did our first ever camper van trip on our first adventure to NZ. When we picked up the van it was spotless and we had a good length of time being shown how everything worked. The interior was surprisingly spacious and extremely well laid out. We had plenty storage for all our belongings. We were also impressed with the heating and the "smart" fridge which switched automatically between battery, power and gas.
    The camper van was a delight to drive, fuel efficient, and had good wing mirrors and rear view camera for reversing. We found the 6 speed gear box served very well on some of the steep hairpin bends.
    When we got on the road and had our first stopover I was delighted to find 'real' coffee and a cafetiere. A definite home from home experience.
    We would highly recommend Iconic and the 'smaller' Sundance which was perfect for two people.

  • Freire

    Max Freire (Germany)

    March 2016

    For our trip to New Zealand, we (2 adults + 3 year old child) decided - after much research - to rent a Bolero from Iconic Motorhomes for our 22 days trip. Overall, we had an excellent experience with the Bolero as well as with the staff from Iconic, in particular Kelly and Richie. From the first contact, everything went very smoothly - exactly the experience you would like for your holiday. The Bolero was very well equipped, including vacuum cleaner, a change of bed linen and towels, comfortable outdoor chairs and loads of pillows. During our trip, we had a couple of questions and every time we called Richie (once even on a Saturday afternoon!), he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and was able to solve all matters.
    We would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes and the Bolero!

  • dobesz

    Ed Dobosz (USA)

    March 2016

    We are a family of 5 from the United States. We rented a 6-person campervan from Iconic Motorhomes leaving from Christchurch, and had an exceptional experience. Not only did the folks at Iconic respond quickly to our early questions about availability (other companies were much slower or not at all), they gave us lots of helpful travel planning hints in advance of our trip. The pick-up and drop-off process was efficient and personable, with our kids being entertained the entire time. I felt as though we were part of the Iconic family. The camper van didn't have a single problem during the week we used it. There is no question in my mind that we would use Iconic again in the future, and recommend that others start their planning with them.

  • peter and liz turner1

    Peter Turner (UK)

    March 2016

    We rented a super motor home from ICONIC, admired by other campers throughout the holiday. Everything we wanted. Kelly and her team were really helpful and everything went smoothly. We had an unforgettable five weeks.

  • gutierrez

    Matias Gutierrez (Chile)

    February 2016

    We had an amazing experience renting an Escape motorhome from Iconic. We are a family of 5 who traveled 16 days in NZ. The vehicle was very comfortable and in perfect condition, almost new, and indeed had a very good gas-mileage. The Iconic staff was super helpful in recommending us an itinerary and places to stop, making sure to provide us with a lot of information. You can quickly notice staff that really cares about your travel experience. They are super responsive all the time. I have rented motorhomes several time in the U.S. and Europe and this one ranks as the best experience so far. I can´t recommend them enough.

  • Nottekamper

    Nadin Nottekaemper ( Germany)

    March 2016

    We had an amazing experience renting a Bolero Motorhome from Iconic. We are 2 adults and traveled around New Zealand for 23 days. We picked up the Bolero at the Auckland office and were met by Richie who introduced us to the Bolero very patiently and explained everything in detail. He also put some extra things like vacuum cleaner and bed linen to change. Worth to say that the Bolero was a brand new 2016 model with only 25 km run so far. When we had a little technical issue which was caused by our missing experience with Motorhomes and not due to a technical issue of the Bolero itself we called Richie who could help us solving this issue very easily. The Bolero was very comfortable, luxurious, in perfect condition and well equipped with everything you need for a New Zealand adventure. We had an amazing contact to Kelly and the Iconic team from start to finish in Christchurch. Kelly sent out itineraries in advance and recommendations where to stop. Also when we had to contact Kelly and the team to inform them about a little dent in the cabin door which was accidentally caused by us they were very helpful.
    Kelly and the Iconic team are excellent in what they do, especially amazing customer service and we will definitely go straight to Iconic the next time we plan to travel around the beautiful country.
    Thank you very much and Cheers to Kelly, Richie and the Iconic team!

  • Elaine Jones1

    Elaine Jones (UK)

    February 2016

    We have received friendly, knowledgeable and personal service, from our first enquiries to handing the motorhome back at the end of our holiday. Extra information was readily available to help us with planning, emails were answered very promptly.
    The motorhome provided exceeded our expectation, everything provided was of good quality with extra touches to give a luxury feel.

  • derek stubbs

    Derek Stubbs (Guernsey UK)

    February 2016

    Kelly and the team at Iconic were unbelievably helpful when we left our booking process a bit too late. We had a lovely motor home which was well equipped and in great condition. Kelly gave us loads of really helpful tips for our journey, took the time to go through the van and set us on our way. Unfortunately I had an accident with the van the day before I was due to return it and what really stood out for me was the way the Iconic team made me feel ok about this and then did their best to keep repair costs down so that I had most of my deposit returned. The Iconic team really excelled in this and I will definitely go straight to Iconic when I next plan to hire a motor home.

  • Butterfield

    John Butterfield (United Kingdom)

    February 2016

    A great company providing a very easy booking service. Kelly answered all my initial questions the provided me with some great ideas to make the most of our 4 weeks in New Zealand. Richie was waiting for us at the Aukland depot and went through the orientation comprehensively, set the Sat Nav up for the nearest supermarket and we were on our way. The Campervan performed really well, the automatic 6 speed gear box in our Swift Bolero made driving the mountain passes easy. The motorhome was very comfortable ,the fixed bed a real advantage and the big fridge freezer meant all our food kept fresh and cold. We even had ice cream for pudding. Richie there to welcome us back. Our bond was returned very promptly. All in all fantastic holiday made all the better by a trouble free rent form Iconic Motorhomes

  • Childerhouse

    Stephen Childerhouse (Australia)

    Jan 2016

    Truly fantastic we hired one from iconic in January 2016 for 22 day and it was a professional experience 10/10 from the start, Richie in Auckland Department was so professional and Kelly and the team at Iconic were fabulous to deal with from the first email contact 10 months ago, We hired a Bolero the motorhome was perfect configuration for our needs fixed bed at the back and dinning area at front and had all the creature comforts and trimmings even satellite tv. It's a little more expensive than some but well worth the extra the van is far superior to the one we hired 3 years ago from a well known motorhome company and we saw many of this vans again on this travel there just basic and dated! We can't fault Iconic the service and product is fist class, we will be back soon I hope.

  • wolstenholme

    Julia Wolstenholme(UK)

    Jan 2016

    Kelly and the team based at the Christchurch depot go that extra mile to make sure that their clients get the very best from their motorhome holiday in their wonderful country. By the time I met Kelly in person, I felt as though I'd known her for years! She is incredibly good at her job; efficient and knowledgeable about every region and it's attractions but she brings a special warmth and kindness to her job which we will always be grateful for. I've never known anyone to write such a comprehensive suggested itinerary with campground recommendations. The motorhome itself was immaculate and so well equipped, we wanted for nothing and quickly felt more houseproud about it than our own home! We would recommend Iconic to anyone thinking of trying this type of holiday. Well done!

  • alison megson

    Alison Megson (Australia)

    December 2015

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!! One of the best family holidays ever (even travelling with 2 teenagers!!). Kelly and the team at Iconic were fabulous to deal with, from the first email contact 12 months ago, to the final goodbye, nothing was ever too much trouble. The motorhome was perfect configuration for our needs, and had all the creature comforts and trimmings. It was extremely well appointed with amazing attention to detail. For people who had never driven a motorhome before, Kelly went through all of the features in detail so that we were able to set off on our adventure with confidence. The motorhome was extremely easy to drive, and coped very well with all the mountains and windy roads NZ has to offer.
    The booking process was very easy, and the pricing for that high quality of motorhome was very good value. We honestly can't fault any aspect of Iconic and the service they provide, we will be back!!!

