New super modern and chosen from the best Europe has to offer, our fleet are the top of the range, our motorhomes all offer class leading performance and design, and are packed with super modern facilities and features.  
Iconic motorhomes have not been designed to be a rental, but are all Swift Luxury motorhomes from England.
Our fleet are all self contained for freedom camping and will provide you with a hot shower, excellent central heating and great gas cooking options as well as a fridge when away from an electrical hook-up. There is a TV on board - two in some models and 10 Free-view channels to keep you in touch with the outside world.
You will find your motorhome well equipped with the essentials and a little more besides. The bedding supplied will be superior quality and generous comfortable beds are standard in our vehicles. 
The Kontiki range is provided with a push button self finding dish. It also has a large island bed for adults who want the best on offer.
All motorhomes have solar panels to keep you charged up and most models have USB connectivity.  Wi-fi is standard.

Swift motorhomes are made England and as such have leisure door entry from the kerbside which is the same as in the UK we drive on the same side of the road. This will give safe access for family for entry and when exiting the motorhome onto the kerb.  

Car like driving is provided by our low profile motorhomes, and fuel economy is similar to that of a SUV.  Diesel is still a cheaper option at the pump in New Zealand.

Our motorhomes are all immaculately presented having had upholstery and carpets shampooed and cleaned thoroughly between hires, they will have also gone through a full maintenance check, testing of all equipment is standard between hires and regular Fiat servicing of the motorhome takes place.

Swift motorhomes are designed to operate at well below freezing and are insulated against both severely cold temperatures, and also heat in high summer.

All of our vehicles can be driven on a standard car licence, but we require drivers to be 25+ years of age and all drivers a minimum of 5 years experience on a full licence.  For  all hirers it is advisable that you feel more than confident on taking a motorhome on the road, choose the motorhome that best suits your ability and confidence level for driving in a foreign country with mountainous roads.

Our vehicles also include tourism radio and free wi-fi is also available if requested (data charges apply)

We are happy to provide customised itineraries after booking.
Tourism Radio comes in all our motorhomes for free. 

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