Where to Go - What to See?

New Zealand is a world class visitor destination.  Over and over the winner of numerous awards based on visitor satisfaction.

Both Islands offer different experiences, as the country is very diverse.

New Zealand caters well for travelers of all ages, and over and over we are asked will our children be bored?, how will I cope with a baby?, how many kilometers can I manage each day?.

These questions are always up to you and your circumstances, I can assure you that we have never found children who are unhappy with the experience of motorhome travel.  Babies are also easy to look after in a motorhome.  Frequent stops, are easy.  

Campsites also offer great facilities for all members of the family.  These places allow for free entertainment - swings slides, playmates, and for adults BBQ areas for sitting around chatting to other campers from all over the world. 
Most provide lovely shower blocks as well as kitchens.  A lot are well sited for walking into the local town, or to beauty spots in the area. 
Many offer bike hires. 
Most are great pick-up points for trips in the areas for differing operators.

You will never have long enough to explore our country, but we have many clients who cover one island in a 7-10 days and others try that trip for both islands, most visitors are happy to live in a motorhome longer than they had anticipated, and we have numerous clients that return year after year 6 weeks +.

Ferry crossings with our motorhomes are easy, and 1 way hires do cut out a lot of travel, inland domestic flights are a great way to save a lot of time and money. 
Air New Zealand Grab a Seat and Jet Star both offer internal flights from NZ$49.00

Queenstown is a great visitor destination, if you insist on a one-way hire into Queenstown we can offer that for a very high fee (generally $600-$750.00 time of the year dependent)  This has to be agreed at booking and not during your holiday.

Best to leave a lot to chance and go where the weather is good.

Every road traveled will offer a beautiful experience.

Christmas and New Years hires will need to book Campsites well in advance in the top spots. 

If you are looking for a quieter time, then choose an alternative month to January and February.  This is our high season. Or head to the quieter parts of the country such as the Caitlins

Autumn is a lovely time to travel as is Spring.  Winter offers a fantastic experience too for those on a budget as hiring a motorhome is 1/3rd of the high season cost. Our motorhomes are all offering great central heating and insulation.  We have lots of sun, but it will be cold at night.

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