  • marcus tooze

    Marcus Tooze (USA)

    December 2015

    Perfect rental. Almost brand new truck and perfect service all as promised.

  • cj clinefelter

    CJ Clinefelter (USA)

    December 2015

    Wonderful!!! I can not say enough good things about this company. We researched motorhomes for months before we decided on Iconic. We felt that the Bolero would fit all of our needs for touring around New Zealand for a month. After contacting the company and talking to Kelly, we decided that they were who we wanted to rent from. Since we were going to start in Christchurch and end in Auckland, our contact person was Kelly. She was fantastic to work with. No question was too small and she answered everything no matter what. Kelly asked about all our likes and then put together an itinerary that she felt would meet our needs. She included websites to visit, information about diesel costs and so much more. Many things were included that were not included at other companies. For example: the chairs and table provided were so much better than those we saw during our trip that other companies provided (for $). Kelly also included a variety of movies loaded on the t.v. for no extra cost. The Bolero was the perfect size for us (2 adults). My husband could stand up without hitting his head on the ceiling,

    When we arrived in Christchurch we were faced with a scheduling problem which was resolved quickly when Kelly volunteered to bring our motorhome to us at our hotel the day before we were to pick it up, for no extra cost. Wow!! Kelly gave us her cell phone number for us to call if there was a problem or if we just had a question. We did call a few times and she was always very happy to talk to us. The Bolero drove very easily. The mountain roads are rough on all motorhomes, but we were able to make it up even the steepest roads.

    When we returned the motorhome to Auckland we were met by Richie. This young man drove us to the airport in the motorhome so that we would not have to worry about getting a taxi or a shuttle. So amazing! This company is well represented by Kelly and Richie.

    I highly recommend this company and the Bolero motorhome.

  • petrus coetzee

    Piet & Johanna Coetzee (Australia)

    December 2015

    We hired a Bolero for a month and found it amazing. We had a technical problem with our van but Kelly arranged for a replacement van to be shipped to us immediately. Great service and Iconic is highly recommended!

  • larry clinefelter

    Larry Clinefelter (USA)

    December 2015

    Simply stated, our experience with Iconic Motorhomes was tremendous. Our expectations were exceeded on virtually every level.
    To begin, our motor home was cleaner than clean. I was impressed---and I am not that easily impressed with a cleaning job. The motor home met all our needs on the road. It had enough power to get up the toughest hills (tested to the max on the Mt. John Observatory road) and was truly easy to use going down those windy, steep hills as the automatic transmission just seemed to know the correct gear for slowing down at a speed I needed for safety.
    The TV was loaded with movies. The freezer and fridge worked marvellously. The stove, oven and microwave were always easy to use and with 2 beds available in our unit, we were comfortable sleeping. It was truly a home away from home.
    Kelly made the process of learning about the home so easy and convenient and the drop off in Auckland was equally easy. Because of somewhat unusual circumstances, Kelly brought the home to our hotel to start our trip, and Richie was willing to drive us to the airport in Auckland after our drop off. They were available to answer any questions we had during our trip and made us feel comfortable with the entire process---including Kelly's niece's help in giving us some tips about travel options for both islands.
    Please believe me, I have nothing to gain in writing such a positive review---we simply had the greatest experience with Iconic! Again, this is after viewing many other styles and company vehicles over the 4 weeks of our trip, I truly believe that our motor home was the class of the country. After 27 days in our "home", I was not tired of camping (my concern with such a long trip) but sad to be heading out. We have travelled a lot over the past 10 years, and this entire New Zealand experience was the best trip we have taken. Thanks, Iconic. Thanks for treating us so well!

  • morningstar peake

    Morningstar Peake (Hawaii)

    December 2015

    Our dream family holiday came true!
    Thank you Kelly and crew at Iconic for your exceptional, wonderful, friendly service, great recommendations, clean and pristine motorhome.
    My family and I fell in love with the South Island and couldn't have imagined more comfort and sense of safety while exploring the most beautiful country we've seen! We appreciate the time Kelly took to create an itinerary that fit our specific interests and ages of our kiddos. Previous to our arrival Kelly was quick to respond to any questions or concerns of mine with an informative answer. The day we arrived to pick up our Escape Motorhome Kelly was there, all smiles to explain the in's and out's of the motorhome and to give us confidence in our first ever motor homing experience. We had an absolute blast! Everything about this trip was great and we are already planning our next trip back to NZ. Without a doubt we will rent from Iconic again and again and would highly recommend this company for a exceptional motor homing holiday.

  • horsburgh

    Julie Horsburgh (UK)

    November 2015

    I first emailed iconic motor homes in February 2015 the response was immediate from Kelly . Every email sent was informative and really made us look forward to our trip Richard in Auckland gave us a tip top handover and we were on our way . We did have a slight mishap with the van and rang Kelly immediately her response was no worries don't let it spoil your holiday this reassured us. What a fantastic time we had in a camper that is equipped with everything needed and more . We will definitely be using iconic motor homes next year .

  • joe watts

    Joe & Karen Watts ( Australia)

    November 2015

    If we could give an 11 out of 10 to Iconic we would. From the beginning to the very end the service we received and the motorhome itself was outstanding. Kelly was virtually our own tour guide sending us all sorts of information on places to go and stay throughout our 22 days in New Zealand which was fantastic. The motorhome itself was immaculate and very new and we had lots of motorhome envy from other campers. We hired the Bolero, although a little more expensive, it was value for money. Equipped with all modern conveniences and quality fittings, we were very happy to call it home. It was the little things like the fact that when we picked the motorhome up Ritchie was happy to say that we could ring 24/7 if we had any issues which gave us piece of mind.

    The highest praise we can say about Iconic is, "if we were to do it again, we would only go through Iconic".

    To Iconic and Kelly, Karen and I say 'Thank you'.

  • tina and thomas yeun

    Thomas Yuen ( Hong Kong)

    November 2015

    We had a two week journey with an Esprit during our stay in New Zealand. With a great greeting and all the preparation done before departure by Kelly, it was a wonderful experience for us, and more importantly, saved lot of time. Inside the Esprit, we had lovely stay there. With little lovely kitchen where we prepared almost every meal, a tidy bathroom with a surprisingly easy to clean toilet, the bed, the sofa, and other stuff, I would like to say, basically, that's all you need for New Zealand adventure.

    We had a little problem about the electric step as well, thanks for the help from Kelly texting us the instruction to reset some circuit breakers. We managed to fix it. Last but not least, the motorhomes from Iconic were awesome. Easy to drive, spacious, good use of facilities inside, nice shape and we had a lot of photos with it.

    You will feel the difference.

  • derwyn jones

    Derwyn and Gillian Jones (UK)

    October 2015

    The whole experience with Iconic was fantastic right from the very first enquiry. Kelly was so helpful not just with the rental but also with providing us with local information and suggested itinerary. The Bolero that we rented from Christchurch was simply fantastic, so simple to drive, luxurious and comfortable. Everything about Iconic reflects the quality of service that they provide and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for that extra special motorhome experience. Along the way we saw many variations of motorhomes but none were the quality of Iconic.
    We will be back and we will definitely use Iconic Motorhomes, Kelly and the team again.

    Derwyn & Gillian UK

  • kishore

    Kishore Bachu (Singapore)

    October 2015

    We traveled to Christchurch for our 14 days trip only to cover the South New Zealand and we have booked Motorhomes from Iconic Motorhomes . It was first time I was hiring the motorhomes for our adventurous trip . It was really fabulous and amazingly prepared without any trouble and hassle free trip . Kelly has been so great full and really appreciate for sharing the information and making our trip so fantastic . The motorhomes was just 1.7 years old and it was in great condition to drive and really we had a wonderful trip with great memories of Iconic motorhomes for our trip. We had our 5 years old son and he had a great comfort travelling around without any issues. Most heart touching is when we were returning our Motorhomes at Christchurch my son was in tears that he was missing the motorhomes :)

    Great Thanks again to Kelly and team !!!

    Kishore & Family

  • mauri

    Brett Holmes ( UAE)

    March 2015

    We had a great experience with Iconic, starting with them making the Campervan available based on the times we needed and gives us tips and hints based on the duration we had.

    The Camper was spectacular and very clean, home away from home with all little conveniences. ,

    Richy also took the time to go through the majority of the things that made it easier for first timers and driving it was really easy despite not being used to the size.

    The also were kind enough to send us some important (only to us) things we had left in the camper van rather than throwing them away.

    Would recommend that you review the free camp areas and maybe save a few $$ and also aim to travel less during the day because you really do not want to spend the whole day driving between destinations

    Will definitely use Iconic again on our next trip, thanks guys

  • Bolero at Rakia

    Tony and Caroline Brittain Hughes (North Wales, UK)

    January 2015

    We travelled NZ in our Iconic Motorhome for a whole month this year, top to bottom - Cape Reinga to Bluff and back .... don't panic we didn't go on 90 mile beach with it!! Even though we traveled the length of the country and back, the offer to pick the motorhome up in Auckland and drop it off in Christchurch was available as an option in case we wanted to fly back.
    The quality of service and quality of the motorhome provided made our holiday of a lifetime so much more enjoyable and hassle free than we could ever have imagined. The motorhome was new, spotless, well maintained and came supplied with every provision that we needed. The driver and passenger seats were extremely comfortable and made a month of driving around it so pleasurable. The bed was also very comfortable and the facilities inside for washing and cooking were brilliant.
    Kelly in Christchurch and Richie in Auckland were exceptionally helpful, patient and polite - way beyond what we were expecting and nothing was too much trouble.... thanks Richie for answering the phone and assisting us even when you'd gone home for the day, it was appreciated! Kelly was always polite and organised everything from before we left the UK and came up with lots of itinerary ideas. We were treated as though we were their most important customers ever. Thanks also to Kay in Christchurch for her assistance with emails and calls. We loved the Kiwi card suggestion from Kelly and Richie and we made great use of it - well worth the savings you get from the Ferry crossings and campsites.
    We would thoroughly recommend this firm to anybody thinking of a motorhome holiday around NZ and will use them when we visit again.

  • muirhead

    Peter & Tracey Muirhead ( Australia)

    September 2015

    The outstanding service from Kelly and Richie ?was second to none?.
    From the first initial contact to the dropping off the motorhome was great.
    Iconic Motorhomes is a great company to deal with, and has got future repeat customers.
    We will be recommending Iconic to friends and family.
    Secondly, thank you Kelly and Richie for the suggested travel itinerary. We saw and visited many beautiful places, without the guidance, we surely would?ve missed many attractions.
    The Bolero is a superb vehicle to spend 15 days in, there is not a thing we needed, missed, wished for. The comfort level is superb, and ease of driving was great.
    Please pass on our best wishes and thanks to Richie, what a guy!, he is an asset to Iconic and a pleasure to deal with.
    Kelly, The South Island is next, we look forward to meeting you in person

    Peter & Tracey

  • david bacon

    David Bacon (Australia)

    September 2015

    From our first enquiry to our final goodbye, Kelly and the team at Iconic made us feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble for them. We had never traveled in a motorhome previously (although we are seasoned caravan nomads!) and were a little apprehensive about how the motorhome would perform throughout the South Island terrain. We shouldn't have worried. The Bolero model drove more like a car and we found it extremely comfortable ( and warm!!) to travel in. The ability to be able to stop over in free camping sites and enjoy the beauty of the scenery up close and personal was a definite bonus!
    The Iconic motorhomes seemed to be a rare site on the road or in holiday parks but literally everyone stopped and gazed at our "palace on wheels" (her nickname given by other motorhome users!!)
    Whilst on our travels, we did have a few little hiccups that were promptly sorted out by Kelly (who was smiling on the other end of the phone i'm sure!!)
    Iconic was always only a phone call away...day or night... which was very reassuring when you're in unknown territory.
    We spent a month travelling around 4000 km throughout most of the South Island and are keen to book a return trip to this amazing country...and of course Iconic will be our first stop.
    If you are concerned about the cost of hiring an Iconic motorhome ( as we were initially) remember their vehicles are no older than 2 yrs and are in immaculate condition. There may be other comparable motor homes out there ( and we found that we had to help a few who were not given adequate information on how to operate their systems!!) but its the customer service that really sets Iconic apart from the rest.
    Fuel economy, comfort, reliability and most importantly customer service make this company a pleasure to deal with and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any future travelers.

  • sharon camac

    Sharon Camac (Australia)

    August 2015

    Iconic Motorhomes equip travellers with a home on wheels that is not only functional, it's also extremely comfortable and easy to use. We have loved touring spectacular NZ for a second time with Iconic. Kelly in the Christchurch office has become family that we get to visit again, with a welcoming smile and no problem attitude, she's a real treasure :) The motorhome is a dream to drive, has a comfy bed and keeps you warm with the gas heater in minus temperatures in winter. The kitchen works a treat to cook up your catch & local produce. Fill the fridge & you're good to go! If you choose Iconic, you will be in for a fantastic ride. Enjoy!

  • jon liew

    Yosua Setyobudhi (Indonesia)

    May 2015

    RV was in excellent condition. Staff was friendly and quick to help. Worries free for the holiday.
    Amazing experience overall.

  • Soper

    Haward Soper (Malaysia)

    December 2014

    Loved the experience with Iconic

  • leonie and brian

    Brian and Leonie Jackson (Christchurch)

    June 2015

    Dear Kay and the team at Iconic Motorhomes Christchurch
    Thankyou so much for helping make our first motorhome purchase such a pleasure.
    We are thrilled with our Bolero 682 and look forward to many enjoyable travels throughout New Zealand.
    Best Wishes and many thanks

  • mauri

    Mauri and Raija Siltanen (Australia)

    June 2015

    Our experience from our first enquiry to our 3 week hire of the BOLERO from Kelly at Iconic Motorhomes was a wonderfully easy process. We were extremely happy with the Motorhome, It was modern and stylish, and had everything we needed for our driving holiday around NZ.
    We would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes to everyone 10/10.

  • bob rancitelli

    Bob Rancitelli (USA)

    January 2014

    "Fantastic. I spent 19 days comfortably in an Iconic Bolero campervan with a family of 4 (including 5 or 6 days of remote freedom camping). The staff gave me great guidance on an itinerary. The vehicle was nicer than anything else on the road. And Iconic was beyond reasonable in charging me for some minor damage I caused (I was expecting repairs to cost me 5 or 6 times more). The camper was great for my young children because the 2nd bed was at a normal level (no worries of kids rolling out of a bed that is above the cab at should level). The cab of the camper is not wasted space during camping. And it handles well. I've not driven other campers, but just looking at other vehicles it is hard to imagine any of similar size could handle as well as the Bolero. The only negatives I can think of are 1 - the second bed is a bit tedious make up and break down every day. 2 - Iconic made for a fantastic experience. I would definitely choose Iconic again."

  • Turkington

    Anthea Turkington (Australia)

    September 2014

    "Fantastic company. Staff are helpful, friendly and so easy to communicate with. Our renting experience was excellent and we thoroughly recommend Iconic. They'll help you choose the right sized van and even give you an itinerary if you want one.
    We rented an Escape for our family of two adults & two children (9 & 11). We were a bit worried about how four tall people would survive 6 weeks touring in a small space, but it was marvellous. And the van was super easy to drive for both of us.
    Van's facilities good, storage surprisingly effective (but take soft bags you can fold up and store). Beds comfortable. Kids loved their bunks. We slept above the cab (severe talking to self on first night about how I am not claustrophobic, then all ok).
    We only used the shower once on the first night and discovered how fast water can disappear!! So for the rest of the trip we showered in campgrounds rather than the van so that we wouldn't run out of fresh water.
    Winter & Spring was a great time time to travel and were warm & cosy all the way. In fact we had to turn the heater off at bedtime so we didn't get too hot.
    We were a little bit envious of those vans with a pull-out awning, but really we didn't need it anyway.
    All up it was a fabulous trip in an excellent motorhome that is operated by a company that puts the customer first and provides great service."

  • simon redford

    Simon Redford (UK)

    October 2014

    "This has been a holiday of a lifetime made even more special by choosing an Iconic Motorhome. From the initial contact, I knew we'd made the right decision. Kelly was extremely helpful and informative and answered all our queries very quickly.
    On arriving at the depot, we were even more delighted to see the motorhome. It was in immaculate condition, and Iconic had supplied all the little home comforts that we needed. We were given a full tour of the van by Kelly and shown how everything worked. There were also manuals in the motorhome with all the details in.
    We found the van really easy to drive and the GPS that Iconic provided was invaluable. There was loads of storage space. We always tend to over pack and I wondered where we would put everything at first but the van was so spacious. The bed was lovely and cosy and we found the van very comfortable. We spent 3 weeks in our van and enjoyed every minute of it.
    We traveled to some remote areas of NZ and were pleased that the van was so well maintained and reliable. I would definitely recommend Iconic Motorhomes to anyone"

  • stephen thornton

    Steve Thornton (UK)

    October 2014

    "Hired a Bolero motorhome from Iconic to tour South Island and cannot speak highly enough about the whole experience. From the moment we arrived at the pickup Kelly made us feel like life long friends, introducing us to our vacation home as if it was a new house. RV was as new condition throughout and performed like a dream throughout our vacation. Kelly provided a great itinerary which we used as the basis for our trip, and we saw stunning scenery at every turn and stayed in some great sites on the way. when we sadly returned the RV to Christchurch Kelly presented us with an anniversary card as we had previously mentioned that we were doing a round the world tour for our 35 wedding anniversary, which we thought was lovely. The whole trip went without a hitch and I can only say that it is my intention to return to New Zealand again and will only consider Iconic"

  • Kim Fish

    Kim Fish (Hawaii)

    December 2014

    "Absolutely Amazing!!!!! First it is the outstanding customer service and immediate response time to emails and phone calls that sets this company apart from all the others that we contacted. Second, it's the quality of the product, the motorhome was simply remarkable, comfortable, easy to use and very luxurious. We will definitely be using Iconic Motorhomes every time we visit New Zealand. Thank you Kelly and your team of professionals for an all around incredible experience! (That means you too Max!)

  • mateo meier

    Mateo Meier (Switzerland)

    December 2014

    "We hired a motorhome from iconic for 2 weeks. the customer service is outstanding, the motorhomes are in perfect condition. when u check in, ask for kelly - very friendly and tells you everything u need to know. well done iconic - keep up the good work! best company ever!

  • kim walters

    Kim Walter (UK)

    December 2014

    "We have just come back from the trip of lifetime, touring the South Island of New Zealand in a Bolero motorhome hired from Iconic for 3 weeks.
    We arrived at the depot after a 30 hour trip from the UK exhausted but we knew immediately we had made the right decision choosing Iconic. Kelly was a delight - she gave us a full tour of the van and carefully explained to us novices what we needed to do. She also very kindly gave us time to unpack our bags so that we could leave our luggage at the depot (not that we needed to as the van had plenty of storage, but it did make it feel more like a "home from home"). Kelly also kindly gave us some extra bedding so that we could make up the spare bed if necessary, as I was travelling at 6 months pregnant. This was a lovely touch.
    The van itself was in immaculate condition - it was like staying in a 5* hotel on wheels - we loved everything about it and encountered no issues. On one occasion we were unsure how to pull out the awning but a quick call to Kelly at the depot soon sorted this.|
    Overall, we would not hesitate to recommend Iconic. We didn't see a nicer motorhome on the New Zealand roads and the Iconic experience from start to finish was first class."

  • rebecca starr

    Rebecca Starr (Australia)

    September 2014

    "Recently travelled the South Island for 8 days with a bolero Motorhome..
    It was bliss.. So easy to drive, pure luxury, warm as toast with the central heating and Kelly treated me like an old friend..
    I was travelling independently with two small children in tow, aged 3 and 4, so support and great customer service was of the utmost importance to me..
    Kelly went above and beyond and with her service and the pure luxury of the Motorhome and nzs stunning landscapes, our holiday far exceeded my expectations..
    Thank you Kelly"
    Experienced a Bolero Motorhome

  • Mulligan

    Michael Mulligan (Canada)

    March 2014

    "The scenery in New Zealand is beautiful and the people friendly. The unique geography and geological features are particularly spectacular.The vehicle we rented was only a year or so old in in good condition. It was also very fuel efficient and this was a pleasant surprise."

  • keith hungerford

    Keith Hungerford (Australia)

    August 2014

    "It was out first campervan experience and I wanted the best, it was simply perfect from the first contact with Kelly to the check out ! I don't tried other hirers and I won't, it's just not possible to beat them on service and product quality, the bolero is just awesome ! It's well worth the price, by far."
    Experienced an Escape

  • robin mary

    Robin Mary ( New Caledonia)

    August 2014

    "It was out first campervan experience and I wanted the best, it was simply perfect from the first contact with Kelly to the check out ! I don't tried other hirers and I won't, it's just not possible to beat them on service and product quality, the bolero is just awesome ! It's well worth the price, by far."

  • toomas viilup

    Toomas Viilup (Estonia)

    March 2013

    "Our experience started with great and friendly service. The campervan itself is perfectly equipped with all the small details you could wish for. An ideal home on wheels"
    Experienced a Sundance

  • manley

    Pippa Manley (UK)

    October 2013

    "As virgin motorhomer's we weren't sure what to expect but knew it would be an adventure. We rented a Bolero from Iconic in Auckland, returning it one month later into Christchurch.
    From begininng to end it was a positive experience.
    The Iconic website is Good and Informative. Kelly who handled the booking responded to all queries instantly, gave good advice and supplied us with a myriad of walks and places of interest we shouldn't miss. The Bolero was delivered clean and in good condition with a reasonalble starter pack. We were set to go. The drive itself was precise, responsive and the centre of gravity seemed reasonably low. The brakes adequate in normal and wet driving, the engine good enough to keep up with normal traffic and overtake when necessary and, since its based on a Fiat Ducato the turning circle was particularly good meaning it's possible with practice to parallel park.
    The camper van fittings were very good and compared with other camper we visited on route, luxurious. Seating very comfortable as was the permanent bed. Kitchen was super and well appointed with a full sized fridge. Bathroom worked well and the Bolero had more than enough storage. The auto power system worked very well and supplied enough light, heat and hot water for two people to live "normally".
    This camper is simply streets ahead of anything else we saw(and visited) on our travels. It's just not in the same ball-park and so well worth the extra we paid."
    Experienced a Bolero Motorhome

  • ralph belshaw

    Ralph Belshaw (Australia)

    September 2014

    "From the moment I first contacted them until days after I got home the service from Kelly and the team at Christchurch was superlative. The van itself was superb; comfortable, clean and highly satisfactory to me needs.
    The team provided me with suggested itineraries based on my interests as well as lots of tips and hints on how to get the most out of my time driving around the South island.
    This was an experience I shall never forget - and it's an experience that was made all the better because of the quality of the vehicle and the unbelievably support team. I highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes to anyone seeking the consummate south island motorhome experience."

  • mike tilley

    Mike Tilley (UK)

    September 2014

    " From initial contact to return we were treated warmly and helpfully. The motorhome is a little more expensive but well worth it for all the luxury touches. The motorhome had everything and it all worked as new. The films were a nice touch and we watched several on the cooler evenings. Highly recommended."

  • stuart and helen quigley

    Stuart Quigley (Australia)

    September 2014

    " We had a great experience using Iconic Motorhomes. The staff were fantastic and went out of their way to ensure we had a good time. The motorhome was immaculate and well fitted. Kelly and the team were thorough in explaining all the features. We were in a party of 4 couples and hiring 4 separate motorhomes at the same time. Everything was ready and good to go on arrival. Very professional and well organised. Very comfortable motorhomes and would definitely recommend Iconic for anyone who wants to experience a motoring home holiday. Thanks Kelly it was awesome and we hope to come back to NZ and do it all again!
    Experienced a Bolero motorhome in September 2014

  • Deane Millet

    Deane Millett (Australia)

    February 2015

    "We travelled around North Island of New Zealand for 12 days, the service we received from both Richy in Auckland and Kelly in Christchurch was second to none. Both went above and beyond to give us a fantastic experience. We booked the Escape 6 berth and we couldn't complain about any, it was very clean, economical and private. We loved our experience and will definitely use Iconic Motorhomes again."
    Experienced an "Escape Motorhome in February 2014

  • ken jackson

    Ken Jackson (USA)

    March 2015

    "We enjoyed driving our Bolero motorhome throughout the South and North Islands. We picked it up in Christchurch and dropped it off in Auckland. The motorhome was like new, was spotless, and performed perfectly. It has all the amenities one could want and more. Nothing like camping with satellite TV! Kelly was great in communicating with us, even when we had a little accident with a lamp post in Nelson. (I do not advise trying to parallel park a motorhome in cities!) We highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes."
    Experienced a "Bolero Motorhome in March 2015

  • martin suess

    Martin Suess (Switzerland)

    April 2015

    We had a great experience with Iconic Motorhomes before, during and after our one-month vacation in New Zealand. The staff was very welcoming and helped us with everything from giving an extensive list with suggestions for our route and were flexible with giving us more towels, leaving our empty suitcases at their premises, etc. The camper was clean, new and had everything we needed and more. Plenty stowage, really good heating, kitchen was well equipped and it was perfect for us with our two kids. The camper was more expensive than other rentals we looked at but this was definitely the best experience we had in comparison to other companies the other times we had camper vans in various countries.

  • kevin estey

    Kevin Eastey (USA)

    January 2015

    "Iconic completely exceeded our expectations with their service, their vehicles, and the overall experience for us. We took out the Kontiki for 2 weeks in January, setting out on a trip that we had been day dreaming about for years. The main draw other than the obvious beauty and adventure of New Zealands South Island was the incredible Swift motorhomes that Iconic offers. And the Kontiki lived up to its promise and then some. These motorhomes and the Iconic service is worth every penny. If anyone is planning a campervan trip within New Zealand, I would insist they look no further than Iconic"
    Experienced a "Kontiki Motorhome in January 2015

  • image002

    Mats & Sabina Lilja (Sweden)

    March 2010

    "Well, we had an awesome time (again!) but this visit was spectacular. We very much enjoyed the trip and the Bolero is outstanding. As you may remember we also had to rent another motorhome on the north island... When you have spent a week in a Bolero... everything else... sucks. :-)I have attached a few photos for you! Thank you once again and we're looking forward to see you next time! Take care and we wish you a good time and strong business!"

  • yewen

    Lindy Yewen (Australia)

    June 2013

    "Totally awesome NEW motor homes that are super easy to drive, easy to park, fuel efficient, comfortable and warm.
    Lovely, friendly and helpful staff, especially Kelly who looked after us from our initial emails to dropping us back to our motel at the end of our trip.
    We honestly can't recommend this company enough. We met other campers in dodgy old vans hired from other companies with leaks and heaters that didn't work. Iconic are the BEST and we are already planning a summer trip to NZ with Iconic Motorhomes."

  • bmag

    Ben and Marina Maguire (Australia)

    February 2013

    "We just returned from a great week's holiday in a Voyager from Iconic Motor Homes, travelling in the South island of New Zealand.
    The vehicle was in excellent condition, with low kilometers and a superb fit out...we wanted for nothing.
    Kelly's suggested itinerary was perfect, as were all the other services provided, such as the airport pick up and drop off, and the induction to the motorhome. The whole team at Iconic were a pleasure to deal with and very professional.
    We would highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes, and can't wait to go back and do it all again".

  • Canada 1

    Luis Cañadas (Majorca Spain)

    December 2013

    "My fiancee and i have travelled the stunnig New Zealand for three weeks,so far has been the most beautiful journey of our lives, after comparing many models, prices, and motorhomes companys, we end up deciding on iconic motorhomes, it really was a success in every way, we had a bolero campervan model, really awesome easy to drive spacius, luxurious, for small price difference is like driving a five star apartment, we really have not seen anything like during the trip, we díd not have the léast problem and any queries we had they sorted us by telephone at any time, there really is a good team of professionals in this company, 100 x 100 recommended, from hére we want to thank especially to Richie, Kelly and Kate for Your help and attention given"

  • PW

    Paul Warner (England)

    December 2013

    "My wife and I rented a Bolero 684 model which is a 4 berth. The design and quality of the vehicle was excellent. As importantly, the staff were so knowledgable and helpful. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone looking to rent a motor home in New Zealand or anywhere else they decide to operate from."

  • angst

    Corey Angst (USA)

    December 2013

    "Just returned our 6-berth Iconic Escape after 11 days in the South Island. My wife and I have 3 kids aged 7, 5 and 3 and we had a fantastic time! Kelly provided excellent guidance and she is extremely pleasant and easy to deal with. Richie in the Auckland office also provided sound technical support on a couple minor issues. The service side definitely is a "10" but the 6-berth Escape is not up to the same standard as the 5-star fleet. Since Iconic does not have a 5 or 6-berth in their 5-star fleet, we went with the Escape assuming it would be ok. Their website clearly notes that the Escape is not the same quality as the others but the difference is really quite noticeable (very flimsy and plastic-y). It was all well-maintained and prepared but it was definitely a step down. If you need more than a 4-berth, just know going in that the quality won't be 5-star. We ended up with campervan-envy when a Bolero was next to us in a campground...but hey, we were in NZ for the scenery anyway! I would say, however, that the Escape compares favorably with the other big-name campervans. Overall, a very good experience though. Thanks!"

  • Lenyk

    Karen Lenyk (England)

    December 2013

    "From start to finish I have nothing but praise for this company and its staff. The Bolero Motorhome we had for 2 weeks was lovely. I could have cried having to hand it back! Kelly who I dealt with from my initial enquiry obviously has a huge amount of pride in her country and offered so much advice which we followed, ensuring that we had a marvellous holiday. When I met her at Christchurch when we returned the van it felt like I was running into an old friend. Richie at Auckland, where we picked up the van was kind and enthusiastic, not even complaining when we arrived later than planned, which probably ruined his weekend! The van was easy to drive and we had no problems of any kind. It was kitted out beautifully, even down to the salt and pepper grinders! I could have quite happily spent 6 months in it.
    New Zealand is a wonderful country which it's countrymen show respect for. I saw no litter at all during our entire trip. I can't wait to come back, only next time it will be for longer, hopefully in another Iconic Motorhome!"

  • cj

    Chee Jin Leow (Singapore)

    November 2013

    "My wife and I decided to bring our 10 year old daugther and 12 year old son to NZ. We celebrated our honeymoon in New Zealand so we thought it would be nice for the kids to visit too. We rented Iconic Motorhomes Voyager campervan and were pleased with the condition of the vehicle and the serivce provided by the staff.
    Thank you Iconic Motorhomes, we will definitely be back again for more adventures"

  • jon byford 170x170

    John Byford (United Kingdom)

    March 2014

    "Very professional and friendly company who helped make our holiday in NZ an amazing experience. We hired a Sundance, which was a perfect size for the 2 of us, and very highly specced. It was in perfect condition and could only have been a few months old. We had no problems with it, lacked for nothing, and it really became our home from home. The support from both depots was spot on, with a quick reply on the one occasion we had a query. Richie even kindly dropped us at the airport when we returned the motorhome.
    Cannot recommend Iconic highly enough."

  • Anthony and Sarah Graham

    Anthony Graham (England)

    December/January 2013

    "Excellent 17 day trip in a beautiful, sleek Bolero motorhome. As first timers we were quite apprehensive but the staff at iconic were excellent at resolving any issues we had, and they were easily available to answer any questions we had about the operation of the motorhome. The standard of the motorhome was superb - I can't believe that we actually managed to spend 17 days and nights living, eating, sleeping, cooking in such a compact space - says a lot about the good design and quality of the motorhome. Thanks to all at Iconic."

  • vanquaethem

    Marnix Vanquaethemme (Belgium)

    December 2013

    "This comppany provides first class campervans and is also very supportive in helping out for itineraries and all other type of tips & tricks.
    We really enjoyed their support and expertise!"

  • fitzsimon

    Garreth Fitzsimon (Ireland)

    December/January 2014

    "Just back from our 18 day camper trip with our 3 boys in an Escape 6 berth. We had the holiday adventure of a lifetime on the South Island, our boys will remember it forever with each new adventure being better than the last. The service from Iconic was second to none mainly due to Kelly and her customer focus and her own personal experience of camper holidays with her kids. The camper was great, very easy to drive, operate and live in. It handled extremely well which was important on some of the more challenging roads. The only downsides were the tightness of space in the front over-cab bunk, it was really excellent in terms of optional accessories e.g. BBQ, camp chairs, table, especially in-house movies. Also, whole intro and handover was excellent. Thank you!!!"

  • howarth 2

    Chris Howarth (Wales)

    December / January 2014

    "My partner and I booked an Iconic Swift Voyager for a x3 week holiday over Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014 to go round the South Island.

    Everything was perfect - the pick up, the cleanliness of the van, all the extras, fantastic.

    We then had a problem with the van on Christmas Day - the oil pressure warning light was coming on all the time. This is very rare as I and friends of mine have owned similar Fiat Chassis camper vans in the UK and never had oil pressure problems with these engines. I contacted Iconic by text on the evening of Christmas Day and got a response within x1 hour that the issue would be resolved one way or the other on Boxing Day. In the end they drove down an identical cleaned and serviced van first thing on the day after boxing day morning some 500k from Christchurch to Queenstown where we were staying - while we were out White Water Rafting the driver moved all our clothes/gear/food over to the new Camper Van and gave us the new Van and keys when we got back to town at mid day.

    I have never received such incredible, proactive response and service to a problem like this from any hire company ever.

    The team at Iconic's Christchurch branch are just outstanding and could never do enough to ensure our holiday was glitch free and perfect.

    I would totally recommend them if you are considering this type of holiday where you need total confidence all that way from home that all will be well."

  • mcfadzean 3

    Carol MacFadzean (England)

    December/January 2014

    "To help anyone thinking about hiring from Iconic let me share with you our experiences. Just returned from a touring holiday of South Island. We hired a 8.5m long Kon-Tiki from the Christchurch office and we nicknamed her 'Hillary' after Sir Edmund!
    This is what we thought ?.Hillary was new, modern and spacious; spotlessly clean - inside and out; fully equipped even with maps! It lacked nothing; thorough handover on collection - everything explained.
    Despite its size, the Kon-Tiki was great to drive & plenty of power to get up steep hills and across passes and gorges; it was manoeuvrable; parking was never a problem.The Kon-Tiki was no problem to run and maintain - getting rid of waste water and loading up with fresh etc was easy.But above all this were 2 outstanding things the Kon-Tiki gave us?. because it was fully self contained it gave us the complete freedom we wanted to go where we wanted when we wanted. Freedom camping was a joy although we did have to be sensible about some access tracks and once or twice one of us would walk the track to check it out first - all part of the fun!
    Also, I have to credit customer services at Iconic. Not only did they give us great ideas of where to go but above all that, during the 2 weeks if ever we had a question she always available by text or phone. It was so reassuring to know that.

    The Kon-Tiki became part of our holiday and we we would hire another in a heartbeat."

  • colin

    Colin Smith (USA)

    December 2013

    "We booked through Iconic because we liked the motorhome fleet and it didn't disappoint. We took the Sundance for two people for 8 days and it worked great. I think the Voyager would be the optimal choice if you want a separate bed area, but putting the bed down in the Sundance was easy. The Sundance also did well on the smaller roads.
    We worked with Iconic for the entire process who was also extremely helpful with trip planning, and customer services were always available during our vacation for questions. We had a couple of small issues that were easily rectified and they went above and beyond to make sure we were happy.I'd definitely recommend Iconic, and next time I want the Voyager!
    Thanks team for making sure we had a good time."

  • gee

    Joanna Gee (Australia)

    December 2014

    "We had an excellent experience with Iconic. The customer service was great - very helpful, making worthwhile recommendations to us for our trip during planning stages. The handover of the vehicle before we set off was very clear. Our Motorhome was excellent. Clean, well designed and very easy to get around in. All aspects of the Motorhome were excellent. We were very happy with our experience."


    Luz Sevak (Mexico)

    January 2014

    "We had the most wonderful holiday camping with our kids for two weeks in an Escape 6 berth. The customer service from Iconic was excellent, since the moment I made the first inquire to the moment we returned the camper, customer service was fantastic: friendly, knowledgeable and efficient! It was very helpful to receive Iconic's recommendations to plan our trip and to make the booking so easy.
    Once we received our motorhome it felt brand new, it was clean, functional and surprisingly easy to drive. Kate took us very patiently through all the instructions, and Richy was the best to solve a quick issue we had on the road.
    It is very refreshing to work with such a team that really cares!"

  • cattanach

    Andrew Cattanach (Australia)

    January 2014

    "We had a Voyager for 2 weeks and toured the South Island with two kids - aged 3 & 9. From the initial email enquiry to our last day returning the motorhome, everything was more than excellent.
    The motorhome was all ready to go when we arrived and we were shown through the full workings of everything - and for those things we forgot, we had mobile phone numbers with us to contact if we had any problems. Iconic also helped with an itinerary that suited the needs of the kids and gave us directions to the nearest supermarket to load up on groceries before we set off.
    The motorhome itself was very flash (it drew attention at all camp sites) and was as luxurious as it looks in the pictures on the website. Importantly, it drove like a big car, not like a flat bed truck with a caravan tied to the back. It cruised happily along the highways and was equally comfortable over steeper roads (Arthurs Pass, Mt St John, Akaroa etc). The 'NavMan' GPS unit made finding our way around too easy.
    The camper was very easy to operate - emptying waste water, refilling etc, and the on board computer was easy to understand and operate. There was also plenty of storage - both inside and in the generous storage compartment accessed from outside.
    Being able to rotate the front seats to be at the dining table was very handy.
    Iconic was great - we feven had the in-house movies on the TV for the kids - it was a life saver at times.
    We had the best holiday and would happily rave about Iconic to anyone and everyone. Thank you Kelly and Iconic"

  • jodi lenet

    Jodii Street (USA)

    January 2014

    "My husband and I traveled the South Island of NZ for our honeymoon and decided that camping around the country is the very best way to see as much as we could in 2.5 weeks.
    We have never camped before and were slightly nervous but super excited. Overall, our experience was just amazing and the crew at Iconic was so wonderful. They gave us the tutorial and sent us on our way!
    Our Sundance was perfect for the two of us, super compact and clever in how everything just worked!
    We used our adorable little kitchen for most all of our meals and we made it our home. The accommodations were top notch and very modern - we are so happy we found such a great company and RV! The only downside, which wasn't that much of a hassle, was that we had to made our bed every day because our "seating area" turned into our bedroom :-) But I would do it all over again, and again, and again...!

    Thank you, Iconic, for a wonderful Honeymoon in New Zealand!"

  • Rob and Hope Coates

    Rob Coates (England)

    January 2014

    "We hired a Sundance camper from Iconic for 3 weeks in January and it was fantastic. The designers had thought of everything you could possibly need. The van was easy to drive and perfect for two people, with plenty of storage, even if you don't travel light! Iconic were brilliant, nothing was too much trouble and one minor issue was dealt with promptly without affecting our holiday. We were very sorry to have to return the camper at the end of our stay and are already planning the next trip.......with Iconic, of course."

  • daviesroper

    David Roper (Wales)

    January 2014

    "This holiday was all we could have hoped for 15 Days touring Both North and South Islands. The Iconic Kon-Tiki is a delight. It was easy to drive and fully maintained. Iconic even managed an out of hours call when we had a query on the journey. We had 4 Adults - 2 in the Double bed and two in the Cabin.
    Facilities were first rate. This van was commented on every site we visited and was truly a success. No hesitation in Highly recommending Iconic. Good attention to detail and they delivered at every level.

    Would we use then again? - Absolutely - No hesitation

  • eric dixon

    Eric Dixon (USA)

    September 2013

    "I hired a Sundance for 14 days on a South Island tour. The campervan was excellent! Huge for 1, but would have been perfect for 2. Iconic did and excellent job including everything you would need, and I did a lot of "free camping", so my needs were slightly different than those of people staying in a camper park. The Sundance couldn't have performed any better. It had great power and agility. You really could go anywhere (within reason). The quality of all of Iconic's motorhomes is outstanding. I didn't even see another campervan/motorhome while I was traveling, that came close to comparing. Once you've spent 5 days on the road, you'll really appreciate having the luxurious camper. The customer service is also outstanding from start to finish. I couldn't say enough about how happy I am with her excellent attention. She will impress! Bottom line: I was referred to Iconic, and they exceeded my expectations. If I had not had a friend to give me the (inside scoop) and tell me that Iconic is worth the money, I may have made a huge mistake and hired elsewhere. I will absolutely hire from Iconic again."

  • jonathan white

    Jonathan & Paula Graham (Canada)

    January 2014

    "After doing a lot of research in July/August 2013, we finally decided to rent a camper van from Iconic Motorhomes for our trip to New Zealand in February 2014 (4 week trip). As a couple in our mid 40s, we are done with 'roughing it', and believed that the vans offered by Iconic would provide a great option for travelling around New Zealand, while being comfortable, reliable and safe. We weren't wrong!
    From the very start of our interactions with Iconic were fantastic. All questions answered promptly and comprehensively, and provided lots of advice on places to go and see. When we showed up to collect the van, we were incredibly impressed. This was to be our fifth motorhome trip - the previous four having been undertaken in Canada and the USA. The Iconic van was of a much higher standard than anything we had rented before. The interior was extremely well furnished and equipped. The kitchen had everything you could need, and the dishes, cutlery and equipment were clean and stowed in a way that minimized rattling, even on some of NZ's rather bumpy roads. The seating was great, and the interior finish of the van even included colour coordinated bedding and upholstery. Nice touch! From a driver's perspective, you could not ask for better. The diesel engine was fantastic - it was reasonably economical (especially as diesel was approximately $1.50 per litre compared to around $2.40 per litre for petrol), and performed beautifully on hills. The van was also very stable, and didn't roll on corners like others we have had in the past. The sleek and curvy exterior of the van also attracted questions at campgrounds. On a couple of occasions, we even opened the door to find people wandering around just for a good up-close look. We can't recommend Iconic highly enough - it was a fantastic trip, and we could not have asked for better. Thank you to all at Iconic for helping us have the trip of a lifetime!!"

  • Hampshire

    Farzana Hampshire (England)

    January 2014

    "Absolutely superb customer service was provided by this company and its friendly and helpful staff. The quality of the vans was exceptional, especially in comparison to some of the other motorhomes we saw on our travels."

  • iles

    Nina Iles (England)

    February / March 2014

    "We have just had almost three weeks in a really comfortable Motorhome supplied by Iconic. My husband and I were both very nervous about hiring a Motorhome as our only experience of "caravan" type holidays was as children in England squashed into a small van and having to make a dash to the toilet at night in the rain. Also my husband was nervous about driving such a large vehicle. We needn't have worried on either score. The Motorhome was really comfortable, we slept extremely well in the bed - in fact better than we do at home!
    We only stayed at powered sites, but when we were travelling in was great to be able to stop when you wanted and make a cup of tea and something to eat. It was also very useful having a toilet on board as many parts of South Island are very isolated and the opportunities for toilet stops are few and far between.
    We knew we had had a very comfortable holiday, but didn't realise quite how lucky we were until we got talking to another couple from England on our final day. They had hired their Motorhome from another company and were complaining about how basic it was and how they had developed backache because of the bed. They asked to see inside our vehicle and were amazed at how luxurious it was compared to theirs.
    Finally I must add a huge thank you to our customer services representative at Iconic. She couldn't have been more helpful and was always at the end of the phone to deal with any queries.
    All in all a brilliant holiday - thank you to all at Iconic."

  • toader

    Sabina Toader (New Zealand)

    January 2014

    "A truly iconic experience!."

  • Leon and Karen Doeke

    Leon & Karen Doeke (Australia)

    April 2014

    "We have nothing but praise for the team at Iconic Motorhomes!
    When we first contacted Iconic we were provided with detailed information about various options. Our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. Iconic then provided a suggested itinery based on the types of things we like to do. We booked a Sundance diesel motorhome for two weeks and travelled throughout the southern part of the South Island. Once again Iconic team we very friendly, helpful and provided everything we needed to know for our trip. They also ensured that the 'little things' were taken care of such as ensuring dish washing detergent was already provided in the motorhome. The Sundance was very easy to drive and the small Diesel engine ensured we were able to power up and down hills with little effort. It was an ideal choice for the two of us being easy to drive, comfortable and roomy enough so that we didn't feel like we woud trip over one another. The whole experience of dealing with Iconic has been easy and stress free. We highly recommend them as a professional and friendly team offering top quality motorhomes."

  • haward

    Haward Soper (Maylasia)

    December 2011

    "Faultless. A great motorhome.
    What a wonderful way to wander around South Island. The Bolero has amazing space and a great kitchen and, best of all a permanent bed so crashing out , even after stacks of vodka is really easy.
    If I ever do this again I won't look further than Iconic"

  • Hickleton

    Carol Hickleton (UK)

    February 2014

    "We booked a Swift Bolero from Iconic Motorhomes and we were not disappointed the motor van was a little gem, the layout of the interior was exceptionally good. Everything on board was tidy and thoughtfully stowed away. The fixed bed was extremely comfortable and the matching cushions and covers were a nice homely touch. The kitchen had everything you needed and came fully equipped with utensils, a full gas cooker, microwave and fridge/freezer at your finger tips. Satellite TV, DVD Player and GPS navigation was also on board.
    Having been caravaners for many years in the UK, this was the first time we had toured with a motor van. We found the Bolero so easy to drive and manoeuvre - it was "the icing on the cake" for a fabulous holiday that we will never forget. Many people complimented the van and asked about Iconic, we were happy to recommend them highly.
    We only encountered one small problem on our 36 day tour. After a phone call to Richie, he arranged for the faulty waste pipe to be replaced and within an hour we were back on the road again. Excellent after care service.
    We would like to say a big thank you to Kay and Richie and all the support staff at Iconic for all their kind help. The itinerary supplied "on must see places" became invaluable, we managed the vast majority of them - thanks.
    If you are thinking of visiting New Zealand for a spectacular holiday and a warm welcome and you want the best, GO ICONIC you will not be disappointed. We will certainly recommend Iconic Motorhomes and the Bolero to all our friends and fellow Caravan Club Members in the UK."

  • min yang

    Min Yang (China)

    March 2014

    "It is a wonderful trip with this camper van. It is awesome! We drive from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook, Queestown, Glacier, West Coast and then back to Christchurch for over 2000KM within 12 days. We stay in the van. It is very comfortable. "Home", we call it, contains everything, freeze, Microwave oven, baker, toilet, beds. etc, anything you name it. It is a fantastic trip! Worth to experience at least once in your whole life!"

  • robert cooney

    Julie Cooney (Australia)

    April 2014

    "Fantastic! Amazing company, the Iconic team from the Christchurch branch were simply amazing. Very professional, friendly and easy to deal with. We were lucky enough to hire the 2014 Bolero for our 2 weeks around the South Island. Super comfy and everything you would ever need on board. We are definitely coming back hopefully to do the North Island and will certainly go with Iconic Motorhomes again. Thanks guys for a very memorable experience!."

  • Marcus Beckford

    Marcus Beckford (USA)

    May 2014

    "We had a wonderful time touring around the South Island with a Bolero from Iconic Motorhomes. Their staff was attentive and professional, since we were first time ?motorhomers? is was really nice to know that they were just a text away to address any issue we might have had. Iconic provided a sample itinerary that was fantastic and honestly, we used almost the whole thing. Every place that was recommended was wonderful. We enjoyed our trip so much; we are looking to come back to Iconic for a tour of the North Island. I'd highly recommend Iconic Motorhomes if you plan on touring New Zealand ... they are second to none."

  • Stephen Hall

    Stephen Hall (England)

    May 2014

    "Booking a motor home holiday in a far off country could have been fraught with problems, but the iconic motor home team were the most helpful and friendly people we have come across. The swift bolero vehicle we chose was superb. It was spacious,very well appointed and easy to drive. It had everything we could need and made our holiday complete. More importantly was the service we got from the word go. No one could have been more helpful. Iconic motor homes are the ones I would recommend to anyone wanting to have an adventure of a lifetime"

  • andy packer

    Andy Packer (Australia)

    April \ May 2014

    "What a perfect way to experience the South Island of New Zealand. My family of five had a glorious two weeks driving around and living in the Escape. We fitted very comfortably and it is so wonderful to be able to pull up in a DOC site in the middle of such beauty and stay the night - waking up to splendid views. Thanks to Iconic Moorhomes and the team. We'll be back"

  • richard brailsford

    Richard Brailsford (New Zealand)

    June 2014

    "Superb friendly service, nothing too much trouble. The Motorhome was fantastic, we had a great time. Thoroughly recommend Iconic. Small enough to care big enough to ensure everything goes well. 10/10"

  • karen dixon 1

    Karen Dixon (England)

    March 2014

    "We thoroughly enjoyed our first motorhome experience, arranged by Iconic. The staff were completely organised, they arranged our return journey from Christchurch airport by shuttle, and had the motorhome spotless and ready to go when we arrived. We had a couple of requests and questions for before and during our trip, which they were very helpful in answering. The motorhome itself was a dream -- we saw and stayed near some stunning sights from DOC campsites in the South Island that we could not have stayed so close to otherwise. All in all, our experience with Iconic was completely positive. Many thanks!"

  • andrew hall

    Andrew Hall (Australia)

    July 2014

    "Just had a fabulous 11 days in a Kontiki motorhome in the beautiful South Island. The van was fantastic, a real home from home and the service from the Iconic team was exceptional from start to finish. Would highly recommend anyone thinking of a motorhome holiday to try the guys at iconic. A ten out of ten experience!"

  • Brooke

    Lucy Brooke (Australia)

    June 2014

    "The Iconic Sundance was home for 4 and a half weeks this winter. The van from our perspective was pure luxury. It was warm, economical, spacious and the bed/bedding was very comfortable. It was very straight forward putting the bed up and away. The was plenty of storage and the kitchen well equipped. The handling of the van is great with a very small turning circle and not too big for parking (there is a reversing camera). We rarely saw a van that looked like it could compare on the road.Iconic were fantastic. The staff really go out of their way to ensure you have the most enjoyable and personal experience. We had no issues with the vehicle, just a few questions that were immediately resolved by Iconic - Ritchie, Kay and the team. What a fabulous way to see New Zealand and experience the wonderful hospitality of New Zealanders.We can't wait to book our next NZ holiday in an Iconic Camper. Thank you very much Iconic Motorhomes"

  • pegg

    Gill and Phil Pegg (England)

    January 2014

    "Fantastic service from Iconic Motorhomes. The Bolero 4 had everything you could want, had to get used to the gear change lag and learn how to operate the controls for water heat etc. Plenty of room inside and everything was as new. Liked the amount of storage, towels and bedding supplied. Iconic booked our whale watching trip at Kaikoura for us when we collected the motorhome, in case it was booked up. No problems when we returned the van, we had emptied and cleaned. Very good service from Iconic, would use them again."

  • Delaney

    Stephanie Delaney (Australia)

    February 2014

    "5 star campervan! Awesome to drive and ride in, never had a vehicle so good on fuel - drove over 2000kms and only spent around $200NZ on fuel - extraodinary! Had a baby with us so an over cabin bed did not suit us and we were able to put portacot on fold down table bed. This camper had everything. Richie at Iconic was brilliant. Our flight was delayed over 5 hours so Iconic had closed by the time we arrived (after 7pm) and Richie went out of his way to pick us up the next morning in downtown Auckland (40mins drive each way). He was even thoughtful enough to include baby change mat, bedding and a great trike for our 20month old to get around on. Don't even think about another campervan company - we didn't see anything that compared to ours (a Bolero 4 berth). Now to the insurance company with our claim! Make sure you have insurance - we had nothing go wrong with camper but Emirates let us down!"

  • robertson

    John Robertson (UK)

    February 2014

    "Great service for our 2 week tour of the South Island. Had been corresponding with Kelly to sort out everything from routes, to hotels for stopping over and a hairdresser appointment for my wife. We got a really friendly welcome when we arrived and the motorhome was immaculate and the subject of questions and admiration on some of the sites we visited. Kelly gave us her personal mobile number so we could always reach her if we had questions or problems. She even took the time to set out an itinerary for our N Island tour, even though we were hiring a car for that part of our holiday. Thanks for a first class service "

  • Avron

    Dan Avron (Israel)

    January 2014

    "We rented a Bolero. it was well-equipped, spacious and so very comfortable.
    The test of a company is when there are problems. We indeed encountered a number of problems that reflected our lack of experience with this car. Whenever we called to enquire (twice) we got immediate, patient and helpful responses. Richie (from Christchurch office) and Kelly (from Christchurch branch) covered for one another, and it never took more than ten minutes for one of them to get back to us.
    So the camper was great, the service great, and the sense of security that comes with getting attentive and personal service was well worth the extra cost.
    Iconic definitely met our highest expectations."

  • cossey 2

    Marilyn Cossey (USA)

    February 2014

    "Iconic made the process of renting a campervan best suited to my travel style easy. Customer service team was available by phone and email to answer all my questions. Website was also very user friendly. The motorhome was brand new. Even when we had a problem on the road the staff were very responsive in getting the issue resolved in a timely manner. We rented a unit that slept 6 even though we had 3 people. The extra room and fact that we did not have to make up beds each night definitely contributed to a fabulous trip. We also had an itinerary based on the type of travel we enjoy. This was tremendously helpful. THANK YOU ICONIC for a trip of a lifetime."

  • sergio rao

    Sergio Rao (Sardinia)

    February / March 2014

    Our experience in New Zealand has been nothing less than exceptional. We enjoyed every single minute of it... so did the four little ones that came along! Travelling with the kids has been much easier than we expected, and doing it in a motorhome is indeed the best and easiest way to do it. Do not ask me what I enjoyed the most as... I do not have an answer. What I can say is that the South is unique in many respects and at least stunning and we were a bit sad to get aboard that ferry in Picton"

  • john teller

    John Teller (USA)

    April 2014

    We truly enjoyed our visit to your country. You and Iconic made it quite special! If we return some day I hope it will be an Iconic holiday! Thanks again!


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